I Camped Alone In An Alien Hotspot

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Published on 17 Jul 2021, 15:00
Matt returns to the Alien Desert for the first time since his visit to Area 51, and it doesn't go as planned.

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Road in desert at night with silhouette of Joshua tree on side, Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA
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Be Adventurous!
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Joshua Tree with Milky Way
Death Valley silhouette beneath the Milky Way
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AUG 15 1965, SEP 7 1965; George Van Tassel; Operator of airport;
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AUG 16 1965; George W. Van Tassel Describes "Saucer"; "I've disproved more saucers than I've tried t
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milky way galactic center time lapse over desert shrub landscape
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Reaction to the US government shutdown
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Joshua Tree National Park Milky Way Timelapse Campground
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A Nazi flag with red background, white circle, and black swastika flies in the wind against a blue sky.
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Stars glow above a Joshua Tree in Death Valley.
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Retro footage of a UFO flying saucer in the desert.
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A Joshua Tree is silhouetted against a golden pink desert sunset.
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