10 days 4:39
Macron Tricks Trump with Toddler Reverse Psychology
French President Emmanuel Macron tricks Donald Trump into defending NATO by using toddler-level reverse psychology on him Trump's last NATO summit was an absolute debacle | 5 Dec 2019, 0:15
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10 days 7:54
Trump's Brain Malfunctions, Spews Nonsense on Camera
Donald Trump's brain appears to malfunction as he spews nonsense during a press conference about climate change and other topics Trump's must be building a catalogue of bizarre press conferences | 4 Dec 2019, 22:30
491 328
19 days 9:41
Trump Blurts Out Confession to ENTIRE Thing on Live TV
Donald Trump blurts out a confession to the entire Ukraine Biden bribery extortion quid quo pro while being interviewed by Fox N Friends' Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt πŸ’° Get $5 | 25 Nov 2019, 21:00
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18 days 7:30
Rudy Giuliani Noticeably Impaired During Erratic Interview?
Numerous viewers allege that Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was visibly impaired during a recent daytime interview on Fox News πŸ“± Play "Dump Trump" for FREE → bit.ly/2XyDl0Y Support | 26 Nov 2019, 21:00
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10 days 8:13
SHOCK: French President Speaks Better English Than Trump
Shockingly, French President Emmanuel Macron is better able to coherently express himself in English than Donald Trump, despite it not being Macron's native language Macron seems to enjoy | 5 Dec 2019, 4:45
402 867
9 days 15:41
398 858
7 days 6:51
300+ Trump Ads "Taken Down" by Google & YouTube
More than 300 Donald Trump campaign ads were reportedly "taken down" by Google and YouTube, but it turns out they were actually never approved in the first place The truth about free speech and | 7 Dec 2019, 21:00
294 592
3 days 13:31
Trump Unhinged in Preposterously Manic Rally
A deep dive into a recent MAGA rally by Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, confirming that not only Donald Trump, but also his followers, are pushing further towards the mode of an authoritarian | 11 Dec 2019, 21:00
280 107
2 days 11:27
Trump BURSTS, Tweets 80 Times
Donald Trump explodes, tweeting and retweeting 80 times in one day, mostly lies and distortions related to his own impeachment, in the latest sign of his triggering Remember when he tweeted 82 | 12 Dec 2019, 21:00
277 007
26 days 6:17
Trump Pupils REALLY DILATED During "Downer" Press Conference
Donald Trump's pupils are once again extremely dilated during his "downer" press conference with Turkish President Erdogan, further concerns about amphetamine abuse πŸ”Š Want to read 5 books in one | 19 Nov 2019, 0:15
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9 days 4:54
Trump Caught on Mic Self-Congratulating About Dumb Insult
Donald Trump is caught on a hot mic praising his own bland insult of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "two-faced" ⌚ Use code PAKMAN to get 15% off a Vincero watch → | 6 Dec 2019, 1:45
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19 days 7:10
RECORDINGS of Trump & Giuliani Delivered to Congress
Rudy Giuliani's henchman Lev Parnas has reportedly delivered audio and video recordings, as well as photographs, of Donald Trump and Giuliani, the House Intelligence Committee πŸ”Š Want to read 5 | 25 Nov 2019, 22:30
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8 days 2:57
Psychiatric Nurse Explains What Happened to Trump
A psychiatric nurse calls in and explains why she believes Donald Trump went to the hospital unannounced a couple of weeks ago Remember how Trump was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital? 7 Dec 2019, 4:45
221 931
19 days 3:45
Trump Now Riding with Doctor After Hospital Visit
Donald Trump is now regularly riding with his doctor in the presidential limo since his mysterious visit to Walter Reed hospital, raising even more questions about his health What's going on with | 26 Nov 2019, 0:15
178 276
12 days 6:33
Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country
