History of Zombies

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Published on 14 Apr 2021, 18:00
This video explores the history of Zombies and how they were taken from Haitian lore and infused into US pop culture.

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Slavery Memorial in Ogier-Fombrun Museum in Haiti. Sculpture depicting the walking slaves.
Sebastien Desarmaux/Getty Images
Atrocities of the Spaniards on Santo Domingo, woodcut, published 1876
ZU_09/Getty Images
Zombie hand
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
Man in desert
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
Old woman
CSA Images/Getty Images
Scared woman
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
Scary wall with a demonic face.
Likozor/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of Cotton - its Cultivation and Preparation in America, Cotton Picking - Popular Encyclopedia Published 1894
mikroman6/Getty Images
Masks at market
Edwin Remsberg/Getty Images
Slaves working at American tobacco plantation, 18th century
Photos.com/Getty Images
Slaves cultivating sugar cane, West Indies, Caribbean
Photos.com/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of Slaves at Work
mikroman6/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of A slave chain
mikroman6/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of Exodus of Slaves
mikroman6/Getty Images
Illustration of the human brain
Uniforming of the protective group for German East Africa.
Nastasic/Getty Images
Monster attack
CSA Images/Getty Images
Monster attack
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
Corona virus
Radoslav Zilinsky/Getty Images
Eye of a Violent Storm
Spiritartist/Getty Images
Coronavirus COVID-19
Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images
Flag of the Haiti (Isolated)
ayzek/Getty Images
Engraving black shaman practicing vodoo 1881
Grafissimo/Getty Images
Francois Capois Stamp
traveler1116/Getty Images
Slave rebellion in St. Domingo
clu/Getty Images
Low Angle View Of Voodoo Doll Against Sky
Patricio Muro / EyeEm/Getty Images
Zombie hands
Man_Half-tube/Getty Images
Rabid dog
CSA Images/Getty Images
CSA Images/Getty Images
Archive Holdings Inc./Getty Images
siloette double exposure of young woman
Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images
Shadow of a hand reaching up
Melinda Podor/Getty Images
Want out !
marcduf/Getty Images
Mother Telling Stories to Children
Gideon Mendel/Getty Images
Africa regions map with single countries
PeterHermesFurian/Getty Images
Traditional Musical Instrument
Photography Aubrey Stoll/Getty Images
African Woman With An Old Wooden Mask In Her Hand
Gerhard Pettersson / EyeEm/Getty Images
holy shrine in a Traditionally painted mud huts
Poncho/Getty Images
Waiting for the slave ship
whitemay/Getty Images
Slaves working on a plantation cutting sugarcane, 18th Century
duncan1890/Getty Images
Baptizing a Child
Philip Gould/Getty Images
Haiti Voodoo, Northern Plain
vichinterlang/Getty Images
Voodoo temple priest Mathias Sogbe
Philippe Lissac /GODONG/Getty Images
day of the dead, baron samedi drawing
Red_Spruce/Getty Images
Group of Swedish explorers before voyage to the North Pole, 1897
Photos.com/Getty Images
Practitioners and the ancient 'hoodoo' of New Orleans.
Dallas Stribley/Getty Images
Priestess Miriam Holding Snake
Bob Krist/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of Human Bony Skull
mikroman6/Getty Images
Old engraved illustration of The human skeleton, human bones
mikroman6/Getty Images
Daily Life In Krakow
NurPhoto/Getty Images
Toussaint Louverture portrait
johan10/Getty Images
Person standing behind glass window
Kristine Norlander / EyeEm/Getty Images
Claudiad/Getty Images

Animated lines drawn on a piece of paper (loop ready)
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images
Zombies Walking Seamless Loop Vignette Green Screen
Nissim Farin/Getty Images
Digital neon vaporwave dreamy holographic background. Vhs tape concept
Anton Moskovchenko/Getty Images
Light Leaks lens whacking stock video...
graftemrah/Getty Images
Filmic Watercolor Texture
nopow/Getty Images
Human Skeletons Standing in a Hand Sketch Style
Nissim Farin/Getty Images
1980s Television With Green Screen.
istockmaradona/Getty Images
Banana trees growing in the wild in rural Togo
Pavel Gospodinov/Getty Images
Aerial fly over view of the sun's rays streaming over the tree tops with large baobab trees in a tropical rain forest, Central Africa
MartinHarvey/Getty Images