18 days 2:36
Prominent veterans demand apology from Trump after allegations of insulting remarks
Joe Biden and prominent veterans are demanding President Trump apologize after an article in The Atlantic alleged that the President made disparaging remarks about veterans. Bofta Yimam has more.
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14 days 4:30
Trump admits to downplaying coronavirus threat in audio recordings
In audio recordings revealed in journalist Bob Woodward's new book, President Trump acknowledged he knew the coronavirus could be transmitted through the air and was five times more deadly than the
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17 days 2:12
Democrats reach deal with White House to avoid government shutdown
The Trump administration and Democratic leaders have informally agreed to a continuing resolution to avoid a potential government shutdown.
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1 day 1:26
Louisville under state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision
The city of Louisville, Kentucky, is under a state of emergency as it awaits a major decision in the case of Breonna Taylor's death. Jericka Duncan has the latest.
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11 days 0:34
Iran executes 27-year-old wrestling star Navid Afkari
Iran executed popular wrestling star Navid Afkari despite an international campaign to save him, including a plea from President Trump.
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7 days 1:56
CDC unveils coronavirus vaccine distribution plan
The CDC is outlining a plan on how to distribute a coronavirus vaccine once one is available. But the logistics of getting one to everybody quickly could prove a major challenge. Weija Jiang reports.
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18 days 1:34
California declares state of emergency amid record heat waves
California is in a state of emergency as it anticipates record shattering heat throughout the Labor Day weekend. Danya Bacchus reports.
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11 days 2:12
Coronavirus infections among young people rapidly increasing
As students return to classes and coronavirus restrictions ease, there is a growing number of coronavirus infections among young people, especially college students. Michael George reports.
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29 days 2:02
Colleges battling coronavirus and students' behavior
Students at Florida State University have been arrested and charged with violating COVID-19 regulations by hosting an open house party, and Texas A&M is reporting an outbreak of more than 400 cases.
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17 days 2:25
California's Creek Fire forces evacuations and burns thousands of acres
The Creek Fire has burned at least 46,000 acres. It's just one of three major fires burning in California, all with no containment. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
344 232
22 days 1:33
Coronavirus cases surge across Europe amid fears of second wave
Several European countries are seeing a dramatic new surge of coronavirus infections, leading some to consider new quarantine measures for travelers. Charlie D'Agata reports.
326 483
17 days 1:28
Heat wave bakes the West as region faces record-breaking temperatures
Fires in California are fueled by record-breaking heat as other parts of the country are facing their own weather extremes. CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli takes a look.
308 541
7 days 3:00
Hurricane Sally makes landfall in the Gulf Coast with heavy winds and dangerous flooding
Hurricane Sally slammed the Gulf Coast with catastrophic flooding and a surge of sea water nearly six feet high. David Begnaud has the latest.
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16 days 1:50
Some European countries seeing surge in coronavirus cases
As Russia makes plans to begin testing its coronavirus vaccine on tens of thousands of volunteers, several European countries are reporting a surge of new COVID-19 cases. Charlie D'Agata has details.
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4 days 0:15
Tropical Storm Beta threatens Gulf Coast
The Gulf Coast is on watch yet again for another tropical storm. There have been so many storms this season that forecasters are now using the Greek alphabet to name them.
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24 days 3:08
New protocols for students riding school buses during coronavirus pandemic
In a normal year, an estimated 26 million children take the bus to get to school every day.
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28 days 2:46
Teen arrested after fatal shooting at Jacob Blake protest in Wisconsin
Three people were shot, two fatally, during an overnight protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the police shooting death of Jacob Blake.
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20 days 2:31
Pfizer expects coronavirus vaccine trial results by end of October
The pharmaceutical company Pfizer said it should know by the end of October whether its vaccine works. Carter Evans has details.
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10 days 2:19
New CBS poll shows tight presidential race in key states
The new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll reveals a tight presidential race and sustained skepticism over the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Nikole Killion has the latest.
242 666
8 days 2:23
Smoke from Western wildfires reaches to New York City
Devastating wildfires have been raging for more than a week and have burned millions of acres in the West. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
242 257
23 days 2:11
FDA commissioner talks coronavirus vaccine development
FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn spoke with CBS News about how it will handle outside pressure to approve a coronavirus vaccine. Dr.
234 684
7 hours 4:13
No officers charged directly for the killing of Breonna Taylor
A Kentucky grand jury decided not to indict three police officers for the shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. One officer was charged with wanton endangerment. Jericka Duncan reports.
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25 days 1:59
States and colleges attempt to reopen as U.S. approaches 6 million coronavirus infections
California is attempting a new reopening plan after an early end to lockdown led to a surge in coronavirus cases.
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20 days 2:22
7 Rochester officers suspended after Black man’s death in police custody
The mayor of Rochester, New York, has suspended seven officers in connection with the death of a Black man who appeared to be suffering from mental distress while being arrested.
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13 days 0:30
4 Houston officers fired after fatal shooting
Four Houston Police Department officers were fired over the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Nicolas Chavez in April. Graphic bodycam video of the shooting has also been released.
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25 days 1:56
Office of the Director of National Intelligence says it will cease in-person briefings
CBS News has learned the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will cease giving in-person briefings to members of congress.
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2 days 1:57
CDC abruptly reverses guidance on COVID-19 airborne transmission
The Centers for Disease Control took an unusual step by reversing its new guidance about how the coronavirus spreads. Mola Lenghi has the latest.
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19 days 2:17
Rochester officers in Daniel Prude arrest followed training, police union president says
The officers involved in the suffocation death of Daniel Prude in Rochester, New York, were following their training when they put a "spit hood" over his head and pinned him to the ground before
202 893
1 day 4:02
U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 200,000
The U.S. coronavirus death toll has hit more than 200,000 — the most COVID-19 deaths in the world. Health experts are worried about the resurgence of the virus as the fall season begins.
176 519
18 days 2:22
Elderly coronavirus survivor shares story about resilience and gratefulness
When Greg Mundis, Sr. was induced into a coma after contracting COVID-19, his family members prepared for the worst.
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