10 hours 31:53
Microsoft Ignite: Envisioning Tomorrow with Mitra Azizirad
Innovation hinges on our ability to see the world differently.
10 hours 58:49
Microsoft Ignite: Satya Nadella and Alex Kipman
This one-of-a-kind #MSIgnite keynote featuring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Mixed Reality Technical Fellow Alex Kipman gives you a front-row seat to Microsoft's vision for the future of Mixed
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1 day 2:11
Humans and AI: Meet Dr. Ernest & Dr. John | Episode 5
Humans and AI tells stories of passionate people from all walks of life, who are using AI to transform our society and our world for the better. ​ Self-described "Cosmic Twins, Ernest and John met
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1 day 2:28
Introducing Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft Mesh enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – on any device – through mixed reality applications. Mesh allows for connections with new depth and dimension.
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1 day 2:13
Microsoft's Alex Kipman unveils Microsoft Mesh
At Ignite, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed reality platform powered by Azure that allows people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic
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7 days 1:11:01
Episode 29 – Jacob Collier & Ben Bloomberg: Grammy award-winning duo
In this episode, Kevin talks tech and music with Grammy-award-winning musician Jacob Collier and MIT Ph.D. Ben Bloomberg, who designs the tech behind the music.
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7 days 1:43
Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit
Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit connects the intelligent and integrated cloud capabilities of the Microsoft stack to the most common nonprofit organizational scenarios, including constituent
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9 days 7:15
Building trust at the Origin
Despite all the positives of synthetic media – creative expression, educational applications, assistive technologies, entertainment – there’s a downside.
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12 days 2:12
Black History Is Now
We’re proud to amplify the voices of those who are working to build a better, more inclusive future—not just because this is Black History Month, but also because change is happening all around us
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12 days 1:01
Changing the rules of game design | Microsoft Teams
The most important part of game development is testing. But when the pandemic hit, Hasbro couldn’t bring people into their headquarters to try out new games.
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12 days 5:22
Home Cooked: Fried catfish and polenta—with Quita Barnett
Some of Quita Barnett’s earliest memories include preparing catfish and polenta at her grandmother’s house in Chicago, IL. Her grandma was the glue that held all her family together.
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22 days 2:23
HoloLens enables remote collaboration among surgeons worldwide
Surgeons and clinicians around the world are using HoloLens 2 using Dynamic 365 remote assist to reimagine healthcare, allowing doctors to collaborate remotely worldwide.
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28 days 3:08
Inuktut language added to Microsoft Translator
Inuktut is one of the main Inuit languages of Canada and is widely spoken in Nunavut, Canada's largest geographical territory, which has been a home of Inuit descent for thousands of years.
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28 days 2:02
Humans and AI: Meet Denise | Episode 4
Humans and AI tells stories of passionate people from all walks of life, who are using AI to transform our society and our world for the better. As a young biologist, Dr.
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34 days 0:44
Special Olympics global youth leaders teach athletes and their families about eating healthy
A nutritious diet is so important, but sometimes challenging for Special Olympics athletes.
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34 days 1:04
Special Olympics global youth leaders team up to overcome employment discrimination
Because she’s struggled to find work herself, Karina is helping Alejandro with his idea for an inclusive and accessible app that connects Special Olympics athletes in Costa Rica with employers
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34 days 1:09
Special Olympics global youth leaders help bring athletes together
Jack and Grace are developing an app that connects athletes with transportation, helping them be self-reliant, stay engaged with their friends and teammates, and feel included.
34 days 1:15
Special Olympics youth leaders use Microsoft Teams to help others feel included
In Argentina, Special Olympics global youth leaders Catalina and Carla have been leading workshops using Microsoft Teams to keep Special Olympics athletes connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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34 days 0:45
Special Olympics global youth leaders use Microsoft Teams to be inclusive and inspire
Gersi, Ina, and Leo are using Microsoft Teams to connect schools for students with intellectual disabilities, to teach their peers about healthy lifestyle choices, including proper exercise and
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34 days 5:23
Envisioning Envision: A global event partnership
Learn more about the global partnership between Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft and their journey to re-create Envision.
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35 days 1:27
Inuit territory stays connected despite being separated by vast distances
Most of the 39,000 people who live in Nunavut, Canada are Inuit, the indigenous people of the region. Nunavut is a vast territory, representing one-fifth of the country’s total land mass.
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36 days 44:45
Episode 28 – Dr. Mae Jemison: Astronaut, engineer, physician and educator
The first African American woman in space chats with Kevin about human interstellar flight, the 100 Year Starship project, and experiential education.
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37 days 1:25
Meet one of food waste’s most formidable opponents
Jasmine Crowe, CEO of Goodr, is on a mission to reduce food waste and feed millions. Find out how she’s changing the way to approach hunger—through smart technology and community engagement.
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37 days 9:11
The future of autonomous systems
Gurdeep Pall, CVP of Business AI at Microsoft shares his thoughts on the positive impact that autonomous systems will have on our planet, economy, and lives.
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40 days 1:01
Where there’s a team, there’s a way | Microsoft Teams
When the world changed, businesses found new and innovative ways forward on Microsoft Teams.
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42 days 5:44
Steven Yen makes Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup—Home Cooked
Join us for another tasty episode of Home Cooked, a Microsoft Life series dedicated to exploring the roots of people of Microsoft one dish at a time.
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58 days 1:25
Don’t let distance get in the way this holiday, Meet Now!
Free video calls with one click, no sign-ups, no downloads, no passwords, just Meet Now. The easiest way to reach your loved ones this holiday!
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72 days 18:28
TechSpark anniversary roundtable
In celebration of TechSpark's third anniversary, Kate Behncken, Microsoft's Lead of Philanthropies, recently caught up with the TechSpark leaders across the U.S.
3 916
72 days 1:57
TechSpark anniversary roundtable
In celebration of TechSpark's third anniversary, Kate Behncken, Microsoft's Lead of Philanthropies, recently caught up with the TechSpark leaders across the U.S.
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76 days 8:26
Roxie Sieu Stark bakes breakfast-shaped sugar cookies—Home Cooked
Is it breakfast or cookies? Either way, Roxie (@RoxStarBakes on YouTube) has us chomping at the bit for these adorable creations!
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