13 days 4:42
Nastya and Maggie try to be good babysitters
Nastya invited Meggie to visit to sing and dance together. But Maggie came with her little babies. Girls try to be good baby sitters.
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22 days 2:58
Nastya - TOYS - kids song (Official video)
Nastya and her new song about toys. Music video featuring Nastya's friends.
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26 days 15:40
Nastya loves to discover something new for herself / kids stories
Nastya and her dad conduct light experiments, get acquainted with insects and check how creative Nastya is Subscribe to Like Nastya - is.gd/gdv8uX Instagram instagram.com/likenastya Tik
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24 days 7:05
Nastya shares a recipe on how to make slime
Nastya does not know how to make slime, for this she needs a recipe. She and her dad go to the slime institute to see how slime is made at the factory.
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15 days 4:59
Nastya and her usual school day with morning routing
Parents, find more information about the Nastya's toys and Surprise Doll in @Target in the US here: target.com/s?searchTerm=like+nastya Nastya shows how she spends her usual day.
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5 days 5:24
Nastya learns responsibility using a to-do list
Nastya becomes responsible with the help of a to-do list. For each useful task correctly performed, she receives a reward in the form of a star.
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8 days 4:41
Nastya gets a surprise from her best friends
Nastya invited friends to the party, but some did not come because they were very jealous of Nastya.
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19 days 7:53
Nastya pretend plays and explores all 12 months of the year
Nastya finds out how many months are in a year and what happens in each of the months.
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10 days 5:41
Dad teaches Nastya 5 human senses
Nastya learns that people have 5 senses and checks how they work.
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