28 days 13:28
Piers Clashes with Former Trump Aide over Proud Boys ‘Stand Back and Stand by’ Comments | GMB
President Trump and Democrat Rival Joe Biden took part in the first presidential debate in the US overnight.
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28 days 4:22
The Huge Reveal of Piers' Spitting Image Puppet! Will He Be Outraged? | Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan's Spitting Image puppet will be revealed on Good Morning Britain ahead of the show's return this weekend.
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14 days 7:04
Royal Biographer Reveals Feud Between Prince Harry and Prince William | Good Morning Britain
A new biography tells of the depth of the Royal Family’s anger and frustration at Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit.
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19 days 13:43
Dr Hilary in a Heated Debate over Herd Immunity and Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions | GMB
A senior Conservative has urged fellow MPs to join a new campaign against the “irreparable damage” from Covid-19 restrictions – demanding a return to “life as normal” for most people.
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23 days 14:57
Piers Is Outraged over President Trump's Drive by during His COVID-19 Treatment | GMB
Medical experts are questioning Donald Trump's decision to greet supporters in a drive-past outside the hospital where he is being treated for Covid-19.
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22 days 10:27
Piers Clashes with Trump Supporter in Heated Debate over Coronavirus | Good Morning Britain
President Donald Trump has made a theatrical return to the White House from hospital, to continue his treatment for coronavirus.
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22 days 14:13
Angela Rayner: I Can't Decide Who's the 'Biggest Idiot' Donald Trump or Boris Johnson | GMB
Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner joins Piers and Susanna to discuss the track and trace scandal that left thousands of possible positive coronavirus cases untracked.
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29 days 8:54
Black Barrister Mistaken for Defendant 3 Times | Good Morning Britain
The head of the court's service in England and Wales has apologised to a black barrister after she was stopped and mistaken for a defendant three times in one day at court.
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28 days 10:25
UK Records Highest Ever Daily Increase in COVID Infections | Good Morning Britain
The UK has experienced its highest-ever increase in daily coronavirus cases. A further 7,143 cases of Covid-19 were recorded on Tuesday, compared with 4,044 on Monday.
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5 days 10:37
Straight-Talking Maureen Is Critical of the Government's COVID Lockdown | Good Morning Britain
A plucky Barnsley pensioner celebrated nationwide after an interview saying she didn't 'give a sod' about Tier 3 restrictions, had beaten Coronavirus herself and urged the public to 'take care - but
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26 days 8:01
President Trump and Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus | Good Morning Britain
US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are now in quarantine.
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27 days 6:13
Kate Emotionally Reveals Derek’s Parents Haven’t Been Able to Visit Their Son in Hospital | GMB
Kate Garraway updates us on her husband Derek's condition and makes a heartfelt plea for people to follow the coronavirus restrictions to protect each other.
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15 days 12:52
Should Government Have Ignored Scientists Lockdown Advice? | Good Morning Britain
Piers and Susanna talk to Andrew Pierce and Ayesha Hazarika about the Government's new restrictions and whether they should have ignored advice from Sage scientists.
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16 days 16:01
Should Police Investigate Darren Grimes For ‘Publishing Hate Speech’? | Good Morning Britain
Darren Grimes is being investigated by police on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred over an interview with the historian David Starkey that he published, it has emerged.
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9 days 11:50
The Debate Gets Heated over a Coronavirus Circuit Breaker Lockdown? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Broadcast on 19/10/202 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain!
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16 days 14:43
Is Boris Johnson A 'Good Time Guy'? | Good Morning Britain
'By any yardstick to judge this government during this pandemic it has been a disaster which is why we have the worst death toll and economy in Europe.' Piers Morgan says that these two facts
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21 day 11:55
Family Guy's, Seth Macfarlane Believes if Trump Gets Reelected the Pandemic Will Be Longer | GMB
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a multitalented actor, producer, comedian and singer!
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7 days 7:22
Was Princess Diana Too Vulnerable to do the 'Three in My Marriage' Interview? | Good Morning Britain
Diana, Princess of Wales told a national newspaper editor her marriage was "hell from day one" and that she "hated" the Prince of Wales as she sought to make her story public, a documentary claims.
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22 days 10:46
Is It Time for Boris Johnson to Quit Following Test & Trace Scandal? | Good Morning Britain
Boris Johnson has battled coronavirus, become a new dad and is leading us through a global pandemic. Tomorrow the PM will address the Conservative Party conference.
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23 days 10:28
Test and Trace Scandal Means Thousands of COVID Infections Could Have Been Missed | GMB
A technical glitch that meant nearly 16,000 cases of coronavirus went unreported has delayed efforts to trace contacts of people who tested positive.
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28 days 12:42
Exclusive: Sir Cliff Richard Reveals All about BBC Case and New 80th Birthday Album | GMB
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8 days 13:59
Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on the Government's Tier 3 Deadline & Rising Coronavirus Cases | GMB
Government officials have suggested all of the intensive care capacity in Greater Manchester could be filled with Covid-19 patients by November 12 but local leaders in the region are yet to reach an
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13 days 6:38
Dr Hilary Explains What Long COVID Is & Kate Reveals How Derek Is Doing | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Dr Hilary explains what long COVID is and how it affects those with mild and severe symptoms and doesn't discriminate with age.
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26 days 11:32
Could the US Election Be Suspended after President Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus? | GMB
US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are now in quarantine.
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14 days 13:54
Do We Need A 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown? | Good Morning Britain
Do we need a 'circuit breaker' lockdown? Sir Keir Starmer and SAGE have both endorsed a short lockdown to stop the surge in coronavirus cases.
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15 days 10:16
Shadow Health Secretary Says Government Boycott Is 'Cowardly' | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth joins Piers and Susanna to discuss the new coronavirus restrictions and how they will impact the north.
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14 days 12:42
Cathy Newman Wants To Demand Break Of Government News Boycott | Good Morning Britain
Today marks 169 days since the beginning of the government boycott of GMB.
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29 days 5:22
Piers' 'Favourite Guests Ever' Get a Special Delivery | Good Morning Britain
A retired couple who wiped out an entire village’s internet by mistake every day for 18 months by turning on their second-hand TV to watch Good Morning Britain were on the show.
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12 days 11:17
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