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Trump and Biden face off in chaotic first 2020 presidential debate | FULL DEBATE
The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden featured a chaotic series of bitter exchanges and name-calling, with the president repeatedly speaking over his Democratic rival
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Details emerge on Trump's health after coronavirus diagnosis
White House doctors say the president had a high fever on Friday and his oxygen levels dropped twice during his treatment for COVID-19. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr.
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4 days 3:02:58
Trump and Biden face off in final 2020 presidential debate
President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faced off in their final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.
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How Americans responded to the first presidential debate of 2020
CBS News director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto discusses how Americans responded to the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Watch his remarks here.
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Watch full 2020 VP debate: Mike Pence, Kamala Harris face off in Utah
Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris met for the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2020 campaign in Salt Lake City, Utah, with sharp exchanges over the coronavirus
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Expert calls first 2020 presidential debate "the most incoherent" he's ever seen
Many viewers were turned off by the negative tone of the first presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
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Where the presidential race stands with 20 days left until Election Day
With 20 days to go until Election Day in November, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads in states worth 279 electoral votes, enough to theoretically win the presidency.
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Tax attorney breaks down New York Times report on Trump's tax returns
President Trump is strongly denying the New York Times' bombshell report that highlights decades of his long-concealed tax records. Rebecca Walser, a tax attorney, joined CBSN to break it all down.
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Powerful Alaska earthquake triggered tsunami warning
A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the Alaska Peninsula, triggering a tsunami warning in the region that has since been downgraded to an advisory. CBS Los Angeles has the latest.
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How Congress is reacting to President Trump's COVID-19 diagnoses
Republican and Democratic lawmakers offered well-wishes to President Trump and the first lady after they tested positive for COVID-19.
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ICU doctor on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis
President Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19. Dr.
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CBS News poll: Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin, has edge in Arizona
A new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll finds former vice president Joe Biden ahead of President Trump in Arizona and Wisconsin, the states he won in the 2016 election.
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Fly lands on Pence's hair during vice presidential debate
For the first and only vice presidential debate, Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence took the stage with moderator Susan Page of USA Today — but a fourth, uninvited guest briefly
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Yale doctor on Trump's COVID-19 treatment and health condition
President Trump is back at the White House but his doctors are warning he is "not out of the woods" yet. Dr.
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Trump's doctors say he could be released from the hospital as soon as Monday
Physicians treating President Trump say his condition is improving, despite experiencing two drops in oxygen levels since his positive COVID-19 diagnosis Thursday.
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World leaders wish President Trump a speedy recovery from COVID-19
President Trump is receiving an outpouring of well-wishes after announcing he and the first lady tested positive for the coronavirus.
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Trump on Biden's late son: "I don't know Beau"
At the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Joe Biden criticized President Trump's alleged comments calling fallen soldiers "losers," saying his late son Beau Biden, who served in Iraq, was
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CBS News poll: Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin, has edge in Arizona
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading in the key states of Arizona and Wisconsin.
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Doctor on Trump's COVID recovery, airborne spread and timeline for vaccine
Dr. Bob Lahita is a professor of medicine at New York Medical College and chairman of medicine at St. Joseph's Health Care System.
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Trump and Biden campaigns make final push in battleground state Florida
With just 10-days left until Election Tuesday, the Trump and Biden campaigns are both making their final push to win over voters in the critical battleground state of Florida.
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Trump administration violates agreement, releases "60 Minutes" interview footage
President Trump on Thursday violated an agreement with CBS News and released the White House's recording of an interview with "60 Minutes," three days ahead of the expected Sunday airing on CBS.
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Trump not on a "clear path to recovery," senior official says
President Trump, who was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday for COVID-19 treatment, is "still not on a clear path to recovery," a source familiar with the president's health said
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California woman reunited with family after going missing in Utah national park
Crews have located Holly Suzanne Courtier, a Woodland Hills, California, mother who was last seen at Utah's Zion National Park on October 6. CBS Los Angeles' Hermela Aregawi reports.
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CBS News poll: Biden leads Trump in Michigan and Nevada, race tied in Iowa
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading President Trump by 6 points in Michigan and Nevada, while the race is tied in Iowa.
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CBS News fact checks the final Trump-Biden debate
CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell with a round up of fact checks from the final presidential debate between
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Voters react to first 2020 presidential debate
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker polls show how Americans are responding to the first presidential debate.
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Analysts weigh in after VP candidates clash at debate
Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris are both campaigning in Arizona following their debate last night.
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Trump and Biden tied in Iowa as Biden leads in Michigan and Nevada
With just three weeks before Election Day, the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll digs into three key states: Michigan, Nevada and Iowa.
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Social media buzzes during vice presidential debate
A fly landing on Mike Pence's head during the vice presidential debate sets the social media world a buzzing.
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