1 day 14:11
The Dead Jeep Is The Least Of Our Worries Today!
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3 days 9:14
They Went Over The Edge!
So I got a call for a side by side that rolled down the hill, the dogs decided to run away, and Lizzy went out on her first solo call.
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6 days 17:05
Jeep Parts Out… Toyota Parts In
So I got a project to rebuild the banana. Today we're pulling the engine and looking at a future project.
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8 days 11:50
Crazy Pallet Hack! Does It Really Work?
So I got a call for Ford F250 with wooden pallets under the wheels. Subscribe youtube.com/channel/UCwdVOry0oNF9WIe_3uCfz9Q Off Road Recovery Videos You Took Your Tacoma Where?!
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10 days 12:43
Tacoma Gets Stuck In A Mud Pit!
So I got a call for a Toyota Tacoma high centered on the rocks.
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13 days 22:29
Ripping Apart The Banana, It Will Never Look The Same!
So I got an upgrade for the Jeep Banana and we're taking the whole banana apart.
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15 days 11:52
Chevy And Ford Stranded At Lake Mead Nevada.
So I got a call for a Chevy Tahoe and a Ford F-150 at Lake Mead Nevada, but ended up doing a lot more.
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17 days 10:07
Chevy HD Super Stuck, Can The Morrvair Do It Alone?
So I got a call for a chevy pulling a trailer stuck to the frame.
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20 days 21:56
We Build & Test The New Suspension For The Banana
So I got an upgrade for the Jeep Banana and this week we're rebuilding the front end suspension.
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22 days 12:25
What Is Wrong With This NEW Jeep Compass?!?!
So I got for a Jeep Compass that wouldn't move. 6 people later we figured it out!
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24 days 12:40
Major Fire Leaves Little To Recover
So I got for a RZR, I think? This fire burnt everything down to the frame.
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27 days 19:09
Let's Take The Jeep Apart & See What's Hiding In It!
So I got to rebuild the Jeep Banana and today we're taking on the suspension.
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29 days 12:25
$100,000 Jeep Breaks On The Trail
So I got to for a $100,000 Jeep that broke on the trail. Time to bring in the banana for the rescue.
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31 day 11:34
The Next Cry Baby - Toyota 4Runner
So I got to for Crybaby Hill and its latest victim is a Toyota 4Runner. Subscribe youtube.com/channel/UCwdVOry0oNF9WIe_3uCfz9Q Off Road Recovery Videos Is It Time For The Banana To Go?
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34 days 20:58
Is It Time For The Banana To Go?
So I got a new build. It's time to give some t.l.c to my most trusted recovery vehicle.
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36 days 12:11
Where Was This RZR Going? Another Flooded River Crossing
So I got for a side by side flooded in the river. Well who's going in the freezing water?
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38 days 14:46
We Drag That Dead Truck Up A Mountain
So I got for a dead Nissan Frontier at the bottom of a mountain. Plus a Toyota Sienna stuck on the hot beaches of Sand Hollow.
457 241
41 day 33:20
The Morrvair Takes On The Rubicon Trail
So I got a to test out the Morrvair on the Rubicon trail with other extremely capable Jeeps.
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43 days 12:07
We're Stranded In The Morrvair... Time To Make A Call
So I got a call for a side by side, but I ended up making a call for myself in the morrvair.
592 289
45 days 8:31
Why Did A Dodge 3500 Dually Go Off Roading?
So I got a call for a Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Dually stuck at Sand Hollow. Did they do it for the t-shirt?
438 528
48 days 15:36
Big Bus Buried To The Frame - Morrvair & Winch Truck
So I got a call for a big bus stuck to the frame. Time to pull out the winch truck and Morrvair to combine forces.
927 062
50 days 14:30
Barracks Trail Gives The Team Some Major Troubles!
So I got a call for a Side by Side on the Barracks trail with some major troubles.
365 681
51 day 8:38
Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place - Ford Expedition
So I got a call for a Ford Expedition that was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. How did she get in that position?
389 244
55 days 22:11
1,000 Mile MORRVAIR Road Trip Next Week, Will We Be Ready?
So the Morrvair is going on a 1,000 mile road trip for the Rubicon rally. Can we get it ready in time?
609 272
57 days 9:20
Semi Truck Get's Buried At Sand Hollow!
So I got a call for semi truck stuck out at Sand Hollow, time for the Corvair to see some action.
692 703
59 days 12:02
Nissan Falls Victim To Dinosaur Tracks Trail
So I got a call for a Nissan Kicks on Dinosaur Tracks trail. Also, check out the Chevy van and Ford Super Duty.
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62 days 30:42
Banana Vs Morrvair - Ultimate Off Road Challenge!
So I got a call to put the Banana up against the Morrvair.
698 234
64 days 20:07
They Said It Was Just A Flat Tire - Ford F-150
So I got a call for a flat tire on a Ford F-150. We'll it turned out to be a little more than just a flat.
804 618
66 days 11:18
Sand Hollow Is Calling Again, Plus A Chevy & Ford Rescue
So I got a call for a side by side, a Chevy van at Sand Hollow, and a Ford Transit van over by Zion national park.
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69 days 21:47
Did We Find Our Next Vehicle To Build?
So I got a call to test out a 5 ton 6x6. How does it hold up to the Banana at Sand Hollow?
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