22 hours 1:02:14
Modifying Every Car We Own In 1 Day! [Feature Length 4K]
In this huge episode, we go through every car in our collection, plus attempt to modify all of them and rip some shed skids in the most expansive video we've ever made!
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7 days 20:30
I Bought The Best Vehicle Ever Made (BRAND NEW from DEALER)
I've never owned a brand new vehicle before... until today.
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11 days 22:50
Turbo Kei Truck on the Dyno ready to go bush
We turbocharged our JDM Kei Tipper Truck using some old Subaru parts. Now it's time to head to the dyno and tune it then get it ready to go bush on the BEST 4WD CHANNEL OF ALL TIME!
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18 days 27:38
We bought another WRECKER ENGINE. Then this happened...
We got our hands on a new engine, hoping to salvage our Jimny project. It's time to finish the Jimny with a proper engine swap and some essential off-road modifications.
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25 days 24:26
Calling the Shop that sold us a Broken Engine
After buying an engine from eBay (which turned out to be broken) we call the shop to see if we could get a refund... they claim that we "over-revved it".
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29 days 17:02
4X4 Build - Big Block Disaster
After buying a cheap engine from eBay, we finish our install and then turn the key for the first time. But after all these years it looks like our luck finally ran out...
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34 days 24:14
4X4 Build - Jimny Big Block Conversion
Welcome to the best 4X4 channel on YouTube ๐Ÿ˜€ In this episode we buy a cheap engine from eBay and then cram it into a tiny little Jimny for some hectic power gains! PRE-ORDER OUR NEW BOOK NOW!
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38 days 18:29
We have to cut up the RX7
We really should read the manual before we install parts. There wasn't a manual to read. The RX7 is going to be EPIC when these mods are done but it's going to take a bit of cutting to make them work.
457 219
44 days 22:26
RX7 Modifications Begin!
The RX7 is a bucket list car and is an absolutely stunning car to look at.
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52 days 4:33
We Wrote A Book!
A publisher offered us a book deal... we said "no thanks. We'll do it ourselves".
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58 days 13:35
Marty's New Car (has no pistons and no rods)
This is a car I've wanted to own and modify for decades, I absolutely love it and can't wait to get modifying! ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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65 days 20:03
Never EVER do this MOD!
This is the most important modification for any car enthusiast and guarantees maximum power building and attention!
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66 days 17:40
How to Install an OIL COOLER
Oil Coolers! What do they do? Do you need one? does your Turbocharged JDM KEI Truck need one? How do you install one? In this episode we find out!
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72 days 0:12
AUDI RS3 Insane Cold Start Sound #shorts
Mighty Car Mods โ€“ 22 Sep 2021, 4:29
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73 days 21:31
Pimping our JDM Mini Truck
This little Kei truck from Japan is an absolute blast to drive, so in this episode we dip our toes into this special scene to give it the style to match the turbo conversion!
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78 days 24:49
Starting my boosted truck for the first time
Recently we turbocharged our Daihatsu HiJet Kei Tip Truck, now it's getting an ECU install so we can tune it for boost! ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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84 days 3:16
We made this video 10 YEARS AGO... (Never before seen original episode)
We made this episode over 10 years ago, and it was never published online. So now after all these years it's finally time to release it on YouTube… These were very different times on YouTube.
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92 days 25:58
The Top 7 Car Mods Everyone Should Do | Wreck It
In this epic video, we show you the TOP 7 mods that you should do to your car for better performance, handling and style.
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95 days 15:49
My New Car Vs Your Old Car
It's a battle between young and old as we see who is faster - the new kid on the block or SuperGramps...
521 548
99 days 17:24
Picking Up My New Car
We head out to pick up a new car that we found on the internet... and probably for the first time this one's not a nugget! FREE MY CAR GOES PSHH PSHH ToolBox Stickers. Limited Time!
579 225
102 days 32:09
Worlds Smallest Blow Off Valve Install
We got our hands on the smallest blow off valve in the world, and in this episode we install it on our SNAIL MAIL Turbo Motorbike project, then take it for the first ride.
562 163
106 days 32:25
Installing a TINY eBay turbo on our NEW nugget PROJECT!
We've bought one of the smallest turbo's you can buy off the internet to install onto an all new project vehicle.
690 375
113 days 49:51
New Project - The Best Vehicle Ever Made!
We both agree that this is the best motorised vehicle of all time, and this feature length episode we restore this nugget back to full working condition.
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119 days 26:11
Moog's Shed Tour (And TOP 3 Tools)
For the first time, Moog gives a full tour of his personal shed along with some tips on setting up your own shed, plus his Top 3 Tools! We have FREE CHOPPED Toolbox magnets for everyone!
437 394
123 days 16:50
Marty's Shed & Toolbox Tour
A shed with a hoist is every car modders dream. It took a few years of work but this came true for Marty when he took this 3D designed model and brought it into reality.
471 213
129 days 58:56
The full story of our turbocharged Kei Truck (Disrespected Timtam)
We Turbocharged our awesome little JDM Tipper.
513 171
135 days 9:01
We turboโ€™d our truck using old Subaru parts
In this epic episode, we complete a full custom turbo conversion on our little Kei truck from Japan and then take it out for the first drive, and you're coming along for the ride!
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144 days 18:58
Too Soon Junior (Turbo Vs Non-Turbo Battle)
It's the ultimate battle of turbo VS naturally aspirated engines - and after the race, one of these cars will be given away to an MCM viewer! ๐Ÿ”ฅWe're giving away one of the cars in this video.
690 881
151 day 20:39
My New Car Will Blow Your Pants Off!!! (99999999%)
After picking up this old show car sight unseen off the internet, we dive deep into the scene that created it, and then DROP THE BASS (and drop the parts) as we restore the hectic stereo system and
571 909
158 days 25:55
My NEW CAR (You've NEVER seen MODS Like This Before!!)
You'll never guess what we found in the boot! This massively modified car came up for sale on Facebook so we immediately sent a tow truck to pick it up!
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