1 day 2:15
Going digital: Lessons learned from six months of digital events
Over the last six months, we've gone on a digital transformation for all of our events. Here's what we learned.
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5 days 2:27
Microsoft AI breakthrough in automatic image captioning
Microsoft researchers have built an artificial intelligence system that can generate captions for images that are, in many cases, more accurate than what was previously possible.
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8 days 1:09
Samish Nation and Microsoft Teams
The citizens of Samish nation use Microsoft Teams to remain connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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8 days 2:01
Developing AI datasets with the blind and low vision community
Simone Strumpf, senior lecturer at City, University of London, explains why it's important to develop AI datasets that are useful to, and inclusive of, people who are blind or have low vision.
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10 days 1:35
Breaking Modern Loneliness on World Mental Health Day with Lauv
In honor of World Mental Health Day, Lauv and his Blue Boy Foundation gathered mental health specialists, artists, creators, and activists from around the world to have frank conversations around
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11 days 14:06
In Conversation: Jean-Yves Art and Doreen Bogdan-Martin Discuss Internet Access In the COVID Era
During this year's virtual UNGA, Microsoft Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships Jean-Yves Art discussed the importance of technical access and the creation of networks in developing countries
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13 days 15:21
In Conversation: Brad Smith & Michelle Bachelet Discuss Human Rights
How do we build a more sustainable, inclusive, and fairer future as we recover from COVID-19?
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15 days 2:07
Digital human stylists unlock the possibilities of personalized wardrobes with Microsoft technology
The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London and Reactive Reality are creating the personalized digital human stylists of the future—that will
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19 days 3:21
Right to Play: Empowering more children with a modern fundraising solution built for scale & impact
Protecting, educating, and empowering the world’s most vulnerable children requires building trust and commitment with donors.
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Fundraising & Engagement built for Dynamics 365 Sales: Demo
Identify new fundraising opportunities, turn donors into lifetime supporters, get an accurate picture of fundraising outcomes, and automate donation processing with Fundraising and Engagement for
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20 days 1:01
Microsoft Pride 2020 | Let's keep talking
The more we talk, the more we understand, so this is so this is Let’s Keep Talking, a conversation with LGBTQI+ Microsoft employees over Microsoft Teams, hosted by Dylan Marron.
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Episode 25 – Charlie Stross: Award-winning sci-fi author
Did sci-fi books inspire you to enter science or engineering?
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27 days 39:42
Envisioning tomorrow: How Microsoft approaches innovation | Mitra Azizirad
The future is discovered when we see things from a different perspective.
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In Conversation: Brad Smith & Trevor Noah from the 2020 UN General Assembly
How does having “the mind of a pessimist, and the soul of an optimist” affect Trevor Noah’s view of the world?
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UCB | Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite 2020
Find out how UCB is partnering with Microsoft AI for Health, using AI to accelerate drug discovery as part of their digital business transformation.
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House of Lilac | Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite 2020
In Miami, Florida, a florist turned to Microsoft 365 to keep her small business up and running even in the midst of the pandemic.
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Manitou Park Elementary | Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite 2020
As principal of Manitou Park Elementary, Lauren Taylor exemplifies how everyone, no matter their technological expertise, can use Microsoft Power Platform to have a tremendous impact.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator | Satya Nadella at Microsoft Ignite 2020
The evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator exemplifies the power of our full tech stack – from Azure AI to Bing Maps to Xbox.
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Building digital resilience | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes the virtual stage at #MSIgnite to discuss how we're innovating across the tech stack to help organizations–big and small–address real-world challenges.
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Microsoft Premonition: Sensor networks and AI to help detect disease outbreaks
What if we could predict epidemics like we predict the weather?
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Building the future: How NASA and Lockheed Martin are using HoloLens 2 to go to the moon and beyond
Assembling a spacecraft requires millions of separate tasks that have zero room for error, from attaching electrical cables in the correct pathways to lubricating joints and precisely locating
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Explainer: How Microsoft plans to become water positive by 2030
Microsoft will be water positive by 2030. As chief environmental officer Lucas Joppa explains, this means we will lessen our water use intensity and replenish more water than we’re using.
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X4Impact: a market intelligence platform for social innovation
In Partnership with Microsoft and Giving Tech Labs, X4Impact is a market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest with over $2
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36 days 2:17
Microsoft reveals findings from Project Natick, its experimental undersea datacenter
Earlier this summer, marine specialists reeled up a shipping container-size datacenter coated in algae, barnacles, and sea anemones from the seafloor off Scotland’s Orkney Islands.
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Eon is the revolutionary platform powering circular commerce in fashion
Eon’s groundbreaking connected products platform, powered by Microsoft IoT, envisions a connected future of fashion Eon’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform is transforming the business of fashion
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53 days 0:31
Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team
See all the new ways to work together on Microsoft Teams.
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55 days 0:31
Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team
See all the new ways to work together on Microsoft Teams.
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55 days 1:01:23
Episode 24 - Daphne Koller, PhD: CEO and founder of insitro
This former Stanford University professor’s cutting edge work combines machine learning and biology to transform pharmaceutical drug development.
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