Ghost Stories: The Doll That Was More Than Just A Gift

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Harry Houdini Q+A
Published on 8 Aug 2021, 15:00
Sharing stories of strange and paranormal encounters submitted by viewers like you. In this episode we explore a chilling encounter with a creepy doll submitted by your fellow viewer, Gabriela A. Submit your story here: Host: Steffany Murcia @steffany_strange Producer: Carol Rasaphangthong @carolkras


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A collection of Chucky Dolls from the Child's Play franchise.
Universal History Archive/Getty Images
Creepy Doll Face Closeup
luvemakphoto/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Vintage Doll In Darkroom
Isabella Mathiesen / EyeEm/Getty Images
Spooky Closet Doorknob
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Hispanic little girl child playing with black doll
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"The Rocks" meet and fall in love, then have a rock baby
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Several dolls on a shelf of an old house in dramatic lighting,
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Dust Float In Sunlight Super Slow Motion
Anurug/Getty Images
Granddaughter Playing at Grandparents House
FG Trade/Getty Images
the doll rolled tears of blood from his eyes,as if she was crying,close-up
Ramil Shakirov/Getty Images
the eye of the doll turns on the camera, as if watching someone, close-up
Ramil Shakirov/Getty Images
old doll appears from the darkness with the exposed forward hands,very creepy
Ramil Shakirov/Getty Images
Horror doll face with lamp.
breakermaximus/Getty Images
4k Halloween Horror Clown Woman Lights on
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Creepy Doll
MADDRAT/Getty Images
Old wooden pirate chests, treasure hunter
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Alone girl in the dead forest at misty night. Silhouette of girl standing between trees under moonlight. Horror Halloween concept. Selective focus.
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