3 days 16:50
Marty's Shed & Toolbox Tour
A shed with a hoist is every car modders dream. It took a few years of work but this came true for Marty when he took this 3D designed model and brought it into reality.
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10 days 58:56
The full story of our turbocharged Kei Truck (Disrespected Timtam)
We Turbocharged our awesome little JDM Tipper.
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15 days 9:01
JDM Kei Truck Turbo Conversion
In this epic episode, we complete a full custom turbo conversion on our little Kei truck from Japan and then take it out for the first drive, and you're coming along for the ride!
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24 days 18:58
Too Soon Junior (Turbo Vs Non-Turbo Battle)
It's the ultimate battle of turbo VS naturally aspirated engines - and after the race, one of these cars will be given away to an MCM viewer! 🔥We're giving away one of the cars in this video.
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31 day 20:39
My New Car Will Blow Your Pants Off!!! (99999999%)
After picking up this old show car sight unseen off the internet, we dive deep into the scene that created it, and then DROP THE BASS (and drop the parts) as we restore the hectic stereo system and
548 861
38 days 25:55
My NEW CAR (You've NEVER seen MODS Like This Before!!)
You'll never guess what we found in the boot! This massively modified car came up for sale on Facebook so we immediately sent a tow truck to pick it up!
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42 days 14:48
We take the V8 BMW E30 for a slide
After hundreds of hours of work the E30 is finished and ready to take out for some skids 🔔 Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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49 days 27:40
BMW E30 CAM Upgrade & Dyno Run
In this episode we're bolting our LS3 back together, sticking it into the car and hitting the dyno to see what kind of power increase our cam swap has got us!
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55 days 26:37
CAM INSTALL tech on our LS powered BMW
Our LS3 powered BMW known as Black Ch-ops is getting a new CAM for more power!
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58 days 24:11
Our V8 Bmw E30 Is Back With More Power
A little while back we bought an 1989 BMW E30 Coupe, probably paid too much because everything was broken. We decided to engine swap it with an LS3, TR6060 and Skyline R200 rear diff.
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68 days 25:06
Supergramps is BACK! (Cause I broke the STI)
Marty's engine swapped 3.6L flat 6 Subaru Wagon is BACK! Why? Well.. you'll see soon enough.. ► COLD?
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76 days 10:51
The End Of The Civic (Finale)
It's been a longer road than we anticipated but for now, this chapter comes to an end.
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78 days 18:42
Our Civic Hits the Dyno (EP 13)
It's been a long road to get to this point, and today it's finally time to put the Civic on the Dyno and see what it can do!
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87 days 18:02
Nugget Civic First Start (Ep12)
This is the moment we've been waiting for - will the B16 engine we swapped into our Civic actually start or will we have to throw it IN THE BIN? Don't get kicked in the nuts.
518 792
94 days 36:41
Disrespecting Our Civic (EP11)
WARNING - Our Civic is actually DISRESPECTED in this episode. We give the festy Civic a much needed facelift (with an angle grinder) and turn the key for the first time!
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101 day 25:14
Buying this Civic was a mistake (EP10)
👕 IN THE BIN SHIRTS! (Limited) mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/in-the-bin-tee-shirt Don't do what we did!
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106 days 20:51
The comment section was right - Civic (EP9)
The build of our nugget Civic continues, but in this episode we take some time to delve into the comment section and address some mistakes.
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108 days 33:12
I’ve got an Unfinished Chocolate Cake, Here’s an Egg (EP8)
Buy someone else's project car they said. It'll be fun they said. Don't do it! If you want to support the show, we've got an online store that we run ourselves and ship MCM Merch worldwide.
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115 days 30:23
This Civic Needs to go IN THE BIN (EP7)
We finish putting the the engine back together so it's finally ready for it to go IN THE BIN... and by bin, we mean the car.
646 752
121 day 16:33
The Last Skunk Fighter | Nugget Civic Build (Ep6)
Work continues on this rubbish Civic we bought off Facebook. In this episode we focus on the B16 engine, getting it ready to drop into the filthy nugget so we can drop some mad hectic FWD skids.
559 245
127 days 32:46
Spoon your SKUNK until he MUGENS - CIVIC Build (EP5)
This Civic already stinks so we may as well add a Skunk. We saved this nugget from automotive apocalypse and now we are fixing it. But the more we do, the more problems we find.
727 203
133 days 38:14
Our Civic is NASTY - Engine work begins! (EP4)
The build of our nugget Civic continues but nothing is going to plan. 4 different owners have come out claiming they owned it and we work out why it smells so bad.
854 015
140 days 29:09
Moar Civic Mods (In The Bin!) *Disrespected Vtec* (Ep3)
Our epic Civic build continues as we install 3 spoon engines. On top of that, we just went into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS.
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143 days 20:53
Our Honda Civic Build *Disrespected Civic* (Ep2)
We picked up this nugget of an unfinished project car off the internet. And now it's time to begin the transformation to get this car back to it's former glory!
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150 days 24:48
Buying an unfinished Project Car (off the internet)
We bought this sight unseen off the internet, saving huge dollars by buying an unfinished project car. Now we just have to piece it back together again...
846 191
153 days 16:44
The Last Drive // Farewell LOTUS
In this episode, we take our modified Lotus Exige to a special place for its last drive...
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163 days 32:37
Unboxing and installing ALL the mad parts on our twin charged Nissan
Marty's beloved Nissan March Superturbo is getting some fresh JDM parts, some custom restored wheels and suspension. Wanna support the show?
803 571
170 days 9:15
MODIFIED RS3 Hyper-Hatch // First Drive Reaction and Dyno
From stock to hyper-hatch in less than a day! We hit the street in the RS3 for the first drive then jump on the Dyno to see what gains we've made. Marty also makes an incredible prediction...
658 151
176 days 23:57
Audi Rs3 - Hyper-Hatch Build!
We're making a hyper-hatch in just 24 hours and in this episode, the car gets finished!
825 428
183 days 24:29
The Ultimate Hyper-Hatch Project
From stock to Hyper-Hatch in just 24 hours! We take this Audi RS3 that we bought sight unseen and broken off the internet, and transform it into a daily drivable hyper hatchback, in just 24 hours!
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