15 days 8:57
8 corrections officers of color say they were barred from guarding Derek Chauvin
Attorney Bonnie Smith said in a press conference Sunday that eight corrections officers were prevented from guarding or even interacting with Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer | 21 Jun 2020, 21:20
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3 days 10:31
Trump announces plans to create national garden honoring "greatest Americans to ever live"
During his remarks at Mount Rushmore on Friday evening, President Trump said he plans to establish, via executive order, a "National Garden of American Heroes," which he described as "a vast outdoor | 4 Jul 2020, 4:34
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21 day 2:17
Woman apologizes after backlash from confronting resident
A woman apologized after a video showed her and her husband confronting a man and threatening to call police because he stenciled “Black Lives Matter” on his San Francisco property. 15 Jun 2020, 12:27
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7 days 5:15
The Lincoln Project targets Trump in new ads
Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, joined "Red & Blue" to discuss his group's new ads against President Trump and whether Republicans will take a stand against him in November. 30 Jun 2020, 0:31
579 670
26 days 3:09
Best friends invite others over for beer to open a dialogue in their community
Two friends from Pittsford, New York wanted to start a dialogue in their community following nationwide protests. So they invited others over for a beer and a chat. 10 Jun 2020, 19:22
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20 days 2:49
FBI says suspected shooter "came to Oakland to kill cops"
The FBI said Steven Carrillo and an accomplice traveled to the Oakland federal courthouse on May 29 amid protests over the death of George Floyd to kill law enforcement officers. 16 Jun 2020, 21:56
461 102
3 days 17:36
Photos show officers reenacting chokehold on Elijah McClain
Several officers in Aurora, Colorado, have been fired over a photo that reenacted a chokehold their colleagues used on Elijah McClain, who died in police custody in 2019. 3 Jul 2020, 20:58
438 053
17 days 6:56
Oklahoma arena asks Trump campaign for plan to keep rally attendees safe
President Trump is set to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday despite concerns about the rising number of coronavirus cases. 19 Jun 2020, 14:58
411 221
7 days 7:43
Trump says reports that Russia paid Taliban to kill U.S. troops were not "credible"
Several Republican members of Congress were briefed Monday about reports of a plot by Russia to pay Taliban-linked fighters to kill U.S. troops. 30 Jun 2020, 2:16
380 179
19 days 8:25
Charges filed against Atlanta police officers involved in death of Rayshard Brooks
The former Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks last week is being charged with felony murder. The Fulton County District Attorney announced the charge and 10 others Wednesday. 18 Jun 2020, 0:29
352 136
27 days 3:39
Cuomo says Trump should apologize for "reprehensible" tweet about Buffalo man
"There's no fact to any of it," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said of President Trump's claim that an elderly protester who was knocked to the ground by police in Buffalo, New York, may have been | 9 Jun 2020, 17:07
338 258
4 days 7:47
Trump says U.S. economy is "roaring back" despite surge in COVID-19 cases
President Trump reacted to June's jobs report by saying the U.S. economy is "roaring back." That comes as the country saw a new daily record for COVID-19 cases. 2 Jul 2020, 23:33
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28 days 11:04
Co-founder of Republican group The Lincoln Project discusses new ads slamming Trump
A provocative new ad from The Lincoln Project is calling into question President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his response to protests following the death of George Floyd in | 9 Jun 2020, 0:42
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12 days 7:50
Massive Saharan dust cloud makes its way to U.S., while Arctic heat wave continues
Even as states battle surges of coronavirus infections, some are preparing for a massive dust storm to hit in the next few days. And that's not the only unusual weather event occurring this week. 24 Jun 2020, 21:16
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17 days 6:10
Florida could be next epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic
After Florida's biggest spike in COVID-19 infections, one group of health experts warns the state could become the next big epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. 19 Jun 2020, 16:25
283 302
6 days 11:46
White House attacks leaks as lawmakers demand answers on Russia bounty intelligence
Several top House Democrats left the White House frustrated after a closed-door briefing on intelligence on an alleged Russian bounty program paying Taliban fighters to kill U.S. soldiers. 1 Jul 2020, 0:36
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14 days 4:45
Abbott: "COVID-19 is spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas and it must be corralled"
Texas Governor Greg Abbott​ on Monday outlined guidance for state residents to combat the recent surge in coronavirus cases "without having to return to stay-at-home policies." "Closing down Texas | 22 Jun 2020, 21:35
251 392
19 days 10:22
Rayshard Brooks' widow reacts after officer is charged with felony murder
Tomika Miller spoke Wednesday after a fired Atlanta police officer was charged with murder for the shooting death of her husband, Rashard Brooks. "I'm really hurt. 17 Jun 2020, 21:57
248 767
22 days 9:15
Cuomo says bars and restaurants violating social distancing will lose liquor licenses
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that bars and restaurants that allow large crowds will lose their liquor licenses. 14 Jun 2020, 18:15
227 398
6 days 8:34
Dr. Fauci says U.S. could soon see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day
Top White House health experts issued a dire warning to lawmakers over the nation's spike in covid-19 cases. CBS News' Skyler Henry reports from Washington, and Dr. 30 Jun 2020, 22:40
225 487
2 days 8:20
Epstein's alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell set to be arraigned next week
The woman accused of recruiting and abusing underage girls involved in Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring is set to face a judge in New York federal court next week. 4 Jul 2020, 21:37
223 370
2 days 5:06
Trump uses July 4 speech to defend "American heroes"
In remarks at the White House on July 4 ahead of a military flyover, President Trump emphasized shared heritage of Americans and the legacy of "American heroes." Mr. 5 Jul 2020, 1:04
217 346
25 days 1:06
Joint Chiefs chairman says he regrets appearing in Trump photo op
General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he regretted participating in a photo opportunity with President Trump at a historic church that was damaged during protests last | 11 Jun 2020, 16:15
214 661
26 days 6:48
How American police compare to other countries
As America continues to deal with the fallout after a string of high profile police-involved killings, questions are being raised about how officers in the U.S. compare to those in other countries. 10 Jun 2020, 17:51
211 563
17 days 6:58
Kentucky's Senate race heats up before Tuesday's primary
Several Democratic candidates will face off in Tuesday's primary in Kentucky for the chance to challenge Republican incumbent and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the fall. 19 Jun 2020, 22:32
206 216
13 days 1:57
Child and 2 adults found dead in backyard pool in New Jersey
Authorities on Tuesday were searching for answers in the deaths of three people who were found unresponsive in a backyard above-ground swimming pool in New Jersey. CBSN New York has the story. 23 Jun 2020, 14:59
202 780
17 days 5:57
Inside Seattle's "autonomous zone"
In the wake of protests against police brutality, officers in Seattle withdrew to the edges of the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood in an attempt to deescalate tensions. 19 Jun 2020, 14:44
199 844
4 days 7:05
Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested by FBI
Nearly a year after disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody on federal sex trafficking charges, his longtime confidante Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire. 2 Jul 2020, 18:05
198 695
9 days 10:19
Families of NYPD shooting victims slam Governor Cuomo
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is touting his response to the George Floyd protests, citing several major bills including a chokehold ban. 27 Jun 2020, 20:13
191 991
19 days 9:23
Biden says Trump is waving a "white flag" on coronavirus response
Joe Biden slammed President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak during a speech in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. 18 Jun 2020, 0:48
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