20 days 12:52
The Pentagon's upcoming UFO report, explained
From Star Wars, to the X Files and most recently, Khloe Kardashian’s quest for alien life in Calabasas, UFOs and extraterrestrial life is a popular topic in entertainment in pop culture.
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21 day 1:20
Biden mocks Republicans for promoting recovery plan they voted against
President Joe Biden continues to negotiate with Republicans on his big-ticket spending plans.
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22 days 2:22
Fauci grilled on Covid origins in Senate hearing
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the U.S intelligence community is split between two origin theories for the Covid-19 pandemic.
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6 days 1:19
Putin: Relationship with U.S. has ‘deteriorated to its lowest point’ in years
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a new interview, said Russia's relationship with the United States has “deteriorated to its lowest point” in recent years, while noting that President Joe Biden
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29 days 0:44
Netanyahu vows to continue Gaza operation, parting ways from Biden's directive
Israeli leader said after his call with Biden that he is "determined to continue this operation until its objective is achieved" — laying bare an apparent distance between the two allies on a
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23 days 0:26
Pelosi on Greene: She should stop talking
Top House Republicans on Tuesday condemned freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after she spent days comparing vaccine and mask requirements to the Holocaust.
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28 days 0:20
McCarthy says he'd testify before independent Jan. 6 commission
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Thursday that he would be willing to testify before an independent commission investigating the Jan.
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23 days 1:37
Kinzinger on Greene: She should be removed from GOP conference
Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Tuesday called for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to be booted from the House Republican conference over her comparing mask requirements to the Holocaust.
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27 days 1:25
White House cuts infrastructure proposal to $1.7 trillion in counter to GOP
The Biden administration put forward a counteroffer to its infrastructure plan that dropped the price tag from $2.25 trillion in “additional investment” to $1.7 trillion, White House press secretary
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3 days 0:35
Schumer uses outdated term for disabled children during housing interview
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer used an outmoded word to refer to developmentally disabled children during a recent podcast appearance.
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14 days 4:58
Why Biden treads lightly on Covid-19 origins and Wuhan lab leak theory
Bipartisan support has grown for a congressional probe into whether the virus originated in a Chinese lab following a Wall Street Journal report that three scientists at the Wuhan Institute of
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9 days 0:53
'Watch out for the cicadas': Biden takes a hit to the neck as he departs for foreign trip
As President Joe Biden on Wednesday prepared to depart for his first foreign trip since assuming office — a week-long tour of western Europe during which he will engage both American allies and
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29 days 1:43
Pelosi signs Anti-Asian American hate crimes bill
The House on Tuesday passed a modest measure aimed at combating a surge in hate crimes directed at Asian Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic, its final step before being signed into law.
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18 hours 8:41
What happened with Putin and Biden, explained
The highly anticipated meeting between Biden and Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN is over, and RYAN interviews Global Translations author RYAN HEATH about what to expect moving forward.
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1 day 5:53
William Braddock threatens to send Russian-Ukrainian ‘hit squad’ after rival for Florida GOP primary
William Braddock, a little-known GOP candidate in one of Florida’s most competitive congressional seats, was secretly recorded threatening to send “a Russian and Ukrainian hit squad” to a fellow
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20 days 0:49
Murkowski scolds GOP members on Jan. 6 commission vote
Senate Republicans on Friday blocked a bill that would form an independent commission to probe the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the first filibuster of the year by the chamber's 50-vote minority.
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2 days 3:49
What to expect from the Biden-Putin summit
President Joe Biden is placing a big bet that he can do what his immediate predecessors couldn’t: forge a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin based on skepticism and stability.
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1 day 2:07
Biden gets heated during post-Putin press conference
President Joe Biden conceded that he’d lost his composure on Wednesday toward the end of his post-summit debriefing with reporters in Geneva.
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22 days 1:06
Blinken announces $110M in new Gaza funding
The race to help innocent victims of the Israel-Hamas conflict is on. The actual flow of dollars will prove more difficult.
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4 days 5:04
What you need to know about directed-energy attacks
Going back to 2017, POLITICO has been reporting on government agency officials, spies and diplomats affected by a series of mysterious illnesses.
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21 day 1:03
The White House gives an optimistic face to infrastructure plan negotiations
Senate Republicans unveiled a $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer Thursday in an effort to reach a bipartisan agreement with the White House, even as progressives are losing patience.
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29 days 2:11
‘Job killer’ or ‘smart’?: What CEOs think of Biden’s corporate tax hikes
President Joe Biden wants to fund his $4.1 trillion infrastructure and family policy agenda with a huge pile of tax increases on corporations and the wealthy.
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23 days 3:01
180 seconds: George Floyd's family visits Washington on the anniversary of his death
Members of George Floyd’s family pressed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for meaningful police reform legislation in what they described as a “productive conversation” with the
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22 days 1:18
Karine Jean-Pierre becomes second Black woman behind White House briefing podium
Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday sought to downplay the historic nature of her leading the White House’s daily press briefing, saying the Biden administration has embarked on a broad effort to ensure
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20 days 3:17
Senate blocks Jan. 6 commission, in 200 seconds
Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins agreed on her changes to a proposed commission investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
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Watch a cicada land on President Biden's neck
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