The Science of Déjà vu

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Published on 9 Apr 2021, 18:00
What exactly is Déjà vu? The answers may surprise you...


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Full Frame Shot Of Binary Codes
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Close-Up Of Abstract Patterns Against White Background
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MRI scan of normal brain, illustration
Ronald Siemoneit/Getty Images
Ronald Siemoneit/Getty Images
Scanning of a human brain
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The Matrix
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Footage a-la matrix
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The code, binary code black and green background with digits moving on screen, Concept of digital age. Algorithm binary, data code, decryption and encoding, row matrix background
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Lightning strikes on the green screen
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Lighting Strike Packs Animation, Green Color.
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Brain Neuron Activity
Nitin Chavan/Getty Images
4K Hand Drawn Cartoon Electric Lightning Animation Green screen (Chroma key), 2D Anime, Manga, Flash FX, Comic Elements, Backgorund, Pre-rendered, Just drop the clip straight into your Project, Ideal for Game Developers, Movies, Cartoons, Video-Music
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Woman hand holding water glass
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MRI brain or magnetic resonance imaging in axial T2W View.
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Brain X ray image on Computer Screen
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Thoughtful confused girl afro hairstyle in hoodie touching chin, scratching head while thinking over solution
Khosrork/Getty Images
System Failure with Falling Codes
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The kind of mind that accomplishes any business mission
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Serious Asian student do assignment preparing for exams using laptop
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TL/ZO Zoom Out Time Lapse of people and commuters crossing pedestrian crossing in Central Hong Kong, aerial view
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Scientist with microscope. Brainwave scanning research on computer screens
janiecbros/Getty Images
MRI Head Scans Close Up Pan Right
revelpix/Getty Images
Woman at the crossroad. Symbol of choice.
Maryna Patzen/Getty Images
CT scan of the brain and skull for a beautiful young girl to treat a headache. Laser scanning and x-ray image of the skull and brain. Medical insurance treatment
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Young female nutritionist recording video about healthy food for social media at home
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A computer monitor displays EEG results.
Discovery Access/Getty Images
Seamless fly through of abstract circuitry with digital grid background
Quardia/Getty Images
Slow motion, multi ethnic group of college students talk outside class
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images
Close-up shot of monitor with results of monitoring the human brain activity
combo1982/Getty Images
Hyper time-lapse of Shinjuku cross
Liyao Xie/Getty Images
Rotating MRI scan of human brain with glowing particles loopable medicine footage in blue and orange
martinlubpl/Getty Images
Excited group of millennial hipsters take a group selfie with a bohemian woman's iphone at a popular music festival
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4K Man in meditation-Yoga position on the top of mountain at sunrise.
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Typing on keyboard!
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Beautiful woman smelling flowers, smiling
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Puzzle Motion With Clipping Mask
ktsimage/Getty Images
Journey through a network of neuronal cells and synapses in the brain through which electrical impulses and discharges pass
vitacopS/Getty Images
Human Brain Lobe - Parts | Loopable matte key
Kado/Getty Images
MRI Scan of Human Head and Floating Codes
tunart/Getty Images
MRI Scan of Human Head and Floating Codes
tunart/Getty Images
Human Brain MRI Scan
tunart/Getty Images
Close-up on the Hands of the Scientist Showing and Pointing at CT/ MRI Brain Scan Images on a Personal Computer in Laboratory. Neurologists / Neuroscientists in Medical Research Center Work on Brain Tumor Cure.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Neuron Network loop
afu34/Getty Images
Flying over country road in green field
danr13/Getty Images