40 min 10:37
It Looks Like Mud, But It Feels Like Ice!
So we got a call for a Ford transit van stuck in the most slippery mud known to man.
13 091
3 days 16:42
The Corvair's FIRST Ever Rescue!
So we got a call for a Toyota while headed to the Jeep Safari in Moab. Unexpectedly the Corvair get's it's first rescue. You can check out Fab Rats version here.
551 403
5 days 11:44
How Am I Going To Get Out Of This Mess?
So we got a call for a RZR, but I don't know how I'm going to get out of this.
470 203
7 days 9:03
Dead End Trail Leaves Nissan Titan Stuck In The Sand
So we got a call for a Nissan Titan stuck on a dead end trail out in Warner Valley.
401 701
10 days 23:44
Can The Corvair Handle Moab's Easter Jeep Safari?
So we built a Corvair resuce rig and we took it to Moab's Easter Jeep Safari 2021 to see how it would handle some extreme terrain.
633 455
12 days 14:34
You Took Your Mazda DOWN HERE?!
So we got a call for a call for a Mazda CX-7 that went down a trail it never should have gone.
415 896
14 days 12:18
Jeep Crashes Hard Into A Ditch!
So we got a call for a Jeep Cherokee slid off the trail into a ditch.
445 933
17 days 20:36
We Finally Take The Corvair Off Road.
So we're building a Corvair rescue truck and we're testing it out in the dunes at Sand Hollow.
804 557
19 days 8:59
What Is Burning On This Jeep Wrangler?
So we got a call for a Jeep Wrangler that was stuck at a steep angle. Lots of smoke from the engine.
485 113
21 day 12:28
I Drove The Banana Too Fast In The Snow!
So we got a call for the 3rd time to rescue this Ford Ranger in the last 6 months.
453 215
24 days 16:15
The Corvair gets Gears and Lockers
The Corvair gets new gears and lockers.
414 850
26 days 13:34
Car Thief Destroys GMC Sierra, Extremely Difficult Rescue!
So we got a call for a stolen GMC Sierra that was left on Honeymoon trail.
533 642
28 days 10:54
You Won’t Believe Who I Had To Rescue! Best Recovery Ever!!
So we got a call and I can't believe who it was from. This was my favorite rescue ever!
557 143
31 day 17:28
The Corvair Hits The Road!
So we're building a Corvair, and it's time to take it out on the road!
673 455
32 days 10:47
Is This Honda Cr-V Really Stuck? We Rally It To Be Sure
So we got a call for a Honda CR-V stuck on Lava Point road, but was it really stuck?
393 191
34 days 11:06
Toyota Tacoma Goes Over The Edge!
We got a call for a Toyota Tacoma that was at a very steep angle on a small clay hill on the sheep‘s Bridge Road. But first, we had a job in Littlefield Arizona for a Ford transit van.
420 825
37 days 12:52
Brakes Fixed On The Corvair, But What Is This New Noise?
So as we were working on the Corvair, we found ourselves performing a rather unorthodox modification to the vacuum booster.
408 641
39 days 14:24
BleepinJeep Helps Us Rescue a Subaru & Quadriplegic RZR Rescue
So we got a call for a specialty built RZR designed by Return to Dirt that reunites a disabled athlete with a part of themselves. An amazing company doing amazing things.
507 529
41 day 15:14
Jeep Wrangler Snow Stuck & Out Of Fuel
So we got a call for a Jeep Wrangler stuck deep in the snow and no fuel. Things could've been bad for them.
528 994
44 days 17:14
The Corvair Build Went Up In Smoke!
So we're building a Corvair and our goal was to take it driving this week. Let's see if we can do it!
626 259
46 days 10:36
Testing the limits of my off-road trailer.
So we got a call for a RZR side by side down in Grafton. I had some trouble getting the trailer out of there.
451 709
48 days 13:12
Snow Too Deep For A Jeep, But Not For The Snow Cat
So we got a call for a Jeep Wrangler that got too deep in the back country and the snow. Time for the snow cat to come in for the rescue.
645 266
51 day 18:13
Wow, The Corvair Build Hit Some Major Milestones!
So we're building the Corvair and WOW!!!
607 391
53 days 26:01
Major Mistakes were Made, Failed Rescue!
So we got a call and I failed to rescue the Dodge Ram from the mountains. Fab rats point of view.
1 027 725
55 days 11:33
I Can't Believe He Spent The Night In A Ditch!
So we got a call for a Chevy Silverado, and learned the customer spent the night out in the freezing snow.
522 209
58 days 17:08
The Corvair Is Coming Home...Good Bye Las Vegas!
So we're headed to Las Vegas to pick up the Corvair. Let's see if we can have as much fun as the other crew.
460 080
60 days 13:55
Not Again! Scout Truck Breaks Deep In The Desert Twice
So we got a call for a 1975 International Scout 20 miles in the desert backcountry. We had to drag up the mountains and through some rough terrain.
509 289
62 days 12:19
Lizzy's Friends Call For A Rescue...Ford Power Stroke
So we got a call for a Ford Super Duty stuck in the slippery snow and broken 4-wheel drive.
608 728
65 days 9:14
The Corvair Build Moves To Las Vegas!
So we're building the Corvair, but now it time to take it to Las Vegas, Nevada for the undercoat to get sprayed on.
415 510
67 days 10:40
We Rescue A Jeep Stuck 12 Hours In A Snowdrift
So we got a call for a Jeep Compass stuck in 12 hours in a snowdrift. Not a safe situation to be stuck.
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