22 days 49:27
Prince Andrew & the Epstein Scandal: The Newsnight Interview - BBC News
In a Newsnight special, Emily Maitlis interviews the Duke of York as he speaks for the first time about his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and allegations which have been | 17 Nov 2019, 12:08
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17 days 1:05
'Armor glass' smashes in Tesla truck demo fail - BBC News
During a demo for the new Tesla "Cybertruck", Elon Musk had an embarrassing moment when demonstrating how hard the windows were to break. 22 Nov 2019, 13:02
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17 days 17:43
UK Election: Leaders’ Question Time - BBC News
It’s now less than three weeks to go to Britain’s general election, and the leaders of the four biggest parties at Westminster have been given a grilling by members of the public, in a special | 22 Nov 2019, 22:35
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10 days 11:08
London Bridge attack: Man shot dead after killing two - BBC News
Two people have died and several more injured in what police are describing as a terrorist incident on London Bridge. The attacker was later shot dead. 29 Nov 2019, 22:54
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27 days 9:16
Clashes erupted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong - BBC News
Hong Kong's rule of law has been pushed to the "brink of total collapse" after more than five months of protests, police have warned. 12 Nov 2019, 14:44
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20 days 9:06
Hong Kong protests: A city's identity crisis - BBC News
Hong Kong's protests have become increasingly violent as they continue into their sixth month. 19 Nov 2019, 12:03
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14 days 2:58
China issues warning over Hong Kong election - BBC News
The Chinese government has responded to the landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates in the Hong Kong elections by emphasising that the city will always be ruled from Beijing - and has warned | 25 Nov 2019, 22:26
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4 days 7:13
France paralysed by biggest strike in years - BBC News
France's largest nationwide strike in years has severely disrupted schools and transport. Workers are angry about planned pension reforms that would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts. 5 Dec 2019, 16:54
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11 days 6:46
Hong Kong: China warns US over Human Rights and Democracy Act - BBC News
China has warned the US it could take "firm counter-measures" if Washington continues to show support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. 28 Nov 2019, 11:31
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10 days 6:21
'Shots fired' at man in London Bridge - BBC News
A number of people are believed to have been injured after a stabbing at London Bridge, police have said. 29 Nov 2019, 15:36
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10 days 6:52
London Bridge: People 'injured' in incident - BBC News
A number of people are believed to have been injured in an incident at London Bridge, police have said. The Met said they were called to a stabbing at a premises near the bridge just before 14:00. 29 Nov 2019, 15:13
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2 days 4:31
Corbyn v Johnson: BBC election debate round-up - BBC News
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit, the NHS, security and the economy in a head-to-head live debate. 7 Dec 2019, 12:16
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24 days 3:58
Hong Kong: Man dies after being hit 'by hard object' during protests - BBC News
A man has died in Hong Kong after being hit on the head during clashes between government supporters and protesters. 15 Nov 2019, 12:55
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5 days 5:42
NATO 70th Anniversary: Trump and Trudeau clash over 'two-faced' comments- BBC News
A show of unity at NATO's 70th anniversary gathering - embodied in the traditional end of meeting statement - has been overshadowed by footage of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in | 4 Dec 2019, 22:29
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21 day 6:33
Hong Kong University protests - BBC News
Another day of violent protests by pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong. China blames Britain and outside influences for stoking the trouble. 18 Nov 2019, 22:31
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27 days 1:38
Australia bushfires: 'It's like fireballs exploding in the air' - BBC News
Australia's bushfires are still raging out of control, sweeping into towns and prompting thousands to flee from their homes. 12 Nov 2019, 11:23
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6 days 7:16
President Trump in London for NATO meeting - BBC News
US President Donald Trump has arrived in London for a meeting between NATO leaders, promising not to get involved in the UK's general election campaign, before doing precisely that. 3 Dec 2019, 22:19
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21 day 11:46
General Election 2019: Leaders pitch for the business vote – BBC News
Party leaders made their case to business leaders at the annual gathering of the Confederation of British Industry in London. 18 Nov 2019, 22:31
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26 days 13:35
UK Election 2019: Brexit and the NHS dominate election campaign debate- BBC News
The Conservatives and Labour have been outlining their main pitch to voters. 13 Nov 2019, 22:27
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4 days 8:55
General Election 2019: One week to go – BBC News
In the last week of election campaigning the UK’s party leaders have been pressing home their key political pledges. 5 Dec 2019, 22:18
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12 days 12:48
General Election 2019: Row over Labour's 'NHS for sale' claim - BBC News
A row has broken out after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed his party had obtained documents that show the NHS has formed part of talks with the United States about a trade agreement after Brexit. 27 Nov 2019, 22:49
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7 days 1:13
'Toxic' foam blankets Indian beach - BBC News
Waves of white foam blanketed Marina Beach in Chennai, India over the weekend, attracting local children who were seen playing in the froth. 2 Dec 2019, 12:38
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5 days 3:36
Epstein accuser stands by her allegations - BBC News
Virginia Giuffre says she was brought to London for sex with Prince Andrew in March 2001, when she was 17 years old. 4 Dec 2019, 16:29
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21 day 5:54
Protesters arrested as they run from Hong Kong campus - BBC News
Several protesters have been arrested while trying to run from a Hong Kong university campus surrounded by police. 18 Nov 2019, 12:05
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14 days 3:52
China's secret 'brainwashing' camps - BBC News
Leaked documents detail for the first time China's systematic brainwashing of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in a network of high-security prison camps. 25 Nov 2019, 12:06
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10 days 6:34
UK Election 2019: BBC Debate in Cardiff - BBC News
Tonight, the BBC hosted an election debate in Cardiff, with representatives from the main 7 parties contesting seats on December the 12th taking part. 29 Nov 2019, 22:27
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4 days 3:18
The trauma of Hong Kong's teenage protesters - BBC News
Teenage protesters have become an increasingly common feature of Hong Kong's demonstrations, with hundreds found on campus during the recent siege of Polytechnic University. 5 Dec 2019, 15:02
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6 days 2:45
Trump blasts Macron 'brain dead' comments as 'nasty' - BBC News
US President Donald Trump has accused his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron of being "nasty" for saying Nato was brain dead. Mr Trump is in London for a summit marking the bloc's 70th anniversary. 3 Dec 2019, 10:41
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27 days 3:01
Flare-up as Israel kills top Palestinian militant - BBC News
An Israeli air strike has killed a senior commander of the militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Baha Abu al-Ata died along with his wife when a missile hit their home, the group said. 12 Nov 2019, 12:27
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12 days 4:15
Hong Kong protests: 'I was born here, I'm a Hongkonger too' - BBC News
Hong Kong is a Chinese city that has long had a vibrant ethnic minority community, many of whom are South Asian. They've come under the spotlight in recent weeks amid the ongoing civil unrest. 27 Nov 2019, 11:46
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