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6 Nov 2005
18 days 1:01
Nokia Technology Vision 2030
By 2030, the world as we know it will be dramatically transformed. The metaverse will open up endless opportunities across consumer, enterprise and industrial sectors.
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13 days 32:02
Nishant Batra on Nokia Technology Vision 2030
During our technology vision and strategy presentation on 9 September 2022, our Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Nishant Batra explained how the network is critical to realizing the enormous
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18 days 1:01
Nokia Technology Vision 2030
By 2030, the world as we know it will be dramatically transformed. The metaverse will open up endless opportunities across consumer, enterprise and industrial sectors.
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15 days 2:14
Our global headquarters in Espoo, Finland
Take a tour with us at Nokia's global headquarters in Espoo, Finland where we have hundreds of people, of over 70 different nationalities working there.
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28 days 0:37
Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2
With 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) you can get fixed-grade broadband to customers wherever you have mobile spectrum.
14 days 1:25
Secure. Automate. Monetize. AVA Intelligence Everywhere.
Meet AVA. AVA provides “Intelligence Everywhere” through AI, machine learning, no code configuration, open APIs, multi-cloud orchestration, and digital ecosystems.
12 days 27:51
Jenni Lukander on patent licensing
On 9 September 2022, Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, gave a presentation on delivering value from intellectual property.
4 days 1:25
Nokia 5G Core: Make it Real
Nokia 5G Core frees the innovation within your network, so you can automate, customize and monetize your services with total confidence.
21 day 4:02
Managed Wi-Fi helps LUS Fiber to deliver on customer satisfaction
Ryan Meche, Director at LUS Fiber, and Eric Grimmett, Engineering Manager at LUS Fiber, talk about how Nokia’s managed Wi-Fi solution helped them to deliver on customer satisfaction.
20 days 4:08
5G Use Cases at 2022 Tissot UCI Track World Championships
Nokia, official partner of the 2022 Tissot UCI Track World Championships, is partnering with the French Cycling Federation to deploy a 5G private wireless network solution at the
15 hours 5:59
Nokia Core TV series #13: Saving time during emergencies with Nokia Location Services
In any emergency every moment counts. The seconds between the time we call an emergency number and the time we get connected to the appropriate public safety dispatcher are absolutely crucial.
8 days 3:55
Safeguarding security of 5G networks with the ASTaR lab
Nokia’s Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) lab, located in Dallas, Texas, is the first end-to-end 5G testing lab in the US focused solely on cybersecurity.
22 days 1:08
Customer Success 22 August - 2 September, 2022
From improving customer experience with high-speed fiber access to the successful completion of Africa’s first fixed wireless access #5G slicing trial, we create technology that helps the world act
6 days 2:22
Sports and wellbeing day at our Espoo campus in 2022
On a sunny September day at our HQ campus in Espoo, #TeamNokiaFinland got to try all kinds of fun activities with the guidance of sports celebrities and experts, join a group exercise class, do
6 days 0:51
SReXperts and Wavelengths Americas highlight reel- September 13
See this short video for a glimpse at our action-packed first day at #SReXperts22 Americas and the opening of our fantastic demo.
7 days 1:20
Customer Success 5-16 September 2022
From partnering for #industry40 manufacturing solutions in Brazil, to enhancing #5G planning in Japan and helping to connect U.S.
14 days 3:07
Meet Simon from Espoo, Finland
Get to know Simon, our Trainee and Thesis Worker in #5G control plane! Simon has always wanted to work in a Finnish company, but now working in a global Finnish company is just the bonus on top.
5 days 3:06
TMF Excellence Awards at DTW 2022
Andrew Burrell, Head of Portfolio Marketing, Cloud @Network Services, Nokia talks about the two TMF Excellence Awards we won at Digital Transformation World 2022: we were recognized as winner in the
5 days 3:47
Modernizing BSS for the 5G era - Sunrise Customer Case
This video testimonial describes how Sunrise (Switzerland) transformed their BSS and OSS with Nokia’s Monetization and Digital Operations software to better support existing services and emerging 5G
6 days 0:44
SReXperts and Wavelengths Americas highlight reel- September 14
Our second SReXperts day was the first plenary day!
21 day 5:17
Meet Prince from Espoo, Finland
Our Field Verification Trainee Prince works at the Espoo campus with #5G Field Test Engineering team.
22 days 6:31
What is the potential of cloud-native architectures?
See why cloud-native architectures are a foundational telco cloud building block.
7 days 12:24
The Six Principles of the SaaS Universe
Senior VP of SaaS Business Operations Mark Bunn talks through the key principles of SaaS.
6 days 0:43
SReXperts and Wavelengths Americas highlight reel- September 15
It’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed your time at #SReXperts22 Orlando as much as we did. Thanks so much for joining us, what did you enjoy the most?
1 day 3:27
Safaricom Kenya: Winning the game with help from Nokia Digital Care Services
Safaricom is committed to providing the best possible user experience to its subscribers.
13 days 6:39
BTR Summit 2022: Let there be light” – Interview with Stefaan Vanhastel, CTO, Fixed Networks, Nokia
Stefaan Vanhastel, CTO, Fixed Networks speaks with editorial director Stephen Hardy about cable operators making the move to full fiber-to-the-home deployments during BTR Summit 2022.
5 days 2:34
Translating customer needs into service and network intent (TMF catalyst project) - DTW 2022
Nokia is leading this specific TMF catalyst project at Digital Transformation World in 2022.
22 days 7:36
How is automation helping to merge the application and the network worlds?
See how deep integration into cloud management platforms by a network fabric automation solution can effectively merge the compute and networking worlds while keeping the network in lock-step with
22 days 10:38
Why size matters for edge data centers?
In this video we discussed the unique requirements data centers need as they are now being distributed across logical hierarchies and in many cases very small cloud edges with unique requirements.
22 days 7:08
How to automate testing and validation of network changes?
See how implementing a digital twin for the network enables CSPs to test and validate network changes before they are implemented in the network, allowing to save time and power, and dramatically
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