20 days 2:46
5 killed, 21 injured, suspect killed by police in West Texas
Five people were killed and 21 injured late Saturday afternoon after a mass shooting in between the cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas. Several police officers are among the injured. 1 Sep 2019, 1:11
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19 days 19:44
Santa Cruz boat fire, over 30 people unaccounted for in Southern California, live stream
More than 30 people were unaccounted for Monday morning after a boat fire off the coast of Southern California, CBS Los Angeles reports. 2 Sep 2019, 14:08
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19 days 7:32
Bahamas official says Hurricane Dorian is "situation that is hard to describe"
Hurricane Dorian has made landfall at Elbow Cay in the Bahamas. 1 Sep 2019, 19:39
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25 days 1:36
Boy consoles crying classmate with autism on first day of school
This 8-year-old boy from Wichita, Kansas, saw a fellow classmate crying on the first day of school. So he showed compassion and held the boy's hand, then walked him inside. 27 Aug 2019, 18:46
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19 days 2:58
34 people unaccounted for after boat fire off California coast
The U.S. Coast Guard said 34 people were unaccounted for after a fire on a commercial diving vessel off the coast of Southern California. Five people were able to escape the fire. 2 Sep 2019, 17:07
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20 days 5:34
Hurricane Dorian slams Bahamas as monster Category 5 storm
Extremely powerful, life-threatening Hurricane Dorian has reached the Bahamas. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday that Dorian made landfall in Elbow Cay at 12:40 p.m. ET. 1 Sep 2019, 19:04
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20 days 2:32:31
Odessa-Midland shooting: Suspect shot and killed after multiple shootings in Texas, live stream
The Midland, Texas, Police Department said a suspect has been shot and killed at a Cinergy movie theater after multiple shootings in the Odessa-Midland area in West Texas on Saturday. 1 Sep 2019, 0:54
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9 days 1:54
Freshman bullied for wearing same clothes every day gets gift from classmates
When a high school freshman from Memphis was bullied for wearing the same outfit every day, two football players gave him their new clothes – and his response ended up bringing tears to their eyes. 12 Sep 2019, 15:13
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20 days 0:47
Multiple people injured in shootings in West Texas
The Odessa Police Department posted on Facebook that there are "multiple people shot" and at least one suspect driving around in a hijacked mail truck "shooting at random people." Authorities say as | 31 Aug 2019, 22:25
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21 day 1:32
Dueling protests break out at "Straight Pride Parade" in Boston
Police said they expected more counter-protestors than actual parade-goers at Boston's first "Straight Pride Parade." Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: youtube.com/cbsnews Watch CBSN | 31 Aug 2019, 18:10
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15 days 7:00
Hurricane Dorian spins damaging tornadoes into the North Carolina coast
As Hurricane Dorian nears North Carolina, the outer banks of the storm spin destructive tornadoes into coastal cities. 6 Sep 2019, 2:32
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21 day 5:31
Hurricane Dorian bears down on the Bahamas
Dorian is bearing down on the Bahamas with life-threatening storm surge. Jeff Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN with the latest forecast. 31 Aug 2019, 17:14
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10 days 4:30:05
9/11 Memorial and Museum ceremony 2019, live stream
It's been 18 years since the September 11 attacks left nearly 3,000 people dead in the worst act of terrorism the nation has ever experienced. 11 Sep 2019, 17:25
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10 days 6:43
John Bolton out as national security adviser
Another member of the Trump administration has left the White House as John Bolton will no longer serve as national security adviser. 11 Sep 2019, 1:20
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7 days 9:32
Health care, gun control and more highlights from the third Democratic debate
Health care and gun control dominated the third Democratic presidential debate Thursday night. 13 Sep 2019, 19:57
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17 days 5:29
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson loses majority after Brexit vote
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a major defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night as rebellious lawmakers voted to seize control of the Brexit agenda. 4 Sep 2019, 0:19
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29 days 0:50
Trump told veterans he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor
President Donald Trump joked with veterans at an AMVETS convention that he wanted to give himself the military's top award before aides stopped him. 22 Aug 2019, 19:42
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14 days 3:52
Hurricane Dorian traps hundreds on an island on North Carolina's coast
Rescue efforts are underway in North Carolina after Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the outer banks. The storm brought with it a seven-foot storm surge and winds up to 90 mph. 7 Sep 2019, 19:06
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5 days 0:27
New sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces a newly reported sexual misconduct accusation. 15 Sep 2019, 20:21
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10 days 4:44
John Bolton's ouster follows disagreements with Trump
After President Trump announced that John Bolton was "no longer needed" as national security adviser, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the president disagreed with a lot of | 10 Sep 2019, 21:29
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17 days 0:28
Ariana Grande suing Forever 21 for $10 million over its ad campaign
Ariana Grande is suing the clothing chain Forever 21 and its spin-off cosmetics brand, Riley Rose, alleging the company used a look-alike model to impersonate her in a new ad campaign. 4 Sep 2019, 0:42
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18 days 4:00
Hurricane Dorian inching toward Florida's east coast -- latest forecast
CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joins CBSN with the latest forecast for Hurricane Dorian as it draws near to Florida's east coast as a powerful Category 4 storm. 2 Sep 2019, 21:36
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15 days 6:18
Hurricane Dorian lashes North Carolina coast
Hurricane Dorian is hitting North Carolina's coast Friday morning with high winds and torrential rain. 6 Sep 2019, 13:35
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6 days 2:11
Houthi rebels claim responsibility for attacks on Saudi oil facilities
The Houthi rebel group has claimed responsibility for drone strikes on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Roxana Saberi joins CBSN with the latest. 14 Sep 2019, 19:57
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14 days 5:43
India Loses Communication During Attempted Moon Mission
India hoped to become the fourth nation to soft-land on the moon with their Chandrayaan-2 space mission. 7 Sep 2019, 19:10
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9 days 3:46
Supreme Court rules Trump administration can enforce strict asylum rules
The Supreme Court has ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration can enforce strict asylum rules along the U.S.-Mexico border. 11 Sep 2019, 23:53
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26 days 4:11
Tropical Storm Dorian on path for Caribbean and could become hurricane
A tropical storm watch has been issued in the Caribbean as Tropical Storm Dorian moves west. The National Hurricane Center said it could reach hurricane strength by Tuesday. 25 Aug 2019, 23:26
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23 days 4:14
Hurricane Dorian heads toward Florida, gaining strength
Hurricane Dorian could hit Florida late Sunday or early Monday, but its exact path is still uncertain. Florida's governor has declared a state of emergency. 29 Aug 2019, 14:16
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15 days 2:04
Rising country music singer Kylie Rae Harris dies at 30
Kylie Rae Harris, a North Texas single mother and country music star on the rise, has died in a car accident near Taos, New Mexico. She was 30. CBS Dallas reports. 6 Sep 2019, 2:41
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22 days 6:29
National Hurricane Center issues public advisory on Hurricane Dorian, live stream
Hurricane Dorian strengthened to a Category 2 storm Thursday night. It's expected to intensify into a Category 3 hurricane Friday and stay at least that strong as it makes its way to the U.S. 30 Aug 2019, 15:12
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