27 min 4:08
Nastya decorates cupcakes for Halloween
Nastya prepares and decorates cookies and cupcakes for Halloween.
25 580
2 days 6:44
Nastya and dad follow the rules of conduct in the park
Nastya and dad decided to take a walk and have fun in the park. To do this, they need to carefully follow the signs and adhere to the rules of conduct.
2 320 369
9 days 4:22
Nastya and Evelyn - a story about BFF
Nastya was offended by Evelyn for not wanting to share the dolls. But the dolls showed Evelyn that Nastya is her real best friend forever.
3 872 198
12 days 4:17
Nastya got lost in the forest
Nastya and dad were picking berries in the forest. Nastya went too far from her dad and got lost. She found a strange house.
3 043 832
15 days 12:26
Nastya and series about school and responsibility
Dad helps Nastya get ready for school and introduces her to responsibility Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik Tok
13 664 238
17 days 5:18
Nastya rescues cats and Halloween
Nastya rescues her cats by completing various logic tasks. She helps the scarecrow find a friend on Halloween.
4 280 366
19 days 4:56
Dad decorates Nastya's room for Halloween
While Nastya is sleeping, dad prepares a surprise for her and decorates the room for Halloween.
18 355 083
22 days 8:51
Nastya songs - collection of music videos with lyrics
A collection of the best songs from Nastya with lirics. Now you can sing with Nastya.
6 302 430
28 days 17:50
Nastya and episodes with best friends Evelyn and Adrian
Collection of series about Nastya's best friends and their friendship.
13 897 325
31 day 5:24
Nastya makes wishes and helps people
Nastya received a magic flower of wishes and wants to make some new toys for herself. But something is constantly happening and she uses all her desires to help people.
14 187 937
36 days 5:24
Nastya learns responsibility using a to-do list
Nastya becomes responsible with the help of a to-do list. For each useful task correctly performed, she receives a reward in the form of a star.
19 474 295
40 days 4:41
Nastya gets a surprise from her best friends
Nastya invited friends to the party, but some did not come because they were very jealous of Nastya.
6 210 628
42 days 5:41
Dad teaches Nastya 5 human senses
Nastya learns that people have 5 senses and checks how they work.
10 912 151
45 days 4:42
Nastya and Maggie try to be good babysitters
Nastya invited Meggie to visit to sing and dance together. But Maggie came with her little babies. Girls try to be good baby sitters.
45 417 283
47 days 4:59
Nastya and her usual school day with morning routing
Parents, find more information about the Nastya's toys and Surprise Doll in @Target in the US here: target.com/s?searchTerm=like+nastya Nastya shows how she spends her usual day.
12 136 685
51 day 7:53
Nastya pretend plays and explores all 12 months of the year
Nastya finds out how many months are in a year and what happens in each of the months.
5 331 031
54 days 2:58
Nastya - TOYS - kids song (Official video)
Nastya and her new song about toys. Music video featuring Nastya's friends.
14 945 422
56 days 7:05
Nastya shares a recipe on how to make slime
Nastya does not know how to make slime, for this she needs a recipe. She and her dad go to the slime institute to see how slime is made at the factory.
7 234 806
58 days 15:40
Nastya loves to discover something new for herself / kids stories
Nastya and her dad conduct light experiments, get acquainted with insects and check how creative Nastya is Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik
13 087 025
62 days 3:47
Nastya and her Back to School story
Nastya is going to school but does not know the school rules.
47 115 818
65 days 5:03
Nastya gathers friends for a super rock band
Nastya arranges a casting and collects a funny musical rock group.
56 319 989
71 day 5:05
Nastya and Dad take a family trip to Hawaii
Nastya and dad argue about the trip, but Nastya offers a compromise and they go to Hawaii and learn a lot about the culture of the Polynesians.
17 092 283
73 days 5:10
Nastya pretends to be a superhero and helps her friends
Nastya plays a superhero and always comes to help of her friends.
26 415 896
79 days 4:39
Nastya takes care of the baby as a nanny
Nastya's dad asked to take care of the baby. Nastya decided to entertain the kid with useful activities so that his time was spent with benefit.
8 698 542
81 day 4:01
Nastya and the story about diversity in appearance
Nastya is ashamed of her diversity in appearance. But her friends support her.
22 476 941
86 days 6:20
Nastya finds out how smart and creative she is
Nastya and dad are testing Nastya's abilities. They find out how smart and creative she is with the help of an unusual device.
26 965 868
90 days 3:40
Nastya is learning the rules of behavior when visiting a friend.
Many do not know how to properly visit. Nastya will show the rules and teach good behavior.
14 393 821
92 days 2:49
Nastya Little Angel Song (Official Music Video)
Nastya Little Angel Song (Official Music Video) Nastya and a new song for children about how friends go on vacation after they graduate from school.
22 442 585
94 days 8:35
Nastya and Eva are learning the Summer Alphabet
Nastya and her friend Eva study the alphabet in the summer. Each letter of the alphabet is the first letter of a word. All words refer to the summer theme.
71 252 029
96 days 5:38
Nastya flies to aliens to learn about space.
Nastya decides to help the aliens and goes into space. On the way, she explores the planets and admires space.
14 041 710
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