17 days 36:37
Microsoft Inspire 2020: CEO Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses reimagining our world together at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
49 768
21 day 1:59
Judy Heumann: Disability is a strength (Simple Things Count Episode 3)
One of the most prominent disability rights leaders challenged early rejection to go on to change the world.
33 112
18 days 1:36
Jessica Rafuse: Follow our lead (Simple Things Count Episode 7)
From handshakes to holding doors, don’t make assumptions and take the lead of people with disabilities.
19 237
18 days 3:05
Leah Katz-Hernandez: Learn the appropriate etiquette (Simple Things Count Episode 6)
Learning to better engage with coworkers with disabilities will empower you as person and a professional.
7 588
21 day 1:47
Emily Ladau: Be your usual self (Simple Things Count Episode 1)
A disability rights activist explains how to best interact with people with disabilities: the same as with anyone else.
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4 days 2:05
Explainer: How circular centers will help Microsoft achieve zero waste by 2030
In this explainer, Microsoft chief environmental officer Lucas Joppa explains an innovative approach we're using to reach our goal to be zero waste by 2030.
4 255
15 days 25:11
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Brad Smith
Microsoft president Brad Smith takes the virtual stage to discuss Microsoft's role in the world at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
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11 days 42:25
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Judson Althoff
Microsoft EVP of worldwide commercial business, Judson Althoff, takes the virtual stage at Microsoft Inspire 2020 to discuss purpose-driven digital transformation.
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15 days 9:20
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Fireside chat with Satya Nadella
Gavriella Schuster and Satya Nadella discuss the current digital and technological landscape at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
3 405
16 days 25:50
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Mitra Azizirad on how Microsoft approaches innovation
The future is discovered when we see things from a different perspective.
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18 days 0:31
2020 Special Olympics Xbox Virtual Gaming Event
Now, more than ever, the unabashed enthusiasm and determination that each Special Olympics athlete brings to the playing field and to their community is just what the world needs.
2 552
24 days 3:25
Chicago nonprofit teaches technical skills to connect underrepresented groups with jobs
Chicago-based nonprofit i.c.stars works in three cities to train a more diverse IT workforce.
2 342
1 day 0:31
Microsoft Teams gives Renault DP World F1 Team an extra edge
Microsoft Teams enables Renault DP World F1 Team to collaborate quickly and efficiently from any location.
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15 days 22:31
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Nick Parker on partnering for growth
Nick Parker takes the virtual stage to discuss partnering for growth at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
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24 days 1:55
Chicago mom gains the technical skills to become an IT specialist—and a role model
Tierra had hit a low point when she lost her job and couldn't support her family. Then she learned the business leadership and technical skills to be hired as a cloud support specialist.
1 660
15 days 12:59
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Partner of the Year Awards
Gavriella Schuster announces nominees and winners of the Partner of the Year Awards at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
1 561
15 days 19:18
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Nick Parker on delivering innovation
Nick Parker takes the virtual stage to discuss delivering innovation and scale with partners at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
1 537
15 days 7:21
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Gavriella Schuster's opening remarks
Gavriella Schuster discusses partnership through a pandemic in her opening remarks at Microsoft Inspire 2020.
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17 days 1:07:00
Episode 23 – Tom Daniel: Neuroscientist and bioengineer
Tom Daniel’s groundbreaking research melds neuroscience, engineering, computing, and biomechanics.
1 036
18 days 1:29
Tom Harkin: Accept each person as a human first (Simple Things Count Episode 5)
Former US Senator and sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act on treating everyone with humanity.
18 days 2:01
John Porter: Follow the principles of inclusive design (Simple Things Count Episode 4)
How solving for the barriers faced by people with disabilities can make a better experience for everyone.
21 day 1:45
Angela Hooker: Make sure your work is accessible (Simple Things Count Episode 2)
Creating accessible content from the start saves time, money, and reaches the largest audience possible.
15 days 15:54
Microsoft Inspire 2020: Gavriella Schuster's day 1 closing remarks
Gavriella Schuster closes out day 1 of Microsoft Inspire 2020 with inspiring partner stories.
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