27 days 13:16
Trump Talks Big Lie on Fox After $1.6 BILLION Defamation Suit
Donald Trump kept trying to repeat the big election lie on Laura Ingraham, right after Fox News was hit with a massive defamation lawsuit from Dominion.
540 266
17 days 11:52
Whoopi SILENCES Meghan McCain: "Are You Done?"
Meghan McCain tried to rant against the idea of Biden's America and boycotts of Georgia businesses only to owned yet again by Whoopi Goldberg.
522 398
22 days 6:47
Trump Aides TRASH Matt Gaetz in Leaked Texts
A bunch of Republican officials and former Trump aides trashed Matt Gaetz in a private group text after news of his current DOJ investigation broke.
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14 days 9:15
McConnell's Corruption Finally Catches Him
Mitch McConnell is now backtracking on his comments about businesses speaking out against the Georgia Voting Law, in his own corrupt, lying way.
505 263
2 days 10:32
Greg Gutfeld's Disgusting Reaction To Chauvin Verdict
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld reacted to the Chauvin verdict saying even though he didn't think Chauvin was guilty, at least there won't be looting - because of course.
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18 days 9:05
TYT Viewer Absolutely WRECKS Ted Cruz
A TYT viewer absolutely destroys Ted Cruz's ridiculous video from the Rio Grande. Aida Rodriguez and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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8 days 7:58
Racist Army Vet ARRESTED For Harassing Black Man
An Army Veteran who harassed a Black man taking a walk in his neighborhood has since been arrested in South Carolina.
420 704
12 days 9:04
Man Tells Armed Boogaloo Boys To Go The F Home!
A Michigan Man told some armed Boogaloos to get out when they were protesting the arrest of a man after a 36-hour police standoff.
370 289
7 days 6:46
Child On Bicycle Confronts Racist Neighbor
A racist person videotaped being called out by a child for flying a Confederate flag and then posted it on the internet to brag...
364 101
5 days 13:23
Jim Clyburn SILENCES Jim Jordan: Shut Your Mouth!
Rep. Jim Jordan throws a little temper tantrum over masks and Reps. Jim Clyburn and Maxine Waters get him to shut his mouth.
357 768
21 day 7:35
SHOCKING Matt Gaetz Investigation Developments
The Department of Justice is looking into whether Rep. Matt Gaetz has had relationships with multiple underage girls, in a shocking new development.
342 673
1 day 12:37
CHAOS Erupts in Congress After Jim Jordan's Disgusting Behavior
Former police officer, and current Democratic Congresswoman, Val Demings took Jim Jordan to task over his hypocrisy on police.
329 329
21 day 13:15
Governor FACEPLANTS While Discussing Biden's Infrastructure Plan
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem makes a dumb attack that Biden's infrastructure plan includes actual infrastructure in an interview with Sean Hannity.
329 233
2 days 8:25
Tucker Carlson Embraces Chauvin, Anglo-Saxon Tradition
Tucker Carlson rants on Maxine Waters, the pressures of a jury trial for Derek Chauvin, and incorrectly on the origins of trial by jury.
313 820
23 days 11:25
Chauvin Lawyer Tries To Fight MMA Fighter
Derek Chauvin's lawyer had a bit of a problem with an MMA fighter's witness testimony, and it was incredibly gross.
304 389
8 days 5:56
Matt Gaetz Scandal's Takes Serious Turn
New details shed light on Rep. Matt Gaetz trip to the Bahamas, and details how his phone may have been seized.
295 209
12 days 4:14
Trump's Library ON HOLD, Here's Why
Donald Trump isn't ready to commit to a Presidential Library, because he doesn't think he's done being President quite yet...
291 518
23 days 8:38
BREAKING: Matt Gaetz Under Investigation For Sex Trafficking
Florida Republican Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Department of Justice over a possible sexual relationship with a minor that potentially crossed statelines, in an inquiry started under
275 902
2 days 11:15
Whoopi Chides Meghan McCain on BLM Protests
Meghan McCain yet again exposes herself as a vapid conservative troll, this time on Black Lives Matter protests, and gets embarrassed by Whoopi Goldberg again.
275 196
3 days 11:33
Derek Chauvin BEGS For Mistrial And He Might Get One...
Derek Chauvin's attorney asked for a mistrial as the jury begins deliberations over recent comments by Rep. Maxine Waters.
272 905
20 days 10:04
AOC To Cruz: Your Resignation is Late!
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no problem calling out the problems at the border, whether that is President Biden or the Senator of Cancun, Ted Cruz. John Iadarola, Dr.
271 544
20 days 12:32
Report: Matt Gaetz Paid For Sex, And There's Receipts
The latest news for Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz does not look good, as new reports show he may have paid for sex using online payment apps.
264 663
1 day 8:52
Florida Governor Signs $1 Billion Tax On EVERYONE
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law an estimated $1 billion online sales tax on all Florida residents to pay for budget deficits and commercial tax cuts.
255 232
13 days 13:00
Ex-Fox Host STORMS Off From Interview
Former Fox News host Eric Bolling walked out of an interview with the BBC's Newsnight over allegations of racism.
254 254
13 days 11:48
Cops Immediately Arrest Black Man, Not White Suspect
Los Angeles police responded to a call from a white woman about her white ex-boyfriend... and immediately arrest the first black man they see.
254 139
16 days 8:11
New Matt Gaetz Details Just Keep Coming
A former Republican State Legislature says that Matt Gaetz as a State Rep voted against revenge porn legislation because it was Gaetz' right to do what he wanted with any such pictures.
252 041
5 days 8:22
Mike Lindell's Free Speech Site Flops
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is trying to create a safe space, free speech site that immediately goes of the rails.
248 052
26 days 11:46
Atlanta Suspect's Church CAUGHT Deleting Sermons
The Atlanta shooting suspect's church has been caught deleting incriminating sermons on "radical feminism" and other right-wing hate ideology.
245 924
21 day 12:36
Sarah Palin Understands COVID, After Getting COVID
Sarah Palin is speaking out to Americans to wear masks after her own bout of coronavirus as if this hasn't been a threat for over a year.
245 347
16 days 13:22
Say Goodbye To Affordable Housing
A new report has exposed how affordable low and middle-income housing has been destroyed by investors, not real people.
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