24 days 4:36
Former FBI official James Baker flipped, cooperating with Barr investigation
All of Washington is now talking about the developments in the Barr investigation and the Sidney Powell filing. 26 Oct 2019, 3:22
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2 days 4:03
Rudy Giuliani speaks with OAN about Yovanovitch’s testimony
Marie Yovanovitch's testimony on Capitol Hill went after the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. One America’s Chanel Rion spoke with Giuliani for his side of the story. 17 Nov 2019, 20:33
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6 days 8:03
Report: John Brennan hand-picked whistleblower for White House
As the impeachment inquiry continues, new details are emerging about the whistleblower who started the whole process. One America's Jack Posobiec sat down with a former CIA officer to learn more. 13 Nov 2019, 21:13
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5 days 1:52
Son of House Speaker Pelosi made money in Ukraine
Reports have suggested the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have used her position to benefit financially. One America's Kara McKinney has more. 14 Nov 2019, 21:44
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13 days 4:42
Ukrainian Embassy whistleblower debunks Schiff in new interview
A Ukrainian political consultant is sounding off amid the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry. One America's Jack Posobiec has more from Washington. 6 Nov 2019, 14:29
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10 days 3:23
What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNe... Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 9 Nov 2019, 3:00
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12 days 2:39
Sen. Paul blocks Senate resolution backing whistleblower protection
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blocked a resolution to keep the identity of the whistleblower secret. 7 Nov 2019, 15:01
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17 days 3:30
What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 2 Nov 2019, 19:05
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13 days 3:29
Schiff's least wanted witness crushes Ukraine narrative
With House Democrats voting and passing their impeachment inquiry on Halloween, a witness that showed up for one of their closed door sessions did not present to them what they wanted to hear. 6 Nov 2019, 18:01
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23 days 3:07
If the 2020 election were today, who would you vote for?
The 2020 cycle is in full swing, despite Election Day being more than a year away. 27 Oct 2019, 20:54
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10 days 3:28
Hunter Biden FOIA Bombshell
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNe... Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 9 Nov 2019, 2:30
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29 days 2:58
Report: Ukraine whistleblower has ties to Rep. Schiff’s staffers
The identity of the whistleblower at the heart of the Ukraine story is still in question, but a new name has been floated around in D.C. circles. 21 Oct 2019, 0:59
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29 days 3:49
DOJ arrests hundreds in take down of Darknet child exploitation site
Hundreds of child predators were arrested this month as part of the Department of Justice’s take down of the largest known child porn website. One America's Salina Arredondo has the details. 21 Oct 2019, 1:54
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23 days 3:35
CNN’s Durham probe conflicts
The investigation continues into the decision makers behind the Russia probe -- many of whom now work for mainstream media outlets. One America's Alex Salvi takes a look at the potential conflicts. 27 Oct 2019, 22:02
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1 day 4:05
D.C. residents react to Week One of open impeachment hearings
After the first week of open impeachment hearings concluded, One America's Stefan Kleinhenz took to the streets of Washington D.C. to find out how people felt about the proceedings. Here's more. 17 Nov 2019, 23:13
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20 days 3:38
Catholics outraged as Pope Francis places Incan idol in Vatican
Pope Francis is coming under fire for bringing so-called pagan idols into the Vatican. One America's Jack Posobiec spoke to a Catholic author to learn more. 30 Oct 2019, 18:16
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22 days 3:34
Obama’s Spygate: DOJ report almost ready for release
A highly anticipated report from the Department of Justice is expected to shed light on the alleged secret surveillance conducted on President Trump and his team prior to his election. 28 Oct 2019, 1:43
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6 days 5:26
Senior Army officer recalls impeachment witness Vindman as 'anti-American'
An officer who served with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is speaking out for the first time since his testimony in the impeachment inquiry. He spoke with One America's Neil W. 13 Nov 2019, 17:51
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11 days 6:26
Stop the Tape! The Assault on the Article 2 Branch
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 8 Nov 2019, 22:36
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24 days 3:20
What The Media Was Afraid To Tell You This Week
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 26 Oct 2019, 2:00
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9 days 6:23
Conservative activist Deanna Lorraine announces campaign for Calif.’s 12th District
A conservative California native has emerged as a candidate, taking on long-time congresswoman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 10 Nov 2019, 20:47
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8 days 3:48
Former ABC producer accused of leaking Amy Robach clip speaks out
It's been months since accused serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself inside his New York jail cell yet questions surrounding his death still remain. 11 Nov 2019, 17:03
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14 days 2:42
President Trump says to 'watch' what happens next with Iran
President Trump spoke with One America News about what to watch for next regarding Iran. He made those remarks before departing for Kentucky on Monday. 5 Nov 2019, 15:26
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14 days 3:08
Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back to John Brennan
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 5 Nov 2019, 2:45
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19 days 4:37
Judicial Watch President: DOJ discovers 'lost' Ohr, Strzok texts and emails
The Department of Justice handed over 13 pages of "missing" text and emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and Justice Department officials Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page. 31 Oct 2019, 14:55
38 944
17 days 4:54
Rep. Nunes gives behind the scenes insight into collusion probe
A new book about Congressman Devin Nunes is claiming he has uncovered proof the impeachment effort against President Trump started right after he won the 2016 election. 2 Nov 2019, 0:29
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4 days 4:17
Schiff shifting story on knowing whistleblower identity
On the first day of public impeachment hearings, Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said he did not know the identity of the whistleblower. 15 Nov 2019, 1:03
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13 days 3:53
White House: Newly released transcripts show less evidence for impeachment scam
The White House and members of Congress are reacting to the release of transcripts from key witnesses in the Democrat impeachment proceedings. 6 Nov 2019, 19:10
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7 days 2:14
Blue state of New Jersey had a red wave in early voting
New Jersey's blue wave fell flat in early voting as the results offer warning signs to the Democratic Party. One America's Caitlin Sinclair has more from New Jersey. 12 Nov 2019, 14:22
33 620
24 days 3:59
Senate to consider bill to condemn Rep. Schiff’s conduct in impeachment proceedings
House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs recently introduced a bill to condemn Adam Schiff's conduct during impeachment proceedings. 26 Oct 2019, 20:56
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