26 days 2:14
Couple Says Squatter Keeps Them From Moving Into New Home
A California couple says they can’t move into their new home because the previous owner refuses to leave and can’t be kicked out because of the state’s ongoing freeze on evictions during the pandemic.
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23 days 1:57
Women Unwittingly Take Photos Holding Deadly Octopus
A Virginia woman is lucky to be alive after unknowingly playing with an octopus that could have killed her with just one bite.
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21 day 2:33
Teen Girls Face Murder Charges for Uber Carjacking and Crash
Newly released video of a Washington, D.C. carjacking appears to show the driver hanging onto the side of his car as the suspects try to drive it away.
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6 days 2:37
How Could a Veteran Cop Mistake Their Gun for a Taser?
The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon has been identified as Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police
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20 days 2:39
18-Year-Old Skydiver’s Parachute Didn’t Open on Jump
Tyler Turner was excited to go skydiving, and could be seen fighting back nerves in 2016 before heading into the air.
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13 days 1:41
10-Year-Old Nicaraguan Boy Found Alone at Border
A 10-year-old Nicaraguan boy has been taken to a migrant facility in Texas after a widely circulated video showed him crying on the side of a dirt road near the U.S.-Mexico border.
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3 days 1:26
Woman Finds Severed Finger in Driveway Next to Slashed Tires
An Arizona woman says she woke up to a strange scene in her driveway. Not only were the tires of her vehicle slashed, but a severed finger was lying next to one of them.
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18 days 1:22
Everyone Is Going Nuts for This Sandwich
People in Los Angeles are going wild over a sandwich, but you won’t find it in any restaurant. It comes from a bucket hanging off a fourth floor fire escape.
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26 days 1:31
A Beer Can Saved This Man’s Life
If you’re sitting in foul ball territory at the ballpark, sometimes it helps to have quick reflexes. And in one man's case, a can of beer wasn’t a bad idea, either!
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11 days 1:30
Couple Finally Gets Squatters Out of Dream Home They Now Hate
Tracie Albert and her husband Myles had a harrowing 14-month journey to getting their dream home after they bought it.
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22 days 1:52
Reporter Who Bolted From Bison Honored With Journalism Award
It’s been a year since reporter Deion Broxton captured the moment he locked eyes with a wild bison at Yellowstone Park in Montana and decided to split.
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20 days 1:17
12-Year-Old Boy Brain-Dead After ‘Blackout Challenge’
A 12-year-old boy is on life support after his parents say he may have tried a social media stunt known as the “Blackout Challenge.” Joshua Haileyesus was found unconscious in the bathroom of his
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14 days 2:17
How Much Derek Chauvin’s Wife Got in Divorce Settlement
Derek Chauvin is facing life in prison if convicted of murdering George Floyd, but the life he lived before that fateful day is already over.
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4 days 1:16
SUV Jumps Open Drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida
Police in Daytona Beach, Florida would like a word with the driver who jumped an open drawbridge earlier this week.
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8 days 2:25
Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Army Lieutenant in Traffic Stop Fired
Officer Joe Gutierrez of the Windsor Police Department in Virginia, who held a Black and Latino army lieutenant at gunpoint, handcuffed him and doused him with pepper spray during a violent traffic
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25 days 1:40
Dog Stops Car to Help Save Owner Who Suffered a Seizure
Clover the dog saved her owner’s life in an incredible way. Haley Moore was with her Samoyed when she suffered a sudden seizure.
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13 days 2:16
Truck Driver Thwarts Man’s 2-Hour Getaway Attempt
A two-hour police chase from San Diego to Los Angeles came to a dramatic end Tuesday when a quick-thinking truck driver turned his big rig into a roadblock.
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6 days 1:31
Vine Star Adam Perkins Dead at Age 24
A touching tribute posted on Instagram by his twin brother is how the world learned of Adam Perkins’ death. Patrick wrote that his twin passed away on Sunday.
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3 days 2:28
15-Year-Old Blackmailed in Catfish Scam Dies by Suicide
A 15-year-old from New York died by suicide after his family says he was cyberbullied in a ploy that saw him blackmailed for $3,500, or else see “personal” photos of him be released onto the internet.
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27 days 1:23
Grandma Who Fought Attacker Donates $900K to AAPI Community
An elderly woman who fought back against an assailant with a stick is giving close to $1 million in GoFundMe donations to fight racism against the AAPI community.
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25 days 1:30
Meteorologist Texts Wife While Live Reporting on Tornadoes
A meteorologist reporting on a tornado was worried about what was going on at home.
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18 days 1:57
Man Paid in 90,000 Oily Pennies Cashes In With Coinstar
Tens of thousands of pennies were weighing on Andreas Flaten’s mind until help arrived.
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16 days 3:01
'World's Chillest Man' Still Holds Iconic Title
The "World's Chillest Man” who lit up a cigarette at gunpoint as his neighborhood bar was being robbed is still chill, more than a year later.
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5 days 1:15
House of Cop Who Shot Daunte Wright Barricaded
Kimberly Potter, the 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police department who shot and killed Daunte Wright, was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter Wednesday.
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21 day 2:17
Mom of 6 on Way to Vacation Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident
A Pennsylvania family has been left shattered after a road-rage nightmare.
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27 days 1:14
Stadium Seats Collapse in India
It was a frightening scene at a sports stadium in India as a spectator stand collapsed in seconds. Dozens of people fell as the stand seemed to vanish from sight.
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28 days 2:28
Detective Divorcing Wife Who Went to Capitol Insurrection
The Capitol insurrection has cost one woman her marriage. Jennifer Heinl was caught on camera at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
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7 days 1:51
Woman Who Purposely Coughed on Cancer Patient Gets Jail Time
Debra Hunter went viral last year when a video of her coughing on another woman circulated online.
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25 days 1:55
90K Oily Pennies Dumped in Man’s Driveway After Job Dispute
Leaving a job can be difficult, and some employers take it harder than others. For one Georgia man, quitting his job made receiving his final paycheck more difficult.
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4 days 2:20
How a Photo Miraculously Helped Rescue a Missing Hiker
A California hiker who went missing in the Los Angeles National Forest was saved thanks to a savvy stranger sitting at home on his computer.
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