8 days 3:01
Trump's CPAC remarks in 180 seconds
Donald Trump laced into his successor on Sunday, excoriating Joe Biden for what he called “the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history” and suggesting he may run again in 2024.
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6 days 1:30
Graham asks FBI director if the 'Proud Boys' are a domestic terrorist group
The Proud Boys gathered at the Washington Monument at 10 a.m. on Jan.
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10 days 0:53
'Trump ain't going anywhere': Cruz speaks at CPAC, makes light of Cancun trip
The annual confab is already showing how top GOP officials are making wildly different bets on the future of their party.
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12 days 0:56
USPS' DeJoy to Congress: 'Get used to me'
Louis DeJoy, the embattled postmaster general, said on Wednesday he is not going anywhere as he faces withering criticism of his leadership of the U.S.
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25 days 3:02
Day 3 of Trump's Second Impeachment in 180 seconds
House Democrats rested their case against Donald Trump on Thursday insisting that the Senate’s refusal to punish him for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol would pave the way for a future
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5 days 1:51
NRCC chair cautions Trump against backing primary challenges for Republicans who voted to impeach
National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Tom Emmer said Wednesday that former President Donald Trump should back down on attempting to primary GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach him.
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10 days 1:39
CPAC hosts booed for asking attendees to wear masks
Organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference were met with boos on Friday morning as they encouraged the crowd inside a Florida hotel ballroom to put on face masks in compliance with
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23 days 3:38
Senate votes to allow witnesses to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial
The Senate unexpectedly voted Saturday to permit lawyers in Donald Trump's impeachment trial to call witnesses, following a surprise request by the Democrats prosecuting the case to seek the
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24 days 0:19
Biden ‘anxious to see’ if GOP senators ‘stand up’ on impeachment vote
Biden has commented only sparingly on the trial in recent days, repeatedly declining to say whether he believes Trump should be convicted of inciting an insurrection.
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5 days 0:44
'Neanderthal thinking': Biden lays into states lifting Covid restrictions
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that moves by Texas Gov.
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Biden will get a stimulus check win. What about the rest of his agenda? | The Breakdown
The Biden administration’s victory party over the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill might be short-lived.
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12 days 1:01
Biden orders supply chain review for 4 industries
President Joe Biden will signed an executive order on Wednesday to review the global supply chains used by four key industries in an effort to avoid the shortages in medical equipment
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23 days 2:32
Trump decries 'witch hunt' impeachment after Senate fails to convict
Former President Donald Trump on Saturday thanked his defense team and Republican lawmakers for voting against his conviction in an impeachment trial that he called “yet another phase of the
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23 days 1:57
Schumer and McConnell deliver remarks after Trump's acquittal
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Saturday delivered a searing address from the Senate floor condemning Donald Trump as “practically and morally responsible” for the Capitol insurrection —
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10 days 0:40
White House defends Syria air strikes
President Joe Biden ordered an airstrike on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in eastern Syria on Thursday night in response to three separate rocket attacks against U.S.
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Day 4 of Trump's Second Impeachment in 180 seconds
Donald Trump’s lead impeachment attorney on Friday denied that the violence at the Capitol on Jan.
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D.C. National Guard chief: Pentagon dragged its feet on Jan. 6 backup
Three hours and 19 minutes, while a riot raged at the Capitol. That's how long the commanding general of the D.C.
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23 days 11:05
Senate acquits Trump of inciting deadly Capitol attack
The Senate voted on Saturday to acquit former President Donald Trump on an impeachment charge that he incited the deadly insurrection of Jan.
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19 days 3:44
GOP faces fallout from Trump's impeachment trial
Ryan Lizza, co-author of playbook, breaks down the latest episode of the GOP civil war and the fallout from Trump's impeachment. Subscribe to our channel!
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3 days 2:41
Republicans attack cancel culture
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Trump's second impeachment opens with haunting video of Jan. 6 riots
House Democrats opened their case Tuesday to convict Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection with a montage of harrowing scenes of violence wrought by the former president's supporters during the
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6 days 1:46
Fauci previews draft guidelines for vaccinated Americans
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is set to release guidance this week on safe activities for people who have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine amid growing questions about
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6 days 1:44
McEnany: Capitol insurrection spoiled plans for a farewell press conference
Former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday that the Trump White House scuttled plans for a parting press conference in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
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Why it's so hard for people of color to get the vaccines Biden promised
Health care reporter Sarah Owermohle highlights why it has been tougher for Black Americans to gain access to Covid-19 vaccines. ----------------------------------------- Subscribe to our channel!
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Biden: 'Some minds may be changed' by new Capitol insurrection security footage
President Joe Biden said that new footage of the Jan.
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27 days 3:01
Day 1 of Trump's Second Impeachment in 180 seconds
For former President Donald Trump, the opening day of his second impeachment trial did not go as planned or to his liking.
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11 days 4:32
Joe Manchin’s power over the minimum wage increase, explained
Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is completely driving things in the United States Senate right now, and the reason for that is 50/50 Senate.
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5 days 2:25
White House pushes Americans to wear masks despite governors lifting restrictions
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that moves by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and others to lift statewide Covid restrictions showed "Neanderthal thinking." “I think it’s a big mistake.
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6 days 1:52
FBI Director testifies before congress on Jan. 6 insurrection
FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Tuesday that the Jan.
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