Fox News finds a top contender for the most delusion Donald Trump voter in the country after Trump's MAGA rally in Florida Listen to a Trump supporter explain why they did it | 2 Dec 2019, 21:00
174 350
26 days 6:59
Trump Disappears After Unscheduled Hospital Visit
Donald Trump disappears from public view after an unscheduled 2-hour hospital visit, which the White House is trying to explain in a way that makes absolutely no sense πŸ’° Get $5 just for signing up | 18 Nov 2019, 21:00
173 484
5 days 7:34
Mush-Brained Trump Falls Apart in Toilet-Flushing Rant
Donald Trump implodes during a bizarre rant about toilets, showers, sinks and light bulbs πŸ“° Download Newsvoice for free → newsvoice.com/pakman Yet another completely incoherent rant from | 9 Dec 2019, 21:00
162 165
22 days 6:07
Furious Trumpist Implodes Spectacularly
Caller thinks the Democrats are impeaching Trump for no reason Support The David Pakman Show: -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Become a Patron | 22 Nov 2019, 20:00
161 034
9 days 6:00
TRIGGERED: Trump Abandons NATO Summit After Video Leak
Donald Trump is triggered and abandons the NATO summit early after a video leak of world leaders making fun of him | 5 Dec 2019, 22:30
156 457
17 days 4:38
Hero Fox Guest SLAMS Tucker Carlson & Fox LIVE
Michael Blake, Vice Chair of the DNC, goes on Fox News and bashes Tucker Carlson and his white nationalist rhetoric Support The David Pakman Show: -Become a Member | 27 Nov 2019, 21:00
151 174
26 days 5:51
Roger Stone Guilty on ALL COUNTS, Trump EXPLODES
Donald Trump associate Roger Stone is found guilty on all seven charges for which he was prosecuted, sending Donald Trump into a panic Will Trump pardon Stone? 18 Nov 2019, 22:30
116 900
18 days 7:24
Wildly Incriminating Emails Confirm Trump Bribery
Incriminating emails confirm that the W.H. 27 Nov 2019, 0:15
116 829
23 days 6:54
UH-OH: Trump Often "Can't Remember" What He Said or Was Told
A new book contains reports that Donald Trump regularly can't remember what he has said or what was said to him, furthering concerns about cognitive decline πŸ“± Play "Dump Trump" for FREE → | 21 Nov 2019, 21:00
111 778
18 days 6:21
Sarah Sanders Can't Stop Lying: Trump Reads "More Than Anybody I Know"
Former Donald Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn't like being caller a liar, and tells another obvious lie, that Donald Trump reads "more than anybody I know" Support The David | 27 Nov 2019, 3:15
105 699
9 days 6:22
Fox Clown: Maybe Someone Used Nunes' Phone to Call People?
After a call log surfaces of Devin Nunes and Lev Parnas, two subjects in the Trump's impeachment inquiry, Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett suggests maybe someone stole Nunes's phone | 6 Dec 2019, 3:15
104 460
9 days 8:12
Trump Henchmen ATTACK During Hearings, IMPLODE
During Trump impeachment hearings in the House Judiciary Committee, Trump's attack dogs failed miserably to discredit legal scholars testifying about impeachment Will Republicans die on the hill | 6 Dec 2019, 0:15
102 057
21 day 7:23
Trump Loses AGAIN, Dem Wins LA Governor
Another Trump-endorsed Republican loses, this time Republican challenger Eddie Rispone falling to incumbent Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards ⌚ Use code PAKMAN to get 15% off a | 23 Nov 2019, 21:00
99 889
25 days 6:42
Trump BEGS Supreme Court to Hide His Tax Returns
Donald Trump is now desperately begging the Supreme Court not to allow the release of his tax returns to criminal investigators in New York, and it could be months until a decision is made πŸ”Š Want | 20 Nov 2019, 3:15
93 105
23 days 6:09
Bizarre Trump Notes Exposed
Donald Trump's bizarre handwritten notes are exposed in a photograph taken around Trump's erratic press conference given from the White House lawn Trump does like to write himself talking points | 22 Nov 2019, 1:45
89 823
10 days 4:35
World Leaders Caught Mocking Trump on Candid Video
World leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are caught on a hot mic mocking Donald Trump at this | 4 Dec 2019, 21:00
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