12 days 8:49
BREAKING: New Rep. announces IMPEACHMENT mission against Joe Biden
BREAKING: Newly-elected Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene announces to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly that "On behalf of the American people - on January 21st I will be filing articles of impeachment
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3 days 12:17
Biden's acting weird | Greg Kelly
While Trump gets some rest, Biden does 'weird' things and the National Guard is 'disrespected' by Democrats. Greg reacts.
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6 days 7:18
My last talk with President Trump | Rudy Giuliani
GIULIANI: The former NYC Mayor and noted ally of President Trump in his fight for re-election comments to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly about his last conversation with the sitting president, and what's
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5 days 5:56
Body language expert reacts to Biden's inaugural speech
After reviewing his inaugural address, body language expert Gregory Hartley was able to determine a few things about President Joe Biden...
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13 days 2:23
Woman berates Chuck Schumer during NYC presser | EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
NEW YORK, NY: In exclusive footage obtained by Newsmax reporter Mike Carter, a woman was seen verbally berating Senator Chuck Schumer.
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17 days 13:07
He got away with it... | Greg Kelly
After what we saw this week, Greg can't believe the headlines he's reading.
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17 days 6:13
Biden has already 'failed' | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo on Joe Biden's handling of the chaos in the Capitol, the future of America under a Biden Administration and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.' Watch Newsmax TV on
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26 days 9:35
Why I brought this to the FBI | Hunter laptop repairman
FIRST ON NEWSMAX: John Paul Mac Isaac, the repairman who obtained the contentious Hunter Biden laptop, speaks out about his experience over the past few months.
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25 days 5:05
President Trump addresses the nation on NYE 2020
NEW YEAR'S EVE: President Trump reflects on the accomplishments of his administration over the course of 2020, what he hopes to get done in the future with pandemic relief, nationwide vaccination
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18 days 5:01
They've abandoned him | Grant Stinchfield
Grant Stinchfield reminds us that Trump's biggest threat was from the inside - citing GOP members turning their backs on the president and more - via Newsmax TV's 'STINCHFIELD.' Watch Newsmax TV on
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13 days 8:15
Without Trump, they'll fall apart | Matt Gaetz
When they're not able to hate on Trump every day anymore, Matt Gaetz asks, what will hold the Democrats' fragile coalition together?
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10 days 5:32
Obama's day of reckoning | George Papadopoulos
George Papadopoulos, a former Trump advisor and self-proclaimed victim of the long tenured 'witch hunt' against the President Donald Trump administration and allies, comments to Newsmax TV's John
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10 days 3:01
EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani sounds off on McConnell, the Bidens & anti-Trump media
In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson, Rudy Giuliani comments on the blame-game being played after the chaotic scene involving Trump supporters at the Capitol, his thoughts on
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2 days 9:38
Biden, quit clowning around | Benny Johnson
'NATIONAL DISGRACE': Benny Johnson examines President Biden's disrespect towards the National Guard and why we shouldn't be surprised by the behavior from the former Vice President.
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7 days 21:18
Who the hell do they think they are? | Greg Kelly
'Who the hell are they to tell you what you can't watch on TV?,' Greg asks, when they have a pretty spotty track record of covering the news themselves...
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27 days 8:25
'Mitch, better get with the program' | Sebastian Gorka
Sebastian Gorka sends a message to the RINOs in Washington D.C.
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4 days 10:40
For Angry Joe & The Donald, what's next? | Greg Kelly
While 'Angry Joe' tries to get your respect, Greg says, he'll be sure to ignore all the things he could do to really unite the nation.
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19 days 6:14
US Army Vet reacts to Capitol attack
US Army Combat Veteran Cory Mills comments on the tense situation seen Wednesday at the Capitol: "I'm p***ed off at what I am seeing on American soil, I'm pissed off that I fought in Iraq and
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24 days 4:33
Failure to launch | Emerald Robinson
Emerald Robinson examines the 'dud' foreshadowing a Biden Administration, Republicans abandoning President Donald Trump and more - via Newsmax TV's 'Rob Schmitt Tonight.' Watch Newsmax TV on
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24 days 4:15
Nancy's days numbered? | REPORT
WASHINGTON: With about 48 hours to go, the big question is, will Nancy Pelosi be reelected as speaker and do so on the first ballot? Newsmax TV's John Gizzi reports.
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19 days 6:36
BREAKING: Capitol breached by Trump demonstrators, building under lockdown
WASHINGTON DC | DEVELOPING: The Capitol remains under lockdown as the building was breached by protestors. Newsmax TV's Emerald and Tom Basile have the latest.
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20 days 6:53
Dc To Shut Down During Protests? Reaction
As measures have been put in place to control possible animosity between demonstrators and counter-protesters during the evening and daytime events surrounding Washington DC as Congress counts and
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19 days 1:33
Fox News orchestrated spin | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo examines the 'spin' cultivated by Fox News during the contentious day in Washington D.C.
396 527
14 days 14:46
How about that selective outrage? | Greg Kelly
It's hard to be a Trump supporter right now, Greg says, but who will call out the hypocrite House Speaker, bully reporters, and lying lawmakers?
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7 days 5:02
CNN calls to censor, cancel Newsmax | REACTION
After a CNN segment labelled this 'the Newsmax problem' and called for the network to be de-platformed through both cable providers and online, Newsmax TV's panel reacts.
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8 hours 2:31
Biden Press Sec. fields question from Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson
Press Secretary Jen Psaki fields a question from Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson about China concerns - Emerald reports from Washington on the Biden executive orders.
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17 days 7:17
You're going to see more of this... | Trish Regan
Political and economic commentator Trish Regan and Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo discuss the impact of a perceived 'anti-conservative' bias being exercised on social media, most notably against
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7 days 2:47
Capitol raid video evidence piles up | REPORT
As Federal officials comb through a mass of Capitol raid video, security measures continue to tighten ahead of Wednesday's Inauguration. Newsmax TV's Logan Ratick reports from Washington.
292 349
26 days 7:54
Fighting back against the Electoral College | Louie Gohmert
Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas comments on his much talked-about lawsuit involving Mike Pence in an attempt to change electors, as well as the high-profile lawmakers who have suggested and
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2 days 7:41
From Greatness to Darkness | Diamond & Silk
Diamond and Silk say "they will never be able to erase Trump's legacy: millions of jobs created, record low unemployment.
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