2 hours 6:20
Nastya finds out how smart and creative she is
Nastya and dad are testing Nastya's abilities. They find out how smart and creative she is with the help of an unusual device.
20 814
1 day 8:18
Nastya visits the zoo and learns how to take care of animals
Nastya visits all zoos in the world. She meets different animals and learns how to take care of them.
2 539 225
4 days 3:40
Nastya is learning the rules of behavior when visiting a friend.
Many do not know how to properly visit. Nastya will show the rules and teach good behavior.
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6 days 2:49
Nastya Little Angel Song (Official Music Video)
Nastya Little Angel Song (Official Music Video) Nastya and a new song for children about how friends go on vacation after they graduate from school.
5 417 522
8 days 8:35
Nastya and Eva are learning the Summer Alphabet
Nastya and her friend Eva study the alphabet in the summer. Each letter of the alphabet is the first letter of a word. All words refer to the summer theme.
30 971 057
10 days 5:38
Nastya flies to aliens to learn about space.
Nastya decides to help the aliens and goes into space. On the way, she explores the planets and admires space.
7 250 929
13 days 5:12
Nastya flies on a trip to learn about Russia
Nastya gave birth in Russia. She flies to Russia to learn more about culture and folk tales. Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik Tok vm.
8 748 389
16 days 5:39
Nastya and friends learn to share with each other
Nastya and her friend accidentally ruined their friend's Pop it. They apologize and buy him a new one. And then a fun challenge begins, as they received a Pop it box with surprises.
18 598 507
19 days 15:58
Nastya and a collection of kind children's songs
Nastya loves to sing and compose songs. This is a collection of her best and funny songs and music videos.
8 721 526
22 days 22:08
Nastya and a collection of fun challenges with dad
Nastya and dad come up with various fun challenges to spend time playing together.
13 412 575
24 days 5:37
Nastya takes care of the baby who got lost in the toy store
Nastya and dad meet a little girl who has lost her mom. Nastya takes care of her and finds the baby's mother in toy store.
27 935 205
28 days 9:26
Nastya studies who alpacas are and takes care of animals
Nastya goes to the farm to find out who alpacas and llamas are. She takes care of them and learns a lot about alpacas.
11 263 770
37 days 3:32
Nastya and her family travel dreams
Nastya sleeps and dreams about family travel Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik Tok vm.tiktok.com/pY1S2D Facebook
4 806 016
41 day 11:02
Nastya and papa compose their funny fictional stories
Nastya and her dad are composing children's stories. Whose story will be more fun?
20 466 550
44 days 20:20
Nastya and stories for children about friendship and kindness
Nastya helps her friends and family, learns to share and help them.
57 861 950
47 days 2:18
Nastya and a song for children about masks
Nastya against bacteria in the supermarket.
4 695 206
51 day 5:07
Nastya and dad went on a cocoa tour to learn how chocolate is made
Nastya and Papa learn where chocolate comes from, how cocoa grows and how to make real delicious chocolate.
33 904 102
54 days 2:51
Nastya and a kids song about a Superhero. Songs for Kids
Nastya and a kids song about a Superhero. Dad teaches Nastya how to become a superhero. Lets listen superhero song for kids and try to be real superhero in your life!
29 440 875
56 days 8:06
Nastya and Dad are pretending to play at the Puerto Rico Children's Science Museum
Nastya and Dad arrived in Puerto Rico to visit the Carolina Children's Museum. They have fun playing and learning about the laws of physics, scientific research and space exploration.
29 142 774
59 days 3:05
Like Nastya - You Can - Kids Song (Official Music Video)
Like Nastya - You Can - Kids Song (Official Music Video) A song for children that everything is possible and sometimes miracles happen if you believe in them and you have faithful friends next to you.
24 757 833
62 days 5:15
Nastya is learning how to become a good scientist
Nastya wants to be a scientist but does not know how to become one. Dad tells the rules and shows some experiments that children can do at home in 5 minutes.
28 624 881
65 days 21:07
Nastya learns by playing with her dad | Collection of children's videos
In this collection of videos for children, you will learn a few natural phenomena, learn how to ride a bike easily and much more with Nastya.
24 836 938
68 days 3:37
Nastya teaches dad how to be creative
Nastya plays in a pretend cafe. She creates toy desserts and teaches dad how to create new creative desserts.
10 674 326
70 days 4:06
Nastya plays hide and seek with her dad at home
Nastya built a house out of boxes and is hiding there. Dad is trying to get inside.
35 316 508
73 days 6:11
Nastya Visit a grandfather and Learn about Animals
Nastya came to rest at her grandfather's farm. But all animals want to eat. Nastya learns what the animals on the farm eat.
24 365 568
80 days 3:23
Nastya and Dad's Birthday
Dad is waiting for a present for his birthday, but Nastya is preparing gifts for others.
20 542 081
84 days 4:09
Nastya made a to-do list for the day
Nastya decided to make her own to-do list for the day. She and Dad are having fun riding the slide and throwing a slime party.
16 899 219
86 days 4:04
Nastya wants to be a good daughter for dad
Nastay wants to be a good daughter and spends the whole day with daddy. Nastya and dad play together, walk, eat, and have fun.
33 813 321
88 days 4:22
Nastya learn insects with her dad
Nastya does not like insects and dad decides to teach her a lesson on the learning of insects. Now Nastya loves insects and knows a lot about them.
37 031 633
90 days 15:48
Nastya and her DIY room for kids decor ideas. Room In Style Like Nastya
Nastya decorates her room in her own style. Her favorite colors are turquoise and pink. Now you can also decorate your room the same way.
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