2 days 18:02
Nugget Civic First Start (Ep12)
This is the moment we've been waiting for - will the B16 engine we swapped into our Civic actually start or will we have to throw it IN THE BIN? Don't get kicked in the nuts.
416 470
9 days 36:41
Disrespecting Our Civic (EP11)
WARNING - Our Civic is actually DISRESPECTED in this episode. We give the festy Civic a much needed facelift (with an angle grinder) and turn the key for the first time!
552 800
16 days 25:14
Buying this Civic was a mistake (EP10)
👕 IN THE BIN SHIRTS! (Limited) mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/in-the-bin-tee-shirt Don't do what we did!
533 273
21 day 20:51
The comment section was right - Civic (EP9)
The build of our nugget Civic continues, but in this episode we take some time to delve into the comment section and address some mistakes.
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23 days 33:12
I’ve got an Unfinished Chocolate Cake, Here’s an Egg (EP8)
Buy someone else's project car they said. It'll be fun they said. Don't do it! If you want to support the show, we've got an online store that we run ourselves and ship MCM Merch worldwide.
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30 days 30:23
This Civic Needs to go IN THE BIN (EP7)
We finish putting the the engine back together so it's finally ready for it to go IN THE BIN... and by bin, we mean the car.
622 666
36 days 16:33
The Last Skunk Fighter | Nugget Civic Build (Ep6)
Work continues on this rubbish Civic we bought off Facebook. In this episode we focus on the B16 engine, getting it ready to drop into the filthy nugget so we can drop some mad hectic FWD skids.
540 073
42 days 32:46
Spoon your SKUNK until he MUGENS - CIVIC Build (EP5)
This Civic already stinks so we may as well add a Skunk. We saved this nugget from automotive apocalypse and now we are fixing it. But the more we do, the more problems we find.
703 248
48 days 38:14
Our Civic is NASTY - Engine work begins! (EP4)
The build of our nugget Civic continues but nothing is going to plan. 4 different owners have come out claiming they owned it and we work out why it smells so bad.
827 491
55 days 29:09
Moar Civic Mods (In The Bin!) *Disrespected Vtec* (Ep3)
Our epic Civic build continues as we install 3 spoon engines. On top of that, we just went into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS.
732 440
58 days 20:53
Our Honda Civic Build *Disrespected Civic* (Ep2)
We picked up this nugget of an unfinished project car off the internet. And now it's time to begin the transformation to get this car back to it's former glory!
764 439
65 days 24:48
Buying an unfinished Project Car (off the internet)
We bought this sight unseen off the internet, saving huge dollars by buying an unfinished project car. Now we just have to piece it back together again...
819 372
68 days 16:44
The Last Drive // Farewell LOTUS
In this episode, we take our modified Lotus Exige to a special place for its last drive...
556 734
78 days 32:37
Unboxing and installing ALL the mad parts on our twin charged Nissan
Marty's beloved Nissan March Superturbo is getting some fresh JDM parts, some custom restored wheels and suspension. Wanna support the show?
771 087
85 days 9:15
MODIFIED RS3 Hyper-Hatch // First Drive Reaction and Dyno
From stock to hyper-hatch in less than a day! We hit the street in the RS3 for the first drive then jump on the Dyno to see what gains we've made. Marty also makes an incredible prediction...
640 431
90 days 23:57
Audi Rs3 - Hyper-Hatch Build!
We're making a hyper-hatch in just 24 hours and in this episode, the car gets finished!
809 114
97 days 24:29
The Ultimate Hyper-Hatch Project
From stock to Hyper-Hatch in just 24 hours! We take this Audi RS3 that we bought sight unseen and broken off the internet, and transform it into a daily drivable hyper hatchback, in just 24 hours!
788 836
106 days 22:57
My NEW CAR!! (Bought sight unseen off the internet)
We bought this car sight unseen, off the internet. It was the cheapest one we could find but what we didn't know is that it was broken. As usual, that's when things got interesting...
1 029 075
125 days 29:45
Watching Our FIRST YouTube video (Uploaded 13 years ago)
It was exactly 13 years ago that we uploaded our first episode of Mighty Car Mods...
590 398
138 days 1:18:19
Jdm Kei Truck & Jimny 4X4 Adventure [Off Road Feature Film]
In this feature length season finale, Marty and Moog take their modified cars off the beaten track for a multi-day adventure!
1 464 285
141 day 13:33
Jimny LIFT KIT Install & Off Road Tyres
The build of our mad little Jimny continues with a new set of off road tyres and a lift kit. Next episode, we'll be hitting the dirt!
634 895
144 days 16:46
4X4 Jimny Build - Essential Off Road Mods
The build of our mad little Suzuki Jimmy continues as we prepare for an epic off road adventure...
727 978
146 days 22:35
Our First 4X4 Build (SO MANY MODS!!)
This is going to be a big one! We go on a massive shopping haul to buy everything we need for our 4WD project car and then modify our mad little Suzuki Jimny ready for off road action!
907 337
150 days 22:05
Buying Another Dream Car (Not A Supercar)
Expensive, but worth it! I've wanted one of these cars for years but they cost way too much money. Finally, I decided to do it and in this episode we take it out and see how far we can go!
777 954
154 days 17:46
LOTUS - Supercharger Upgrade (First Drive)
After an epic Supercharger upgrade, we take the Lotus Exige S240 out for the first drive.
613 464
159 days 17:05
Lotus Supercharger Upgrade (with dyno power run and suspension)
The LOTUS gets a serious power upgrade with a new Harrop Supercharger and dyno tune. Then we uncover the mystery of why it handled so badly on the track and get it fixed!
735 909
162 days 13:37
How much Power does the Lotus Make?
As one of the most exotic cars on the road, just now much power does the Lotus really make?
571 617
167 days 21:37
Wrx Vs Lotus = A Very Bad Day!
This was an unexpected, and expensive day out for everyone involved... ►Black Friday SALE 20% EVERYTHING + LUCKY DIP for all orders over $50.
732 491
169 days 26:40
KEI Truck First Drive (picking up a special guest)
We recently introduced this amazing little Kei Tip Truck into the MCM garage. Looks like word got out because now people are calling us flat out asking for help moving stuff...
393 628
174 days 23:08
Marty's new car (is not a car)
The most nuggety and practical JDM vehicle we've ever had on this show.
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