Mighty Car Mods

8 Jan 2008
2 days 21:31
Making a Hammer from scratch! DIY
In this episode we make our own hammers and show you how its done! Forging hammers is a lot of work but the result can be marvelous.
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6 days 19:59
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11 days 53:27
Disrespected Superturbo 'The Honkfiles' [Part 1]
One of our all time favourite cars needs a little love Reach Out: reachout.com ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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19 days 22:34
180Sx - The End
After months of work on our 180SX, our registration was rejected. In this episode we try and find out what went wrong, and try to fix it!
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27 days 22:45
180Sx - Dream Build Ep6
After all this work, it's time to see if our car explodes on the dyno โ–บLIMITED EDITION 180SX POSTER mightycarmods.com/collections/books/products/limited-edition-180sx-poster-autographed
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34 days 18:15
180Sx - Dream Build Ep5
As the 180SX build continues, it becomes apparent that we've made a mistake and some of our new parts end up in the bin...
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42 days 24:22
180Sx - Dream Build Ep4
As this dream build continues, it's time for a full respray and more sweet mechanical mods as this epic 180SX takes shape!
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49 days 22:36
180Sx - Dream Build Ep3
The dream build of our 180SX continues with loads more mods!
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56 days 27:08
180Sx - Dream Build Ep2
The dream build of the 180SX continues with heaps of mods and a new turbo!
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62 days 31:01
180Sx - Dream Build
We create the dream 180SX that I could never build as a kid!
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68 days 32:24
Toyota Gr Yaris Mod Extravaganza
Marty has melted the credit card and bought a HEAP of modifications for the Yaris GR to improve sound, looks and go faster at the race track.
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74 days 16:21
I bought back MY OLD CAR!
I sold this car a few years ago. Then came up for sale so I decided to buy it! Wanna WIN A CAR and a whole lot of mad loot?
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79 days 2:49
Tunnel Run in my Modified MK8 Golf R | Epic Cinematic 4K
The sound of this thing Is Incredible. We hit the streets In the first modified MK8 Golf R In Australia.
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82 days 38:47
Modifying my BRAND NEW MK8 Golf R (in just 24 Hours)
We do as many mods as possible in just 24 hours! Direct from the dealer to the hoist, then modified, this brand new MK8 VW Golf R gets the full WRECK IT treatment.
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88 days 13:58
Someone tried to Steal the GTi-R
Absolute low life's damaged the car attempting to steal it.
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94 days 18:16
How much is your modified car really worth? (We Find Out!)
Do mods increase value? Has all the work been worth it? After heaps of work, we get a valuation on my modified RX-7 to see if we've actually made any money...
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99 days 23:46
GR Yaris first mods and testing it out on track
We get stuck into some mods on our Toyota GR Yaris.
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103 days 16:38
Getting airborne in a REAL Toyota GR Yaris Rally Car
Marty heads down to the nationals capital in his GR Yaris to get some air in a legit rally car. ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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108 days 10:19
MK8 Golf R vs GR Yaris - "Well, that was unexpected!"
It's the hatch battle we've all been waiting for - the all new MK8 Golf R from Germany vs the little nugget GR Yaris from Japan. We've got 10% OFF our new T-shirt and Hat.
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110 days 8:02
GR Yaris vs Modified VW UP!
Don't talk yourself up if you can't back it up...
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113 days 15:03
Budget Car Challenge | Germany vs Japan
Which of these two budget cars is better? One is from Germany, and the other is from Japan.
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117 days 19:02
MK8 Golf R | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The VW MK8 Golf R has finally launched, but what's the real truth about this car? Today, we find out...
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123 days 22:00
The RX7 is Finished - RX7 EP10
After months of work, our SA22C RX7 is finished and ready for a test drive ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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129 days 22:46
Custom Wheels, Coilovers and BIG brake kit - RX7 EP9
The RX7 is back on the road! In this episode we dive down the rabbit hole of modifying the suspension, brakes and find a whole bunch of rusty parts that need fixing..
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134 days 24:39
Back on the Dyno - RX7 EP8
After dropping it's guts all over the dyno last time we tried to tune it, the RX7 is BACK to try and break it one more time... ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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139 days 22:03
Installed a "rebuilt" gearbox - RX7 EP7
The tail shaft blew up on the dyno which snapped the back of the gearbox off the RX7. In this episode we install a "freshly rebuilt" gearbox we got off the internet into the car...
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142 days 16:19
Our 4x4 Toyota HiLux is NASTY
The more we look - the worse it gets! We recently picked up the cheapest Toyota HiLux 4x4 ute we could find.
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146 days 23:49
We Bought the CHEAPEST HILUX in Australia (then fixed it in ONE DAY)
We bought the cheapest Hilux in the country then tried to fix it in one day. The more we looked the worse it got...
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150 days 15:52
Setting Up Our New Workshop
We're setting up a new workshop called 'SuperGarage' and in this episode we start getting it ready!
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153 days 16:37
Buying Tools For Our New Workshop (And Paying For People's Shopping At Checkout)
We surprised people by paying for their stuff at the checkout. We went down to SCA to pick up all the gear we needed for our new workshop - SuperGarage.
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