17 days 6:50
Secret Iranian spy cables show how Soleimani wielded his power in Iraq
According to a leaked archive of secret Iranian spy cables obtained by The Intercept, Iranian intelligence officials in Iraq privately expressed concerns about General Soleimani's brutal tactics | 7 Jan 2020, 22:17
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23 days 0:35
Headless torso found in cave identified as 1916 outlaw
The headless torso that was found in a remote Idaho cave 40 years ago has finally been identified as belonging to an outlaw who killed his wife with an ax and was last seen after escaping from jail | 1 Jan 2020, 18:14
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15 days 15:33
Trudeau: Evidence indicates plane shot down by Iranian missile
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference Thursday that evidence indicates a Ukranian jetliner that crashed Wednesday soon after takeoff from Tehran's airport was shot down | 9 Jan 2020, 21:17
317 196
21 day 5:28
Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke with Pentagon chief after U.S. strike on Iranian general
Iran is promising revenge for the death of its top military leader, General Qassem Soleimani. The U.S. killed the general in an overnight airstrike in Baghdad. 3 Jan 2020, 17:33
300 466
21 day 1:50
Mitch McConnell calls on senators to wait before passing judgment on Soleimani operation
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the U.S. 3 Jan 2020, 19:20
299 377
29 days 2:32
Boston police investigate after woman and children found dead
Police in Boston say a woman and two children were found dead outside a parking garage on Christmas Day. CBSN Boston reports on the latest in the investigation. 26 Dec 2019, 13:15
295 272
24 days 5:10
Gunman identified in Texas church shooting
Authorities have identified the man who killed two parishioners in a Texas church shooting as Keith Thomas Kinnunen. The volunteer security guard who took him down is being hailed as a hero. 31 Dec 2019, 2:20
291 789
16 days 18:27
Special Report: Trump addresses Iran attack on U.S. bases in Iraq
President Trump spoke publicly for the first time since Iran's missile attack on U.S. troops in Iraq. 8 Jan 2020, 18:11
281 916
26 days 6:11
At least 2 dead in Texas church shooting
First responders said two people have been killed and a third person is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire at a church in White Settlement, Texas. 29 Dec 2019, 19:23
275 948
16 days 5:04
Former Navy SEAL lays out how U.S. could respond to Iran's missile attack
Iran has taken responsibility for missile launches that hit two military bases in Iraq that house U.S. troops. 8 Jan 2020, 2:04
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8 days 8:42
Understanding the next phases of impeachment process
The impeachment of President Trump entered a new phase as the Senate prepares to formally accept the articles of impeachment and hold a trial. 16 Jan 2020, 17:32
259 405
8 days 1:30
Virginia governor declares state of emergency ahead of planned pro-gun rally
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in Virginia from January 17-21, amid plans by pro-gun groups to hold a rally at the Capitol on January 20. 16 Jan 2020, 1:52
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2 days 5:46
Royals Report: Prince Harry and Meghan threaten legal action in Canada over photos
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been reunited. Prince Harry and Meghan began their new lives in Canada by firing a warning shot at the paparazzi for taking photographs without their consent. 22 Jan 2020, 15:55
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29 days 1:46
Notre Dame cathedral so fragile it might not be saved, rector says
The devastating fire earlier this year at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris left the historic structure so badly weakened there's a 50% chance it won't survive, the rector said in a Christmas interview. 26 Dec 2019, 19:01
249 796
6 days 10:29
Harry and Meghan "no longer working members" of the royal family
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be official "working members" of the royal family, according to a statement released by Queen Elizabeth II and Buckingham Palace on Saturday. 18 Jan 2020, 20:03
246 051
26 days 2:07
At least 5 dead in Louisiana plane crash
At least five people were killed when a plane crashed in Louisiana on Saturday. The passengers were all headed to Atlanta to watch LSU play Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl. 28 Dec 2019, 23:53
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3 days 6:52
Thousands surround Virginia State Capitol Building to protest new gun control legislation
New gun control legislation is making its way through the Virginia Senate. Those who oppose the legislation surrounded the capitol building Monday, carrying weapons and wearing camouflage. 21 Jan 2020, 2:24
240 346
3 days 0:44
Dad kills coyote with bare hands after it attacked his child
A coyote attacked a pair dogs, bit a woman and skirmished with a vehicle before being killed by a father defending his family on a walk on Monday, police said. 21 Jan 2020, 12:01
239 319
9 days 4:30
Rudy Giuliani speaks out on newly released House documents from indicted associate Lev Parnas
President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge about newly released documents from House Democrats that were collected from | 15 Jan 2020, 20:42
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3 days 2:49
World View: Three rockets hit near U.S. embassy in Iraq and more
In World View, three rockets fell near the U.S. embassy in Iraq, China's ex-interpol chief is sentenced to 13.5 years in prison and Norway's Progress Party disbands. 21 Jan 2020, 15:20
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22 days 0:35
9-month-old baby covers mom in kisses in viral video
A mom from Texas couldn't contain her laughter when her 9-month-old baby started covering her in kisses. The adorable moment was caught on camera and has gone viral. 2 Jan 2020, 20:02
222 474
26 days 2:49
5 wounded in machete attack at New York rabbi's home
A man stabbed and wounded five people as they gathered at a rabbi's home north of New York City to celebrate Hanukkah, in an attack that the governor said was fueled by intolerance and evidence of a | 29 Dec 2019, 16:42
214 203
16 days 5:48
Prince Harry and Meghan stepping back from royal duties
Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced they are stepping back from their official duties as senior members of the British royal family. 8 Jan 2020, 21:51
204 180
15 days 1:00:52
Watch Live | Crisis in the Middle East: Fears of War
As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, CBSN will take an in-depth look at how the U.S. and other players in the region are reacting. 9 Jan 2020, 2:08
203 401
2 days 11:12:06
Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 1: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus
The first day of President Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate is set to get underway at 1 p.m., marking just the third time a president has faced removal from office in U.S. history. 22 Jan 2020, 4:02
195 421
15 days 6:31
U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down Ukranian plane
U.S. officials believe Iran is responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of all 176 people on board. 9 Jan 2020, 20:55
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9 days 1:28
Warren avoids handshake with Sanders after contentious debate
After the debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared to rebuff a handshake from Senator Bernie Sanders. 15 Jan 2020, 5:39
174 225
27 days 8:02
Impeachment at standstill as Pelosi withholds articles
President Trump took to Twitter during the holidays to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding up the impeachment process and waiting to send articles to the Senate for trial. 28 Dec 2019, 19:08
171 315
15 days 31:02
LIVE SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Officials are confident Iran shot down passenger jet carrying 176 people
U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner in the hours after the Iranian missile attack on U.S. targets earlier this week, CBS News has learned. 9 Jan 2020, 17:42
169 147
6 days 8:37
President Trump's impeachment trial to intensify next week
President Donald Trump's legal team and House impeachment managers are preparing for the Senate impeachment trial to intensify in the coming week. 18 Jan 2020, 21:27
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