8 days 5:00
Trump Left Stunned After Senate Republicans Finally Stand Up To Him
A shocking thing happened this week when Republicans finally found a tax cut that they weren't in favor of passing.
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21 day 5:35
Trump Freaks Out After Media Catches Him Golfing Again
The media once again reported on Trump's seemingly nonstop golf outings this weekend, but this time the President decided to fire back at the media.
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17 days 4:36
Republican Senators Are Fed Up With Trump And Want To Get Away
Republican strategists and consultants aren't being shy about telling the media exactly what is happening behind the scenes in the Republican Party, and the picture that they are painting isn't one
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29 days 4:23
Republicans Can't Find Anyone Willing To Pay For Trump's Florida Convention
The Republican National Committee has spent MILLIONS of dollars on their North Carolina convention, only to have Donald Trump complain about social distancing, forcing the Party to move his part of
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5 days 4:33
Trump Campaign Accused Of Laundering $170 Million To Trump Businesses
A complaint from a watchdog organization claims that the Trump reelection campaign has illegally "laundered" close to $170 million from the campaign to their personal businesses.
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23 days 3:57
Trump Grows More Depressed As His Campaign Collapses
June was a rough month for the Trump reelection campaign, to say the least.
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26 days 5:05
Trump's Favorite Lie Just Blew Up In His Face
For several weeks, Donald Trump has been telling the world that the reason the number of cases of Covid-19 has gone up so much in the United States is because we're simply doing more testing
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9 days 4:07
Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend Is Ruining Trump's Reelection Campaign
Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host who is dating Donald Trump, Jr., has been put in charge of fundraising for Donald Trump's reelection campaign.
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10 days 5:05
Fox News Angers Trump Again With Latest Poll Numbers
Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to get worse with each new poll that comes out, including the ones from Fox News.
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27 days 8:29
Republican Senators Are Starting To Bail On Trump's GOP Convention
At least 5 Republican Senators have announced that they will not be attending Donald Trump's nomination ceremony in Jacksonville, Florida in August.
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29 days 5:11
Florida Republicans Have Had Enough Of Donald Trump
With many other swing states looking like a lock for Joe Biden at this point, Donald Trump is pinning all of his hopes on the state of Florida.
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23 days 4:47
Lindsey Graham Is Getting CRUSHED In His Senate Race
Jaime Harrison, the Democrat challenging Lindsey Graham in South Carolina's Senate race this year has just posted a record-shattering $13.9 million fundraising haul.  The race is neck and neck, and
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25 days 3:46
Trump's Only Trusted Pollster Just Told Him Everyone Hates Him
Rasmussen is the only polling company that Donald Trump trusts, and the pollsters there have consistently given Trump better numbers than any other polling company.
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4 days 8:38
Trump Continues To Implode As Staff Loses All Control
Donald Trump is losing his grip on his administration, his campaign for reelection, and reality at this point, and his staffers in Washington have just about had enough.
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18 days 5:14
Trump Goes On Deranged Dishwasher Rant During White House Event
During a White House event on how awesome it is to have no rules in the country, Donald Trump went on a truly deranged rant about water pressure and dishwashers.
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26 days 3:20
Supreme Court Orders Trump To Turn Over Financial Records
The Supreme Court this morning ordered Trump to turn his financial records to investigators in New York, a major blow to the President.
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1 day 4:41
Trump Forced To Suspend Ads As Campaign Falls Apart
The Trump campaign has announced that they are going to temporarily stop running advertisements for their campaign and the 2020 election because they believe that they need to retool their message.
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19 days 5:20
Republicans Predict Pathetic Turnout For Trump's RNC Convention Speech
According to reports, Republicans are predicting a pathetic turnout for Donald Trump's speech at the RNC convention.
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7 days 4:46
Deranged Trump Says Its ILLEGAL For Negative News About Him To Trend On Twitter
In a bizarre and unprovoked tweet on Monday, the President claimed that it was illegal for negative stories about him to trend on Twitter, and that the social media company was doing this
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16 days 5:09
Trump's Push To Reopen Schools Is Sending His Poll Numbers To New Lows
Donald Trump refuses to back down from his push to reopen schools in a few weeks, even as the number of new Covid-19 cases continues to climb nationally.
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11 days 3:44
Trump Admin Orders Filmmakers To Hide Footage Until After Election
Trump's Department of Homeland Security is threatening Netflix filmmakers to not release any of the damning footage that they have captured during a filming session for a documentary about Trump's
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8 days 3:58
Judge Says Trump's Stormtroopers Can't Arrest Journalists For Documenting Abuses
Late last week a federal judge issued an emergency injunction barring Trump's Homeland Security forces from arresting journalists and legal observers in Portland, unless these individuals committed
235 164
22 days 4:48
Aides Brought In Big Trucks To Cheer Up Depressed Trump
Use code ROF to get 15% off a Vincero watch at vincerowatches.com/rof  According to a new report by The Washington Post, aides for the President, including Hope Hicks, were hoping to
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1 day 4:09
House Republicans Prepare For Historic Losses Thanks To Trump
Republicans in the House of Representatives are no longer able to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.
225 290
8 days 4:19
Republicans Are FURIOUS With Jared Kushner For Hiding RNC Money
House Republicans fear that they are in for another Blue Wave that could wipe out even more Republican seats in November, and they are begging the RNC to give them some cash to run better campaigns.
218 949
3 days 4:58
Trump's Biggest Supporters Now Think He's Turned Into A Fascist
Steven Calabresi, the founder of the conservative Federalist Society, penned a scathing op-ed in The New York Times calling out Donald Trump's "fascist" idea of postponing the elections this year.
217 660
24 days 4:02
Trump Goes Full Racist As His Presidency Crumbles
Donald Trump's attacks on protestors and his defense of confederate monuments and their flag show that the man is going full racist ahead of the 2020 election.
212 379
13 days 6:18
Tucker Carlson And Sean Hannity Implicated In Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit
Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have been accused of sexual harassment in a new lawsuit, and former Fox reporter Ed Henry is being accused of rape in the same suit.
187 525
20 days 4:30
Trump's Newest Chief Of Staff Is Already Ready To Quit
According to a new report by Politico, Donald Trump's most recent Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, is allegedly already ready to quit the job that he has only had for a few months.
186 172
14 days 4:26
Trump Promises To Sign Imaginary Healthcare Bill In 2 Weeks
Donald Trump told Fox News host Chris Wallace that he will be signing a new healthcare plan into law in just about 2 weeks. That would be interesting news if such a healthcare law existed.
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