6 days 13:34
Little Mix Ranks Their Songs
To celebrate the remix of their song “Confetti,” we had Little Mix rank their songs, and y’all, it was as hard as it sounds.
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2 days 9:39
ITZY Ranks Their Songs
To celebrate the release of their new EP, GUESS WHO, we invited the amazing ladies of ITZY — Yuna, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yeji — to rank 24 of their most beloved songs.
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6 days 23:05
How They Were Caught: O.J. Simpson
The infamous story of O.J. Simpson, and how he was arrested and subsequently acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, before finally facing justice decades later.
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6 days 22:42
The History of UFOs
This video delves into UFOs sightings throughout human history, including unexplained happenings in ancient history, the Roswell Incident, modern-day sightings, and recent UFO footage released by
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6 days 10:54
Justin Bieber's "Dreads," Elon Musk Hosting SNL, & Knicks' Win Streak | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Knicks 9-game winning streak is snapped (and a new one begins) the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases new mask guidance for vaccinated individuals, Justin Bieber debuts his new "dreads," Elon
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6 days 4:10
Great Value Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Lookalikes | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Sammy Krieger and Luxury Jones believe themselves to be Portland's answer to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West...you decide.
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6 days 10:14
I Made Every Single Dish From Naruto
Fried rice, dango, ramen and so much more! Honestly, I feel like Naruto would be so proud.
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2 days 20:14
I Answered Your Assumptions About Me While Doing My Makeup
Jazzmyne reads your juiciest assumptions while doing a fun, avant-garde makeup look!
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5 days 12:01
We Tried the Best-Selling Lingerie on Amazon
"If I don't feel like a goddess in this lingerie, I don't want it" We hope you love the products we recommend!
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3 days 12:41
Babe Ruth in Color, Paddington 2 v. Citizen Kane, Nicole Kidman, Microsoft | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Colorized photos of Babe Ruth add fuel to the "Babe Ruth was Dominican" fire, Paddington 2 surpasses Citizen Kane as the best reviewed movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes, Nicole Kidman set to play
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4 days 9:07
Nudists Reveal Secrets About Nudist Communities
Three nudists answer questions that you're too afraid to ask.
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4 days 9:33
Should You Be Afraid of Sharks?
Matt dives deep into dark waters of anxiety to try and save himself and you from a fear of sharks. Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/128413 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
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3 days 5:02
Trillions of Cicadas Emerging from 17-Year Slumber | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Over the next few weeks on the East Coast and in the Midwest, cicadas will rise from their 17 years underground, shed their skin, and mate for one month all while making mating sounds as loud as 100
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6 days 12:45
I Lived In My Bathtub For A Week
Please don't try this at home, it's very not fun.
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1 day 4:48
Ghost Stories: Hiding In The Shadows
Sharing stories of strange and paranormal encounters submitted by viewers like you. In this episode we explore a spine-tingling encounter with a shadow figure submitted by your fellow viewer, Lydia S.
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3 days 10:46
Blind Woman Answers Your Questions About Being Blind
This blind woman answers all the questions you've ever wondered about being blind! Thanks to Lucy Edwards.
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1 day 5:55
D&M Get Into the NFT Game Outside The Met Museum | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
Desus and Mero took some time out from their tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art to sell their own works of art, their own NFTs (Next Fucking Things). Shoutout to Alexandra Rubinstein.
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1 day 9:55
Can You Identify These Asian Languages?
Enlightening and informative content. Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/127680 Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo: bzfd.it/2lVAsJ3 BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel.
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1 day 12:21
"The Circle" Stars DeLeesa And Chloe Answer Your Burning Questions
ALERT (also, MAJOR spoilers ahead)! To celebrate the EPIC finale of Season 2 of The Circle, we chatted with DeLeesa (aka Trevor) and Chloe to answer all of your burning questions from this season!
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6 days 18:50
Julian Edelman: From Football to the TV Studio & Possible NFL Return? | Ext Interview | DESUS & MERO
Former New England Patriots Wide Receiver, Super Bowl Champion and MVP, Julian Edelman talks about how transitioning to TV mirrors his move from QB to WR, how he plans to approach his new challenge
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3 days 22:10
Taylour Paige on Starring in "Zola," the Movie Based on 148 Tweets | Ext. Interview | DESUS & MERO
Friend of the show and movie star Taylour Paige, talks about her roles in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," "Boogie," and the work it took (including intensive pole dance training) to prepare for her
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1 hour 5:46
Shea Couleé Reads Thirst Tweets
Hold on to your wigs, honey, because the illustrious Shea Couleé — Drag Race All Star Winner and host of Wanna Be On Top? — kindly graced us with her presence to read your thirst tweets.
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