16 days 7:05
Gamechanger: China to roll out supersonic stealth fighter jets
China has teased a reveal of its H-20 strategic stealth bomber, with capabilities that might match or exceed those of the B-21 Raider currently in development by the US.
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26 days 7:11
Bill Gates admits to affair with Microsoft employee amid divorce
Allegations have emerged of Bill Gates asking out a number of workers at Microsoft following his affair with an employee two decades before, which some believe led in turn to his resignation from
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18 days 25:55
Breaking: US will copy China's economic model to remain competitive (Full show)
China will become the world's foremost economic power by 2028, according to projections.
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16 days 25:45
China in Africa prompts frantic apologies from former colonizers (Full show
France and Germany have taken steps to acknowledge their role in allowing or perpetuating genocides in Africa during and after the era of European colonization thereof.
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16 days 6:12
Breaking: Epstein's "helpers" agree to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell
Four women accused of aiding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have agreed to testify against his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, according to court documents.
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16 days 25:53
Leaked document reveals US plans to nuke China (full show)
Rick Sanchez examines a bombshell report about how the US almost nuked China amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing and reports that a new Chinese nuclear-capable bomber is in
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2 days 8:43
This is no exercise — US wants to encircle China with actual troops
Even though the US spends 40 percent of the combined military budgets of the world, more than the next 7 biggest spenders combined, Pentagon officials are indicating to Congress that they need to
79 706
24 days 25:53
FULL SHOW: Thousands across US join movement for Palestinian liberation
Pro-Palestine protests are erupting across the US amid escalating violence in Israel and Palestine.
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5 days 25:58
This Taiwan photo op has China furious with US (full show)
Chinese officials are angry with the US and they’re filing a formal complaint.
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2 days 3:48
China: 'The unspoken monster in the room'
Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and RT America’s Alex Mihailovich discuss the looming presence of China, the “unspoken monster in the room” at G7.
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24 days 8:53
Russia votes to end Open Skies treaty with US
Less than a year ago, President Trump pulled the US out of the Open Skies treaty and now Russia’s State Duma has voted to do the same.
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4 days 4:14
Biden targets China with 'strike force'?
The Biden Administration has assembled a “supply chain task force” to address Washington’s insecure access to things like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and critical minerals.
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19 days 3:53
China furious as US & S. Korea pledge to interfere with Taiwan Strait
China has told the US and South Korea not to “play with fire” after the two countries release a joint statement which mentions what China calls “purely domestic” issues that concern “China’s
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29 days 3:05
US says its spies are being attacked, scientists blame crickets
US officials report that more overseas personnel have fallen ill with “Havana Syndrome,” a mysterious illness that some attribute to crickets, others to directed microwave radiation.
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23 days 2:26
China releases first images taken on Mars
After a historic landing on Mars, China has now released photos of the red planet.
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2 days 25:49
SPECIAL: Can G7 keep up in today's changing world? (Full show)
Has the G7 possibly outlived its usefulness? Is the world realigning itself into a shape that could ultimately mean the end of the decades-old economic bloc? Rick Sanchez sets the scene.
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29 days 26:20
Israel and Palestine in Crisis
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos talk about Congress's investigation into whether SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a research lab in China, and the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine.
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17 days 5:28
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4 days 25:57
Kamala Harris's gaffe-laden Latin America photo op laughable! (Full show)
Vice President Kamala Harris has embarked on a whirlwind tour of Mexico and Guatemala.
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19 days 25:49
Will Russia-China meetings solidify their world domination? (Full show)
We hear what GOP strategist Chris Neiweem of the Neiweem Group and Ret.
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13 days 26:42
Why is the U.S. Suddenly Interested in Coronavirus Origin?
Legal Analyst Lionel from Lionel Media joins us to shed some light on the information and discrepancies behind the coronavirus origination.
36 514
11 days 26:03
FULL SHOW: NATO wages war games in EU ahead of meeting with Russia
The sabres are rattling as we come closer to a face-to-face meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and US president Joe Biden in Geneva.
35 250
9 days 3:29
US approves use of Chinese drones
As the Pentagon gives an “all clear” the for government to use Chinese drones, Congress is reportedly considering banning drones that are made in China due to cyber security concerns.
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27 days 3:02
White House tells Biden to shut up
The President of The United States is being told by his press spokesperson not to take questions shouted to him from members of the media? Why would that be? Steve Malzberg has some thoughts on that.
34 151
11 days 10:39
Why does US spy on its allies? EU leaders outraged
The US national security agency has been caught once again spying on EU allies with the help of their Danish counterparts.
33 622
10 days 6:53
Norway summons US Ambassador over spying allegations
The fallout from the NSA collaborative spying with the Danish intelligence agency is beginning to emerge.
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27 days 7:44
China rover makes historic first Mars landing for 3-month mission
After a journey over more than six months from planet Earth, China is making its first Mars landing. The rover, named after the Chinese God Zhurong, will be in search of life for about three months.
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8 days 26:03
Confronting the Ruling Elite
Falk has also denounced what he calls “the global legalization of rogue behavior embedded in the UN Charter” which vests a right of veto in the five permanent members of the Security Council, the
31 608
25 days 25:56
FULL SHOW: Social media platforms silence Palestinian cause
As violence between Israelis and Palestinians continues on the ground, a war between those who support the two camps rages online.
30 557
26 days 26:01
FULL SHOW: Israel still receiving foreign support despite deadly airstrikes
Israel’s response to Hamas rockets being volleyed its way has invited widespread criticism.
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