20 days 5:08
Anti-Vax Reality Show Couple BOTH Dead of COVID
Anti-vaccine reality show couple Tristan and Dusty Graham have both died of COVID
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9 days 9:28
Trump Interviewed by Real Interviewer, Goes Terribly
Donald Trump is interviewed by Adam Shapiro from Yahoo Finance and actually is forced into answering some questions 🍸 Shaker & Spoon: Get $20 off with code PAKMAN at
850 884
18 days 15:35
Trump Melts Down at Humiliating Rally, Calls Biden "Son of a B!tc&"
🍸 Shaker & Spoon: Get $20 off with code PAKMAN at thld.co/shakerandspoon_pakman --Donald Trump holds a rally in Georgia at which he completely melts down, shifts goalposts to 2022's midterm
757 124
29 days 7:50
Trump Falls Apart on Newsmax After Nuke Fiasco
Donald Trump completely falls apart during a Newsmax interview following the revelations about him in the forthcoming book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa 🚿 Save 10% on Nebia products by using
702 378
16 days 7:24
Fox Guest Crushes MULTIPLE Delusional Clowns on Live TV
Fox News panelist Jessica Tarlov crushes Jesse Watters and Dan Bongino, who try to spread disinformation about crime in the United States πŸ›‘οΈ Get AtlasVPN for just $1.39/month (86% discount) at
569 203
3 days 9:27
Trump Horrifies World at Most Alarming Rally Ever
πŸ›‘οΈ Get AtlasVPN for just $1.39/month (86% discount) at atlasv.pn/pakman --Donald Trump's latest rally, in Iowa with major Republican politicians, was particularly horrifying even by the
516 204
17 days 9:06
Trump Fraud Lawyer Appears to Lose Mind on Live TV
Donald Trump's former "fraud" lawyer Sidney Powell appears to lose her mind on television, attempting to implicate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in the January 6 Trump riots πŸ’» Get 40% off all
516 005
24 days 6:06
Trump Sends Delusional Letter Demanding He Be Declared Georgia Winner
Donald Trump sends a delusional letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger requesting Trump be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election in the state 😎 Get 20% off BLUblox
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24 days 7:39
Tx Gov Approval Collapses As Covid Deaths Explode
🩳 Use code PAKMAN to save 20% on Sheath underwear: thld.co/sheath_pakman0921 --Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott's approval rating collapses as COVID deaths have climbed in Texas, and
450 788
5 days 18:16
What Happened to Russell Brand?
An exploration of Russell Brand's content over the last year, including his subtle encouragement of vaccine hesitancy and conspiratorial thinking --- Become a Member
346 883
28 days 5:13
Roger Stone Served Lawsuit WHILE ON THE AIR
Trump associate Roger Stone is served with a lawsuit by process servers while live on the air being interviewed by Real Talk 93.3 in St.
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15 days 8:02
Total Softball Trump Interview STILL Goes Horribly Wrong
Donald Trump receives a total softball interview from OAN's Dan Ball, but still manages to come out looking like a fool 🍸 Shaker & Spoon: Get $20 off with code PAKMAN at
340 866
13 days 7:30
Anti-Mask Father and Daughter Quote Hitler at School Board Meeting
Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers continue to humiliate themselves at school board meetings, including one father and daughter who chose to quote Adolf Hitler to make a point πŸ‘ Get 20% off an Allform
339 069
21 day 9:13
Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliates Herself with Memes on House Floor
Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a mockery of the House of Representatives with meme-filled speech on the floor of the House πŸ›‘οΈ Get AtlasVPN for just $1.39/month (86%
325 858
10 days 6:17
Trump Fraud Lawyer BANNED from All Trump Properties
Donald Trump's former fraud lawyer Sidney Powell has been effectively banned from all Trump properties, put on a "no-go" list πŸ“Ί Use code PAKMAN for 25% off CuriosityStream at
325 412
22 days 7:38
Trump Lawyer's Absurd Plan to Overturn Election Leaked
Donald Trump's lawyer's absurd 6-point plan to steal the 2020 election is leaked, and it's as outrageous as anybody could have imagined βš•οΈ Get 50% off your first month of SteadyMD at
304 463
25 days 11:45
2nd Trump Riot a Completely Humiliating Failure
🩳 Use code PAKMAN to save 20% on Sheath underwear: thld.co/sheath_pakman0921 --The possible second Trump riot in Washington DC fortunately failed to become much of anything, with only a few
302 850
27 days 4:16
What Happened to That Matt Gaetz Investigation?
Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about Matt Gaetz, at-home COVID tests, the educational system, and more reddit.com/r/thedavidpakmanshow --- Become
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17 days 8:07
Multiple Signs That an Insane Trump "Storm" is Brewing?
❄️ Get 20% OFF any ChiliSleep sleep system at chilisleep.com/pakman --CNN's Brian Stelter believes that the increase in bizarre Donald Trump interviews, the rise in Trump-related
274 981
10 days 9:08
This Woman Could Be YOUR CHILD'S Teacher
❄️ Get 20% OFF any ChiliSleep sleep system at chilisleep.com/pakman --A disturbing and horrifying video of a teacher spreading COVID disinformation in a video explaining why she was not in
263 051
8 days 6:14
Trump Finances Collapsing, Falls Off List of Richest Americans
πŸ“Ί Use code PAKMAN for 25% off CuriosityStream at curiositystream.thld.co/pakman_1021 --Donald Trump's finances continue to decline as he drops off the Forbes list of the 400 richest
253 124
21 day 6:31
Steve Bannon ADMITS He Conspired with Trump to Plan Jan 6 Rally
Former Trump advisor Steven Bannon admits that he was involved in planning the January 6 rally with Donald Trump as a means to hurt Joe Biden's presidency before it even started πŸ’» Get 40% off all
248 390
7 days 8:01
1400 Unvaccinated Workers Get Fired/Quit One Company
πŸ’° Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at privacy.com/pakman --1400 unvaccinated workers are fired or quit from Northwell Health, along with many other firings and resignations at a variety
223 211
13 days 4:50
Arizona Trump Audit Supporters Turn on EACH OTHER After Total Flop
Arizona Trump audit supporters turn on each other after the total flop of the audit proving Joe Biden actually won by even more than originally reported
210 862
27 days 5:42
7+ Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Dead of COVID
At least 7 anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and/or COVID-skeptical right wing radio hosts have died of COVID-19 πŸ“Ί Use code PAKMAN for 25% off CuriosityStream at curiositystream.thld.co/pakman0921
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1 day 6:39
Trump Tells Republicans NOT to Vote in 2022 & 2024
–Donald Trump tells Republicans not to vote in 2022 and 2024 unless the issue of “fraud” is solved πŸ“ Code PAKMAN saves you $50 at Lettuce Grow: lettucegrow.com/pakman
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4 days 14:14
These Viewers Are Starting to Get Aggressive
This week's email bag, including some rancid hate mail --- Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership Become a Patron: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow Book David Pakman
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18 days 5:12
Republican Bookkeeper Dead of COVID, Didn't Share Password with Anybody
Gregg Prentice, a 61-year-old bookkeeper for the Hillsborough County, Florida, Republican Party, has died of COVID after spreading anti-vax propaganda, and did not share his login and password
171 779
10 days 7:28
Rudy Giuliani Admits His "Evidence" Came from Social Media
Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, admits that some of his "evidence" about 2020 voter "fraud" came from social media πŸ’° Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at
170 296
24 days 6:40
Marjorie Taylor Greene's New Ad is Fascist Propaganda 101
Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene publishes fascist propaganda as her 2022 campaign ad --- Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership Become a
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