9 days 11:10
Jon Voight: The origins of 'WOKE' Hollywood
Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight speaks about 'liberal-leaning, Trump-hating' Hollywood, his latest project involving another former president, his relationship with Donald Trump and more.
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29 days 21:55
Former President Donald Trump joins Newsmax TV
Former President Donald Trump blasts President Biden's cognitive ability, the decision by Major League baseball, his endorsements of potential candidates and more - via Newsmax TV.
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7 days 7:27
Ashli Babbitt's husband speaks out: "They don't want anything to come out"
Aaron Babbitt, the husband of Ashli Babbitt, speaks out about no one being charged in his wifes' killing on January 6th at the United States Capitol - via Newsmax TV's 'National Report.' Watch
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16 days 5:24
Cawthorn: Time to remove these bastards
Representative Madison Cawthorn sounds off on President Joe Biden, and Democratic leadership in the House, and the dire need for Republicans to retake a majority in the near future.
306 338
4 days 9:42
Man who chilled at Pelosi's desk is out of jail, speaks out
Steven Metcalf and Joseph McBride of The McBride Law Firm, PLLC join their client Richard Barnett as he reveals the sequence of events that led to his arrest on January 6th - via Newsmax TV's 'Greg
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7 days 10:07
BREAKING: Giuliani's son addresses reporters after Federal raid
NEW YORK: Andrew, son of America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaks out to reporters after belongings of Trump's personal attorney were taken by Federal agents, bringing the 'Hunter Biden laptop' story
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27 days 11:38
Here's what they're NOT telling you | Greg Kelly
Greg: The 'mainstream' media has sold the nation an incomplete picture of the Chauvin trial, while Biden hopes you just forget about his own lies.
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13 days 7:48
BLM protesters STORM Oklahoma Capitol | REACTION
As several states have introduced legislation to protect property and individuals from the unrest and tense situations caused by protests-turned-riots, the 'woke' crowd and Black Lives Matter
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18 days 6:09
Charlie Kirk has a message for Biden voters
Turning Point USA founder @Charlie Kirk goes off on President Biden's agenda, and the dynamic of where rights as a US citizen really come from, plus how Biden has been tougher on Georgia than he has
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24 days 5:18
Dashcam footage captures drug dealer gunning down officer during traffic stop
NEW MEXICO: Body cam and dash cam footage captured a suspected drug dealer gun down a police officer during a traffic stop.
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18 days 8:03
Looters cheering, flames erupting | Michelle Malkin
'Looters cheering, flames erupting': Michelle Malkin says "the arrival of April now ushers in yet another cycle of destructive urban riots reigning down across the nation." - via Michelle Malkin
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23 days 11:36
That's racist too: Biden zeroes in on your property rights
Unpacking the Biden infrastructure plan: Longtime analyst and political and business commentator Trish Regan reacts to what's being proposed by the Biden administration in regards to their
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15 days 4:43
Body language expert examines Derek Chauvin during verdict
Body language expert Tonya Reiman comments on what she was able to pull from the partially-visible facial expressions and bodily movements from Derek Chauvin as the verdict in his trial was bein
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17 days 6:34
Something is going on | Richard Grenell
President Biden was not seen in the morning when Japanese leaders visited the White House, - Richard Grenell has some questions, plus the preliminary date for troop withdrawal and more - via Newsmax
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1 day 13:01
Trump: Facebook must pay the price
NEW: As the 'Oversight Board' decided to uphold Donald Trump's indefinite suspension, the former president swung back with a scathing statement about what social media platforms and 'big tech' have
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20 days 5:29
Man's uncanny Trump impression gathers millions of viewers | Austin Nasso
Austin Nasso, a TikTok comedian who does an impressive Trump impression, speaks to Newsmax about his story and aspirations and how the world is reacting to his viral Trump videos.
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13 days 8:23
This White House announcement just TANKED stocks | REPORT
WHITE HOUSE: After an announcement from Press Secretary Jen Psaki about President Joe Biden's tax plans, stocks plummeted; Trish Regan, longtime political and economic analyst reacts and talks about
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5 days 10:14
Dershowitz: DOJ Violated Giuliani’s Rights in Outrageous Raid
Harvard Professor Emeritus and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz discusses the raid of former New York City Mayor and President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani's apartment - Via Newsmax TV's 'Saturday
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23 days 10:30
TRAINED to disrespect cops | Greg Kelly
In another routine traffic stop-turned national embarrassment, Greg shreds this self-proclaimed victim's narrative.
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9 days 5:11
Fox News attacks Trump again, Lou Dobbs' reappearance
Fox News attacks Trump again: John Bachman shows this shocking video, and weighs the possible re-emergence of 'truth-teller' Lou Dobbs.
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15 days 7:28
The path to a Chauvin reversal | Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz
Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz reacts to the Derek Chauvin verdict, and expresses real concern over the safety of the jurors amid inflammatory comments from lawmakers and other influencers.
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24 days 4:15
Trump SHREDS McConnell again in front of RNC donors
After it was reported that former president Donald Trump went off once again on one-time ally, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a close confidant and advisor Jason Miller joins Newsmax to
111 254
13 days 10:34
I haven't seen this since the KKK... | Alan Dershowitz
Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz reacts to the tactics and rhetoric used by Democratic lawmakers to 'intimidate' the jury in the Derek Chauvin case.
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5 days 9:02
Giuliani responds to FBI after they raided his home
NYC: The Big Apple's former Mayor and a personal attorney to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani speaks out to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly after his apartment was raided by FBI agents for evidence.
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26 days 5:08
Body Language expert is 'seeing double'
Body language expert Patti Wood examines the parallels between Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, is he doing this subconsciously or is there more to it all?
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24 days 5:54
Tucker Carlson is plain wrong | Dick Morris reacts
Fox News host Tucker Carlson is in hot water over comments made about non-white citizens, non-citizens and their political relationship to white people through Democratic lawmakers, and presidential
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22 days 6:43
This 21 year-old influencer is fighting the race narrative
Social media influencer Christian Walker, who is the son of former NFL player Herschel, comments on the 'race narrative' dividing the country and how he's using his platform to not fall to the
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20 days 11:16
Heartbreaking new images surface from Biden's border camps
Representative Kat Cammack joins Newsmax to discuss her emotional trip to the US-Mexico border and to describe what she saw in the camps housing unaccompanied children and what many children have to
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7 days 7:09
Body language expert dissects the movements of Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris told us more with her movements than any words from President Joe Biden could have, Body language expert Gregory Hartley dives into the VP's tells - via Newsmax TV's
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27 days 12:27
Ted Cruz reacts to Biden's 2A restrictions
Senator Ted Cruz comments on Joe Biden's executive action of the 2nd Amendment, the restrictions placed on gun laws, the media's coverage of the border and more - via 'The Chris Salcedo Show.'
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