3 days 47:21
First Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Live from Mission Control
Up, up, and away! The Ingenuity #MarsHelicopter is set to make history. It will make the first attempt at powered flight on another planet on Monday, April 19.
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5 days 2:09:45
Three Space Station Crew Members Return Home Aboard Soyuz Spacecraft
Tune in live at 11:30 p.m. EDT, Fri., April 16 as three space travelers return home from the International Space Station.
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3 days 1:25:11
After NASA's Historic First Flight: Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Update
Today, the Ingenuity #MarsHelicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. Join us for a news briefing at 2 p.m.
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5 days 4:27
NASA Picks SpaceX for Artemis Human Lunar Lander Development
NASA is getting ready to send astronauts to explore more of the Moon as part of the Artemis program, and the agency has selected SpaceX to continue development of the first commercial human lander
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27 days 3:47
Preparing for First Flight on Mars on This Week @NASA – March 26, 2021
Preparing for first flight on Mars, making a splash with Orion, and the space station’s next crew prepares for launch … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!
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13 days 1:32:25
Soyuz Crew Launch to the International Space Station
Watch a Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft lift off on a two-orbit, three-hour journey to the International Space Station!
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17 days 1:24:41
Port Relocation of SpaceX Crew Dragon on the International Space Station
On Monday, April 5 starting at 6 a.m. EDT, watch the first-ever port relocation for a U.S. commercial spacecraft!
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2 days 41:31
Mission Update: NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Launch
Join us live at 8 a.m. EDT (12:00 UTC) from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a news update on NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 mission, targeted for liftoff Thurs., April 22 at 6:11 a.m.
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1 day 40:36
NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Mission Countdown Clock Update with acting NASA Administrator
We are counting down to #LaunchAmerica at Kennedy Space Center! At 8:30 a.m.
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6 days 41:36
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15 days 2:52
Artemis I: NASA’s Plans to Travel Beyond the Moon
Artemis 1 will be the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems: the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the ground systems at Kennedy Space Center in Cape
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16 days 24:55
NASA Drop Test of Orion Spacecraft for Crewed Artemis Missions
Engineers will drop an 14,000-pound test version of the Orion spacecraft into the Hydro Impact Basin at NASA's Langley Research Center's Landing and Impact Research Facility in Hampton, Virginia at
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5 days 4:22
Safe Return to Earth from the Space Station on This Week @NASA – April 17, 2021
A safe return to Earth from the space station, greeting the astronauts of the next Commercial Crew flight, and an update on the development of a human lunar landing system … a few of the stories to
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10 days 4:19
Space Shuttle’s 40th Anniversary | 'Something Just Short of a Miracle'
On April 12, 1981, space shuttle Columbia launched for the first time with NASA astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen aboard.
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6 days 0:32
April 22, 2021: Astronauts to Launch on NASA and SpaceX Crew-2 Mission
On April 22, 2021, NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, and JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide will launch on NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 mission headed for the
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16 days 4:35
What Is an Exoplanet?
Exoplanets – planets outside our solar system – are everywhere. But why do we study them? What makes them so interesting?
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4 days 2:25
The International Space Station: A Laboratory in Space
We're doing science at 17,500 miles per hour!
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8 days 1:43
Exoplanet Types: Worlds Beyond Our Solar System
When we describe different types of exoplanets – planets outside our solar system – what do we mean by "hot Jupiters," "warm Neptunes," and "super-Earths"?
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1 day 0:32
April 23, 2021: Astronauts to Launch on NASA and SpaceX Crew-2 Mission
On April 23, 2021, NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, and JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide will launch on NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 mission headed for the
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13 days 2:44
NASA 2022: A Year of Innovation
With a budget increase of more than 6% from the previous year, NASA will continue to boost its ingenuity in exploration, technology, aeronautics and science. This is a year of innovation.
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12 days 5:09
The President’s Funding Request for NASA on This Week @NASA – April 9, 2021
The President’s funding request for NASA, preparing for first flight on another world, and a new crew heads to the space station … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!
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29 days 2:34
Vice President Kamala Harris Calls NASA Astronauts Shannon Walker and Kate Rubins
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris placed a special phone call to Shannon Walker and Kate Rubins aboard the International Space Station to find out what it's like to do science in space.
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5 hours 21:40
Earth Day Q&A with Astronauts in Space | Hosted by Shawn Mendes
Need Earth Day plans? 😎 We’ve got you covered. On April 22 at 11 a.m.
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5 days 26:51
NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Discuss Upcoming Mission
Tune in at 9:45 a.m. EDT (1:45 p.m. UTC) as four NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 astronauts discuss their April 22 launch and mission in space.
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20 days 3:13
Preparing a Small Satellite to Conduct Some Big Science on This Week @NASA – April 2, 2021
Preparing a small satellite to conduct some big science, an update on our upcoming mission to a metal-rich asteroid, and a new director for the International Space Station … a few of the stories to
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22 days 32:10
NASA Science Live: Modern-Day Explorers Search for Life Beyond Earth
Is there life beyond Earth? NASA has been sending spacecraft to the far reaches of our solar system in search of an answer.
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2 days 4:41
E.Z. Science: Studying Earth from Space
Earth science is an important priority for NASA. To understand our planet’s climate and how it is changing we need to study the Earth from all angles.
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28 days 4:49
#EZScience: Women in Astronomy
The history of women in astronomy is fascinating and inspiring— women like Caroline Herschel, Phoebe Waterman Haas and Vera Rubin have been making discoveries and contributions in astronomy for over
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5 hours 2:41
Our Planet, Our Home┃ An Earth Day Perspective
We are all connected to and by Earth --- whether it's the trees and plants that give us the oxygen we breathe, the snow-capped mountains that provide the water we drink, or the breathtaking
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13 days 2:42
Gravity Assist Podcast: Season 5 Trailer
Go behind the scenes at NASA with Chief Scientist Jim Green in the Gravity Assist podcast.
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