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How Electric Car Batteries Will Charge in 5 Minutes
Worried about waiting ages for your electric car battery to charge? Rory explains how Storedot is working on ultra fast batteries that will charge in as little as five minutes.
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19 days 9:52
VW Golf R vs Mercedes-AMG A45S: DRIFT Mode Showdown | 4K
Rory dons his drifting shoes for this super-hatch track battle, putting the VW Golf R Performance Pack up against the Mercedes-AMG A45S in a drift mode showdown! Looking for your next car?
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10 days 10:26
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Review: Roof Down, Pulse UP! 4K
Rory hops aboard and reviews the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, the convertible version of the iconic, Nurburgring-shredding supercar.
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24 days 6:45
Is This The BEST Car In 2021?
Rory reveals his favourite car of the year and hands out the annual Rory Reid Award 2021. Who will will? Would you like to win an electric car?
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2021 Mercedes GLE Review: The Best Posh SUV? 4K
Rory hops aboard the very latest Mercedes GLE 400D to assess whether it's the perfect posh SUV for well-to-do families. Click here to enter the EV Giveaway!
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Global Chip Shortage: Are PLAYSTATIONS Killing New Cars?
A global chip shortage, caused by freak weather, coronavirus and fire, has affected new car production, and consumer gadgets like PlayStations are compounding the problem.
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