17 days 8:14
New Details On Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan Phone Call With Trump On Jan. 6
Politico reports that as lawmakers were evacuated to a safe room on January 6th, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio was joined by Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida and together they, "implored Trump to
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13 days 8:39
Report: Jan. 6 Defendant Was Told 'Wait For Trump's Pardon'
Jan. 6 insurrectionist Jacob Chansley, also known as the QAnon Shaman, could face approximately 4 years, Scott MacFarlane reports.
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15 days 4:59
'Cover-Up': Florida's MAGA Governor In COVID Scandal On Death Count Data
As Florida Governor DeSantis ignores safety measures, an explosive new report shows he might be misleading the public and hiding the accurate death numbers.
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22 days 6:25
Federal Judge Excoriates Trump Lawyers, Refers Them For Disbarment
Rachel Maddow reads from a ruling by Judge Linda V.
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9 days 12:08
Prosecutor Ramps Up Criminal Probe Into Trump Election Meddling
As the DA of Georgia’s Fulton County turns up the heat in her investigation into what could be a criminal attempt by Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 election, investigators in the Georgia case are
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10 days 8:09
Trump Org Probe Heats Up As More Staffers Testify
As Manhattan DA Cy Vance prepares for his retirement this December, The New York Times reports that prosecutors are weighing tax-related crime charges against Trump Organization COO Matthew Calamari
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17 days 2:02
MSNBC Reporter Interrupted During Hurricane Ida Coverage By Heckler
MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster was interrupted during live coverage of Hurricane Ida in Gulfport, Miss., when a man ran up to Brewster and his crew and heckled them.
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20 days 9:24
'More Of A Lunatic Than Trump': MAGA Gov. DeSantis Touts COVID ‘Success’ As ‘Bodies Pile Up’
A judge has found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cannot ban mask mandates in school.
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23 days 5:20
Judgment Day? GOP On Edge As Congress Will Seize Phone Records From Jan. 6
Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigators are going after the phone records of some of their Republican colleagues looking for evidence they helped criminals compromise the Capitol.
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9 days 5:21
How One Bar's Liquor License Case Could Bring Down The New Texas Abortion Ban
Rachel Maddow tells the story of how Cambridge, Massachusetts bar, Grendel's Den, whose case to obtain a liquor license over the objections of a neighboring church was argued before the Supreme
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24 days 2:43
Giuliani Associate's Guilty Plea Likely Sends Chill Through Parts Of Trumpworld
Rachel Maddow reports on Rudy Giuliani associate Igor Fruman changing the plea in his federal case from "not guilty" to "guilty," and why the possibility that such a plea is part of a cooperation
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3 days 5:08
Notorious Anti-Mask QAnon Supporter Dies Of Covid
Veronica Wolski, a woman who became well-known online for her anti-mask beliefs, has died of Covid.
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14 days 8:19
Trump's Legal Mess: New Testimony In Criminal Probe Ratchets Up Pressure
Two members of Trump’s inner circle went under oath before a New York grand jury in a move that shows DA Cy Vance is not done with his investigation into the Trump Organization, according to
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27 days 5:36
Trump's Own Security Adviser Blames Him For Taliban Surrender
President Biden has offered his most forceful defense yet of the nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a withdrawal that most Americans support.
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16 days 6:06
‘He’s Scared’: Schiff On McCarthy Reaction To Jan. 6 Panel’s Records Request
“McCarthy—he’s scared. And I think his boss is scared,” says Rep. Adam Schiff, discussing Kevin McCarthy threatening telecoms not to comply with Jan.
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14 days 5:34
Trump Employees Testify Before New York Grand Jury
Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien says the grand jury indictments of the Trump Organization’s head of security and a top financial official shows the prosecutors’ investigation is going “up and down the food
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24 days 2:38
Hostile Trump Mob Sends GOP Rep. Brooks Into Panicked Backpedal On Moving On From 2020
Rachel Maddow shares video of Republican Congressman Mo Brooks being roundly booed by the audience at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama after Brooks suggested they move on from Trump's 2020 loss and
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15 days 7:39
McCarthy Wants To ‘Bury The Evidence’ Of GOP's Involvement On 1/6
Congressman Eric Swalwell responds to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s statement warning telecom companies not to comply with 1/6 committee subpoenas and says he has prosecuted people with
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16 days 7:26
Jan. 6 Committee Hits Back At GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy threatened companies that might participate in the Jan. 6 select committee’s investigation, saying Republicans would remember their involvement when the GOP comes back into power.
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27 days 10:54
Watch Sean Hannity Get Fact-Checked By CDC Director On Live TV
As coronavirus cases continue to surge across the nation, CDC Director Dr.
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2 days 5:48
Trump Lies About 9/11 Again
Lawrence O’Donnell explains Donald Trump’s history of lying about 9/11 and why Donald Trump is afraid to repeat his worst lie.
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7 days 11:47
Washington D.C. On Alert Again Following Threat By Trump Supporters
Politico White House reporter Eugene Daniels and former FBI special agent Clint Watts on the Capitol Police actively bracing for the danger posed by Trump supporters planning to descend on the
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28 days 3:56
Jan. 6 Sentencing Derailed After New Video Surfaces Of Alleged Police Assault
Capitol rioter Robert Reeder was about to be sentenced after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count. But then amateur cyber-sleuths uncovered video of him appearing to assault a police officer.
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15 days 2:50
New Data Shows Just How Hard Covid Hit Trump Counties
“This gives some real empirical weight to anecdotal evidence we have been seeing for months and months and months,” says Chris Hayes.
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24 days 8:50
Trump Wave Crashing? Dean Hits Hannity, Carlson For COVID Lies As Cases Surge
The FDA has given full approval to Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine in a move that could spur more Americans to get vaccinated.
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28 days 3:59
See Sean Hannity Get Owned On COVID Contradiction | MSNBC
The coronavirus health crisis has turned into a health messaging crisis as Republican politicians and pundits continue to spread misinformation.
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25 days 2:59
Trump Booed For Telling Alabama Crowd To Get Covid Vaccine
Former President Donald Trump was booed while telling a crowd in Alabama to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Alabama is currently struggling with a surge in coronavirus cases.
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23 days 6:53
FCC Clobbers Trump-Supporting Activists Over Racist Robocalls
Rachel Maddow reports on two Trump-supporting conservative activists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman who were charged with targeting tens of thousands of Black voters with robocalls meant to discourage
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24 days 10:45
'Donald Trump Fears That Crowd': How Hecklers Are Controlling Public Health Policy
“They are statistically a tiny portion of the population of this country. They were a tiny portion of the crowd.
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16 days 11:13
Rep. Swalwell: Madison Cawthorn Should Face Consequences For 'Bloodshed' Warning
Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s warning of possible 'bloodshed' if fraud occurs in future elections is slammed by Rep. Eric Swalwell.
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