22 days 3:18
Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband found as she fears murder
Accused rapist Ghislaine Maxwell, associate of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, says she fears she will be “bumped off” in prison, the fate she believes befell Epstein, whose death was ruled a
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21 day 25:50
China & Iran reach historic deal, US freaks out (Full show)
China and Iran have agreed to a broad-ranging 25-year economic and military deal with worldwide implications and in defiance of US geopolitical interests. RT’s Paula Slier shares the details.
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5 days 25:49
Dire warning: US-China war ‘within 3 months’ (Full show)
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a war between the US and China is no longer “inconceivable” unless cooler heads prevail in diplomacy.
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14 days 25:47
FULL SHOW: Iran strikes ‘US ship’ amid tensions
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC) was observed firing a missile from a helicopter at a mock-up US aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz during a military exercise.
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28 days 7:10
BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty
Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged to have helped now-deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein exploit minors, pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned through a video call Tuesday at a federal court in New
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4 days 26:01
Trump hits China & Canada as US economy lags (Full show)
The US added 1.8 million jobs in July even as unemployment remains over 10 percent. Economist Prof. Richard Wolff joins Rick Sanchez to share his expertise.
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5 days 6:31
Explosives expert describes what really happened in Beirut
Beirut is still reeling from Monday’s devastating explosion as investigators continue to piece together its exact causes and search teams recover the dead and wounded.
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27 days 25:53
China is testing cryptocurrency while the US sleeps (Full show)
China is testing a new digital currency in major cities linked to mobile phone accounts and tied to its central bank, while the US reportedly looks ahead to developing its own national digital
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21 day 3:56
The hypocrisy of Japan’s bold anti-China move
Japan has introduced hefty subsidies to compel its international companies to cease manufacturing in China and relocate to Japan.
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11 days 6:10
Judge releases records related to case against Ghislaine Maxwell
Some 600 pages of court filings on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed, from the 2014 allegations lodged by Epstein’s most vocal accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
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27 days 3:31
Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret marriage
A federal judge has denied bail for Ghislaine Maxwell, who pled not guilty to the charges of sex trafficking and the abuse of minors in connection with infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
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7 days 25:40
Shocker: The Fed is now printing money for entire world (Full show)
Rick Sanchez discusses the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented policies before and during the COVID-19 crisis, including its projected creation of $3.5 trillion by the end of the year, some of which it
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8 days 25:44
‘Hey Siri’ is a Chinese invention stolen by Apple, says court (Full show)
The White House is actively collaborating with US tech giant Microsoft to buy shares of Chinese-owned social media app TikTok despite moves to ban the app in the US.
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11 days 6:41
UK will pay big price for backing US against China – Galloway
In the latest round of tit-for-tat escalation between Beijing and London, China’s ambassador to the UK issued stern words of warning, threatening to withdraw recognition of British passports held by
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25 days 25:55
Watch: Taiwan ‘aims’ US tanks & stingers at China (Full show)
Taiwan is conducting massive military exercises to demonstrate its US-backed military might and counter Beijing’s growing influence in the region.
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26 days 25:24
Israel behind mystery explosions in Iran? (Full show)
A series of mysterious fires left seven Iranian ships in flames on Thursday. They are not an isolated incident. Rick Sanchez examines the apparent coincidences.
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8 days 3:53
Iran names US-based terrorist working in Iran
Iranian authorities have apprehended the leader of a US-backed pro-monarchist organization called Tondar, or “Thunder.” The group, also called the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is blamed for carrying
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15 days 25:52
FULL SHOW: Is Elon Musk complicit in Bolivia’s coup?
A Twitter fight erupted between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales when the latter linked the coup to Musk’s access to the country’s lithium rich mines.
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12 days 6:57
UK withholding Venezuelan gold is ‘perverse’ – Galloway
The Venezuelan Central Bank won the right this week to appeal a UK court decision preventing the retrieval of $1.2 billion USD of Venezuelan gold that was deposited at the Bank of England.
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19 days 24:07
New US record death toll as world shuns Americans (Full show)
Countries around the world are restricting travel from the US due to the nation’s explosive second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar has the details.
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20 days 26:00
Chinese consulate targeted as US goes ‘sanction crazy’ (Full show)
The US has closed a Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas in the latest escalation of tensions between Beijing and Washington.
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29 days 25:50
FULL SHOW: China sanctions Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz
China has announced sanctions against the United States, targeting some of Beijing’s most vocal critics.
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8 days 7:59
Panel: Chinese citizens see US as the real cheaters
The White House is actively cooperating with US tech giant Microsoft to buy shares of Chinese-owned social media app TikTok despite moves to ban the app in the US.
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16 days 25:44
Federal Troops Headed to US Cities as Monuments Removed
As the police and protesters continue to clash in Chicago, a statue of Christopher Columbus has been removed in downtown’s Grant Park.
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18 days 23:31
New twists in Deutsche Bank Epstein saga
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss why the family of a federal judge overseeing the Deutsche Bank Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit was targeted by a murderous men’s rights activist, and the rise of
44 349
25 days 23:41
America’s Pay to Play Problem
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos reveal how politicians sell out taxpayers as City Hall corruption cases pop up in several states, and Iran’s pending new partnership with China.
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27 days 6:30
Near riots in Israel amid anti-Netanyahu protests
Protesters in Jerusalem seeking the resignation of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu clashed with police on the anniversary of Bastille Day, a nod to the French Revolution. RT’s Paula Slier reports.
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12 days 6:42
EU, China Eye Trade Moves
In the midst of rising tensions with the United States, China has looked to Europe to advance trade negotiations.
35 456
2 days 25:57
US Trying To Steal TikTok From China As Relations Collapse?
With the clock ticking for TikTok, is the US in the process of trying to steal the successful company away from China, as relations with the country continue to deteriorate?
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22 days 6:09
‘It’s embarrassing’: Larry King on Trump’s Fox News interview
Broadcasting icon Larry King joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in on President Trump’s hostile and unflattering recent interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” #QuestionMore #RTAmerica
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