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6 Dec 2016
11 hours 20:17
Nastya and the most interesting moments from the summer vacation
Nastya and Dad actively and have fun outdoors, attend children's entertainment, strengthen their health during the summer holidays.
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2 days 5:13
Nastya and her back to school in the third grade
In this video, Nastya and dad show that going back to school is fun. Back to school day is an opportunity to make new friends and knowledge.
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6 days 8:16
Nastya and a family trip to London with dad
Nastya and dad learn to find compromises and set a good example. They travel together and visit all the most interesting places in London.
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8 days 5:38
Nastya shows how to entertain each other with her dad
This video shows well how to take a break from modern gadgets and be able to have fun by inventing various family games.
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10 days 4:18
Nastya learns to say the magic word Please and receives a gift
#AD Dad teaches Nastya politeness, how important it is to ask and use the magic words THANK YOU and PLEASE #GabbysDollhouse #GardenTreehousePlayset Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX
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15 days 14:53
Nastya kids stories and summer rules
Nastya's useful videos for children about proper behavior and summer rules Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik Tok
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20 days 4:18
Nastya and dad Family fun time in the Land of Legends park
Nastya and dad love travel and adventure. They do not like to stay at home in good weather and always spend time outdoors. Therefore, in Turkey they go to the Land of Legends park to have fun.
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23 days 5:59
Nastya and kids outdoor activities in Turkey
Nastya and dad explore all summer activities in a hotel at Rixos Premium Tekirova in Turkey. The most important thing is to show children that spending time outdoors is always more fun and beneficial.
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27 days 15:37
Nastya and her friends are trying to find their favorite hobbies
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31 day 4:25
Nastya and Dad travel around Italy on summer vacation
Family content about Nastya and dad's travels in Italy. During the trip, Nastya learns how Venetian masks and Murano glass are made.
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35 days 14:59
Nastya and stories about how important it is to take care of your health
Useful stories and examples from life for children, on the topic of health and safety rules.
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39 days 5:10
Nastya and summer safety rules for children
During the summer holidays, you need to introduce children to some safety rules in hot weather.
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43 days 5:39
Nastya is learning how to get new information during the summer holidays
Nastya does not get bored during the summer holidays and learns to use the Internet. Now she can get an answer to any question and even helps dad find the right way using navigation.
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46 days 16:13
Nastya at School and other Stories about the Importance of Studying
Nastya and her school stories with friends. All these stories are aimed at showing children how important it is to study, read books and gain knowledge.
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48 days 3:52
Nastya and Dad learn how to cook pasta in Italy
Nastya and Papa go on a family trip to Italy. Together they learn how to cook pasta and ice cream from the best specialists.
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51 day 6:06
Nastya shows 5 sights worth visiting during a family trip to Switzerland
Nastya and her dad are going to travel to Switzerland. They will show you the best places to travel with the whole family.
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55 days 6:15
Nastya shows that washing hands is not boring at all
Guys, don't forget to wash your hands often. And now it will make it much more fun!
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60 days 3:57
Nastya and dad travel in Alsace and in the gingerbread museum
Nastya and her dad are traveling around France. They visit the sights and get a lot of experience on the trip.
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63 days 4:18
Nastya and the rules of conduct in the Hotel
Nastya learns to behave correctly while traveling. She does not make noise and does not take other people's things. All the rules of conduct in the hotel from Nastya and dad.
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67 days 13:16
Nastya and the most important safety rules for children
Important safety rules for children that everyone should know.
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70 days 4:56
Nastya shows the safety rules in the pool
Every public place has safety rules, especially in the pool area. Nastya shows how to behave at the pool. Hey Friends! Let's have fun together this summer!
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72 days 5:32
Nastya shows the harm of sugar on health
Many people consume a lot of sugar and do not know about its harm. Nastya and dad show the whole truth about sugar and about the beneficial properties of honey, which will replace sugar.
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75 days 33:59
Nastya at School - Video compilation about school, friendship and knowledge
A large collection of video stories about Nastya at elementary school. Nastya is learning to make friends, gain knowledge and responsibility at school.
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79 days 6:14
Nastya and the story about school bullying
Friendship is an important concept in human life, and especially for children. At the age of 4-8 years, a friend becomes a very important element in the life and development of the child.
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82 days 5:30
Nastya learns how important it is to read books
Nastya shows by her example that reading books is necessary for everyone. From books you can learn a lot of important and useful things. In this story, we tried to instill in children a love of books.
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84 days 8:41
Nastya and the story about learning from home
Learn the alphabet, shapes, numbers and more with Nastya. And also listen to audio fairy tales and useful educational videos and songs.
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88 days 10:23
Nastya and stories about how important it is to be kind and honest
Nastya and Evelyn show how important it is to be kind, honest and help each other.
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91 day 8:14
Nastya learns to earn money honestly
Children often do not understand where money comes from and how to earn it correctly.
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94 days 5:28
Nastya and Evelyn try to overcome difficulties
Supported by PhD in Psychology Larisa Surkova Fears are something that haunts a person from a very young age. But the methods that Nastya and Eva play in this video work great with children.
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96 days 10:29
Nastya, Maggie and Naomi - DIY for kids
Supported by PhD in Psychology Larisa Surkova In this video, with the help of Nastya and her friends, you can see interesting and non-trivial games that will unite children of different ages and
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