29 days 2:31
Knifeman 'dressed as the Joker' injures 17 people in Tokyo train rampage
A Knifeman dressed as the Joker went on a stabbing spree that left 17 people injured on a Tokyo train: thesun.co.uk/news/16590945/knifeman-dressed-joker-stabs-tokyo The suspected
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6 days 1:20
Rape suspect bounces off reinforced glass while trying to jump through sixth floor window
A rape and kidnapping suspect bounced off reinforced glass when he tried to jump through a sixth-floor hotel room window to escape from police in Blue Ash, Ohio – a suburb of Cincinnati.
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13 days 1:40
Liverpool bomb: Suspect named, 4 arrested & controlled explosion
BREAKING NEWS - Four men arrested under terrorism laws after a bomb exploded outside Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday have been released without charge.
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8 days 3:00
Violence erupts in Brussels as anti lockdown mob set streets ablaze
VIOLENCE has erupted in Brussels with anti-lockdown protesters setting the streets ablaze and clashing with police on Sunday.
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13 days 3:47
Belarus border migrants lobbing rocks at Polish forces are blasted with tear gas & water cannons
Polish security forces turned water cannon on migrants who threw rocks across the Belarusian border, where thousands have gathered in a chaotic attempt to reach the European Union, footage shared by
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24 days 2:29
Fireworks launched towards police as protesters descend on Parliament
FIREWORKS were launched at police as hundreds of anti-Government protesters descended on the streets of London.
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17 days 1:42
Covid-19 UK: Boris Johnson 'concerned' by spike in Europe
Coronavirus latest: BORIS Johnson has voiced 'concern' over the spike in coronavirus cases in Europe as he urges people to get booster jabs.
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21 day 2:38
Polish security forces face off with hundreds of migrants at Belarus border
HUGE crowds of migrants battle to enter Poland from Belarus as security forces become overwhelmed.
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12 days 1:54
Covid-19 UK - PM warns Brits must get boosters to ‘avoid restrictions'
Coronavirus latest - PRIME Minister Boris Johnson on Monday urged Brits to get their coronavirus boosters as soon as they are eligible.
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26 days 1:41
Christmas under threat as Covid-19 ‘penetrates elderly’
THE UK is facing a "problematic" Christmas as Covid has begun "penetrating" the older vulnerable groups, an expert warned this morning.
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1 day 0:53
Passengers arriving from SA react to quarantine policies
Spreading cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus are linked to travel from South Africa. Early signs suggest that the new strain may spread as fast or faster than Delta.
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17 days 3:14
Migrant crisis at Poland Belarus border 'goes from bad to worse'
MIGRANT crisis goes 'from bad to worse' says humanitarians, as harsh conditions at the Poland and Belarus border have led to a loss of life.
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5 days 1:18
'Drug dealer' chucks cannabis out the window in front of police #Shorts
A SUSPECTED drug dealer opens a window and chucks out piles of cannabis — as stunned police look on. The man tipped boxes of marijuana from a flat above a shop.
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5 days 1:49
Huge explosions heard and homes urgently evacuated as inferno breaks out at a factory in Hull
HUGE explosions have been heard with homes urgently evacuated after a blazing inferno broke out at a factory in Hull today.
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14 days 1:32
Liverpool hospital taxi explosion, Remembrance day car bomb
A taxi exploded in a fireball just seconds after pulling up outside a hospital in a Remembrance Day bomb blast.
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3 days 2:25
COVID-19 UK - South Africa detects new variant that could've already reached Britain
Coronavirus latest - The new variant of coronavirus has more than 50 mutations overall.
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7 days 3:24
COVID-19 - Austria national lockdown & mandatory vaccine, 'we will not stop protesting'
Coronavirus latest - Austria enters lockdown on Monday despite protests against reinstated restrictions and the compulsory vaccine.
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10 days 1:25
Austria to plunge EVERYONE into full lockdown & makes vaccine mandatory
AUSTRIA will plunge itself into a nationwide lockdown from Monday as Covid cases soar and hospital corridors fill with dead bodies.
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13 days 1:17
La Palma: Drone footage shows huge steaming headland formed by lava
INCREDIBLE Drone footage shows HUGE new headland formed over the sea by volcanic lava spreading from La Palma's Cumbre Vieja volcano.
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13 days 4:36
Belarus migrants blasted with water cannons by Polish border force
MIGRANTS at the Belarus and Poland border were blasted by water cannons today as Polish security forces took action at barbed wire perimeters.
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9 days 0:33
'Ghost' knocks over pint of beer at 'haunted' pub #Shorts 👻 🍺
TERRIFIED punters were given the shock of their lives when a pint full of beer with no one near it suddenly toppled over in a "haunted" pub.
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13 days 2:24
Liverpool explosion - Raised terror alert brings on strong police presence
MERSEYSIDE Police increase presence of uniformed officers to reassure the public as terror threat level is increased in Liverpool.
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11 days 4:51
Armed police raid WRONG house & drag terrified man out in his boxers
A RING video doorbell captures the terrifying moment armed police officers raid the wrong address.
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26 days 2:17
Suspect jumps from bridge after high speed police chase in Florida
DRAMATIC moment suspect on-the-run JUMPS from Edison Bridge after a high-speed police chase in Florida.
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20 days 1:43
Covid-19 UK - Mandatory vaccination for NHS staff deadline set
Coronavirus latest - Frontline NHS workers and social care staff will need to have Covid-19 vaccinations in England to continue in their jobs, the Health Secretary has announced.
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10 days 1:06
Driver crashes car into cop station & sets road on FIRE
THIS is the terrifying moment a man crashed a car into a police station before setting a busy road on fire.
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24 days 3:29
David Fuller admits murder & sexually assaulting corpses
HARROWING moment serial killer and necrophiliac, David Fuller admits guilt to appalling crimes after an investigation spanning over 20 years.
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10 days 1:28
France SLAMMED as cops idly WATCH migrants launch boat towards Britain
FRENCH police have been filmed idly standing by while some 20 migrants launched a boat in the Channel towards Britain.
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24 days 1:03
New beaches form along La Palma's lava delta
The first beaches are beginning to form along the new lava delta on the Spanish island of La Palma, volcanology researchers at Spain’s Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology (IPNA) said on
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14 hours 3:23
Omicron COVID-19: JVT on boosters for all adults and jabs for under-15s
DEPUTY Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam reveals plans to provide ALL UK adults with booster jabs and provide second vaccine doses to young people aged 12-15 years.
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