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Owen Jones meets James O'Brien: 'Remain were never ready for the fight'
The king of 'remainia', aka James O'Brien, has built his career on challenging people about Brexit on his LBC daily talk show. 1 Nov 2019, 7:00
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10 days 11:14
Owen Jones in the South East | 'Unseating Boris': Is the hope enough to carry Labour through?
On the first stop of our tour around the UK I visit three marginal constituencies in the South East: Canterbury, Hastings and Rye and Uxbridge and South Ruislip. 9 Nov 2019, 11:09
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3 days 11:02
Owen Jones in the South West | A Lib Dem fantasy in Jacob Rees Mogg’s back yard?
I travelled to North East Somerset, otherwise known as the home of Jacob Rees-Mogg, where the Lib Dems are claiming they could win the election despite only getting 4,461 votes at the last election | 16 Nov 2019, 7:00
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15 days 2:11
Owen Jones talks | Is this general election the battle for Britain's soul?
It's here! A general election on the 12th of December, and never has there been a bigger gap between the two directions on offer for Britain's future. Is it Boris' Johnson's Brexit vision? 4 Nov 2019, 12:52
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26 days 11:48
Owen Jones meets Naomi Klein | 'We've run out of time for mistakes'
I met a hero of mine Naomi Klein to discuss her concept of the three fires: climate change, political fires, and the fire in the movement pushing for change. 24 Oct 2019, 11:14
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