13 days 4:52
Fox News Bans Trump Adviser After He Attacks Kamala Harris
Fox News has now banned Trump campaign adviser Harlan Hill after he attacked Senator Kamala Harris on Twitter.
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5 days 4:56
Trump Is Facing MASSIVE Lawsuits When He Leaves Office
Donald Trump is currently being sued and investigated by numerous individuals and law enforcement agencies, and his lawyers have been able to successfully hold these lawsuits off while he's president.
608 508
22 days 5:57
Trump's Campaign Is Out Of Money And Parscale May Have Stolen It
Donald Trump's reelection campaign is starting to pull ads in even more states with just a few weeks left before the election.
545 509
18 days 4:42
The Disgusting Truth About Why Trump Jr 's Girlfriend Was Fired From Fox Has Been Revealed
According to a bombshell new report this week, the reason that Kimberly Guilfoyle was let go from Fox News was because she was a lewd and vile person to her staff.
531 296
19 days 5:17
Red States Are Getting Hit With MASSIVE Covid Wave Right Before Election
In a bad sign for Republicans in November, Red States are the ones seeing the largest increases in new daily COVID-19 infections as they lift restrictions prematurely in order to appease Trump.
521 941
5 days 3:32
Trump Forced To Sell Discounted Merch As Campaign Cash Dries Up
The Trump campaign is running out of time and money, and they have a lot of stuff in their online campaign store that they need to get rid of.
519 431
27 days 3:48
Trump Screamed And Threw A Tantrum After His Approval Among Minorities Didn't Rise
According to a report, Donald Trump was so furious that his First Step Act didn't improve his poll numbers with African Americans that he screamed at his staff and threw a temper tantrum.
517 027
27 days 4:26
Trump Demands Biden Drop Out After Senate Report Clears Him Of Wrongdoing
On Thursday, Donald Trump gave a radio interview to Fox Radio where he said that Joe Biden should drop out of the Presidential race because of the Ukraine report that was released this week.
484 535
15 days 10:02
Trump Immediately Freaks Out After Learning He's Sabotaging His Campaign
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472 005
4 days 4:02
Trump Sparks Questions About His Mental Health After Slurring At Iowa Rally
Donald Trump loves to talk about how his opponent, Joe Biden, isn't mentally fit to be President, and those claims always come back to bite the President.
471 013
9 days 4:03
Judge Says Trump's Border Wall Is Illegal And Can't Be Built
Late last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Donald Trump does not have the authority to re-appropriate money to pay for his border wall, thereby making the construction of the wall
469 935
7 days 5:01
New Polls Show Trump Losing Every Midwest Swing State
According to the latest round of polling, Midwest swing states - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania - have now all swung to Joe Biden, as the former Vice President is being propelled by
462 955
18 days 3:51
Trump In Serious Trouble As Florida Seniors Abandon Him
Elderly voters in Florida have always given Republicans the edge.
445 749
29 days 6:21
Staffers Get Angry Because Trump NEVER Shows Up For Work
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12 days 5:05
Republicans Are Freaking Out About Biden's Massive Lead
Joe Biden now has a commanding lead over Donald Trump with less a month to go before the election, and Republicans are freaking out.
400 719
25 days 8:55
Lindsey Graham Cries To Fox News About Everyone Hating Him
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News this week to whine about the fact that his opponent, Jaime Harrison, is outraising him and that Graham himself is getting killed financially.
395 114
12 days 3:50
Judge Smacks Down Trump's Latest Attack On Immigrants
Donald Trump was hoping to energize his base with a renewed attack on immigrants, but a federal judge has now put the brakes on one of his plans.
390 909
26 days 5:18
William Barr Might Cost Trump The Election
Attorney General William Barr has been given the task of "defunding" liberal cities across the country, and this week Trump announced that these cities had officially been designated as "anarchist"
380 272
13 days 4:21
Trump Sends Panicked Tweet Warning Of Armageddon If Biden Wins
The president is descending into full-blown madness, and it is actually quite terrifying to witness.
360 136
21 day 3:57
Trump Family Is Terrified That Parscale Is About To Snitch On Them
According to reports, Trump World is currently in a state of panic over former campaign manager Brad Parscale, and there is reportedly a concern that he is going to start talking to the authorities.
342 444
16 days 5:30
Medical Analyst Says Trump Needs Psychiatric Evaluation After Hospital Stunt
A CNN medical analyst has said that Donald Trump's little hospital stunt on Sunday where he had Secret Service agents drive him around to wave at his supporters around the hospital should warrant a
333 601
10 days 3:35
Donald Trump Is Going Nuts Right Before Our Eyes
A desperate Trump is a dangerous Trump, and we are witnessing the worst version of this man imaginable.
325 907
23 days 4:02
Trump's Taxes May Have Revealed Serious Crimes By Ivanka
The reporting from The New York Times about Donald Trump's taxes may have accidentally revealed a major crime committed by Ivanka Trump.
324 104
19 hours 5:57
Giuliani In Trouble After Borat Catches Him With His Hand In His Pants
The new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm will be available to stream on Friday, but one of the biggest reveals in the movie is already making headlines.
311 552
8 days 3:23
Republicans Are Begging Trump To Shut Up While They Confirm His Judge
Republicans want Donald Trump to stop doing and saying stupid things for just a few days so that they can confirm his SCOTUS nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
309 539
22 days 4:09
Trump Official Publicly Announces He's Breaking The Law And No One Cares
Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump's Commerce Secretary, publicly announced that he would be defying a court order and ending the census early.
299 622
27 days 4:11
The Left Gets Divided After Mitch McConnell Busts His Ass Trying To Get Onstage
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tripped and fell while walking onstage to give a speech recently, and his fall seems to have, like most issues, divided the Left.
288 895
25 days 4:58
Trump's Aides Think He'll Suffer Humiliating Failure In Debate
Aides to Donald Trump believe that the President's arrogance is going to be his undoing in the upcoming debate against Joe Biden.
285 539
14 days 4:40
Trump's Campaign Is Out Of Money And Pulling Ads From Swing States
Donald Trump's reelection campaign is clearly running out of money, as it was announced this week that they would be pulling even more ads from swing states with less than a month to go before the
268 564
3 days 4:30
Staffers Worry That "Trump Stink" Will Prevent Them From Getting Jobs If Trump Loses
Staffers in Donald Trump's White House are starting to panic that they won't be able to find jobs after this administration is over.
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