10 days 3:35
Aide Says Trump Lost It After His Insurrection Failed
According to new reports, Donald Trump was furious when his insurrection failed, and he has now completely "lost it." This makes sense: The storming of the Capitol was supposed to be a show of
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7 days 3:49
Forbes Warns Companies That Hiring Former Trump Officials Will Destroy Their Reputations
Forbes Magazine is warning the biggest companies in the country that if they hire former members of the Trump administration, they will destroy their reputations.
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19 days 3:38
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22 days 3:11
Trump Supporters Are Suing Mike Pence For The Dumbest Reason Ever
A group of Trump supporters have now filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence that has one election lawyer saying the suit is "just so dumb." These supporters are suing Pence because he has
753 310
29 days 4:05
Pro-Trump Lawyer In Big Trouble After Repeatedly Lying About Voting Machine Company
Dominion, the voting machine company that Trump's lawyers have repeatedly trashed since election day, is now firing back at pro-Trump lawyers for potentially slandering the company in their bid to
534 918
3 days 5:59
Trump Can't Find Any Lawyers Willing To Represent Him During Impeachment Trial
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11 days 4:53
Matt Gaetz Gets BOOED After Blaming Capitol Incident on ‘Antifa’
Republican Representative Matt Gaetz showed the country how deranged he truly is on Wednesday evening when he went on the House floor and actually said that the people who stormed the Capitol were
434 827
23 days 3:41
Mitch McConnell Begs Republicans To Not Cause A Scene When Congress Certifies Election Results
The Electoral College vote still has to be certified in a formal, joint session of Congress, and Mitch McConnell is worried that a few nutjobs in his party are going to make a spectacle of
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18 days 3:28
Trump Junior Thinks That His Father's Loss Means U.S. Is Headed For Tyranny
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20 days 4:43
Trump's Allies Are About To Get Sued Into Oblivion
Mellissa Carone, the woman who Rudy Giuliani made famous by having her testify publicly about voter fraud but she just came across as a crazy person, has been issued a warning by Dominion voting
363 569
29 days 4:06
Kayleigh McEnany Thinks Congress Will Overturn Election And Give Trump Another Term
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Sean Hannity this week that it was entirely possible that Congress could end up ratifying an alternate slate of pro-Trump electors, and then Trump
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8 days 2:54
Trump Got Crushed Worse Than Any President In 100 Years
According to the numbers, the last time a political party lost the White House, the House, and the Senate in a single term was in 1932, meaning that the Republican Party being ruled by Donald Trump
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23 days 3:41
Trump Launches Final Attack On Social Security Before Leaving Office
The Trump Administration is still trying to scale back the number of people who qualify for Social Security Disability benefits by changing the criteria for who qualifies.
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16 days 4:48
Trump Attacks His Own Supreme Court Justices For Not Stealing Election For Him
Donald Trump has put one-third of the current Supreme Court justices on the bench, but that knowledge didn't stop him from attacking those Justices in a weekend tweet this past Saturday.
309 600
1 day 3:09
Trump Aides Officially Give Up Trying To Help Him
According to new reports, aides to the President have officially said that they are giving up trying to rein in or even comfort Donald Trump after his second impeachment.
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12 days 5:26
Scotland Says Trump Not Allowed To Hide In Their Country To Avoid Biden Inauguration
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21 day 3:58
Trump Vows To Fight The Republican Party For Betraying Him
Over the holidays, Donald Trump enjoyed numerous rounds of golf while he also plotted his revenge against the entire Republican Party.
300 440
12 days 5:49
Republicans Lose Power After Major Defeat In Georgia
The Senate runoff in Georgia is over, and at least one corrupt Republican will not be returning to Washington, D.C. as a senator: Kelly Loeffler.
296 786
7 days 4:02
Trump Has Been Traumatized By Losing The Election And Can't Function Anymore
According to a report from CNN this week, losing the election has traumatized Donald Trump, and he is unable to think or talk about anything else.
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9 days 3:43
295 165
18 days 3:38
Even Melania Thinks Its Time For Trump To Concede
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1 day 4:13
Pictures Appear To Show Trump Officials Looting The White House
Based on the pictures that emerged late in the week, it would certainly appear that members of the Trump administration are looting the White House before Trump moves out.
286 532
3 days 4:05
Trump Jr. Now Targeted In Inauguration Funds Investigation
Donald Trump, Jr. is now being targeted by the Washington, D.C. attorney general as part of the ongoing investigation into the possible misuse of inaugural funds from his father's inauguration.
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10 days 3:49
Giuliani Called Wrong Number Trying To Beg Tommy Tuberville To Stall Electoral College Vote
According to reports, Rudy Giuliani attempted to have newly-sworn in Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville to stall the certification of the Electoral College votes, but his plan hit a minor snag - he
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26 days 6:55
Trump Issues Ominous Threat Of Second Term After Trashing Covid Relief Package
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23 days 3:16
Trump Has Driven Himself Insane With His Own Delusions
Donald Trump continued to rant and rave about the election being a farce, even after the Electoral College cast their votes and gave Biden the victory.
262 285
29 days 5:41
Betsy DeVos Tells Staffers To Obstruct The Biden Administration
According to reports this week, outgoing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is telling career Department of Education staffers that they need to "resist" the incoming Biden Administration's agenda.
259 496
16 days 4:09
Republican Pollster Thinks Trump Has Already Cost Republicans The Georgia Senate Runoff
According to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, Donald Trump might have already cost Republicans the runoff election in Georgia.
247 346
4 days 5:55
Deranged Republican Congresswoman Says She's Impeaching Joe Biden On Day 1
Republicans are already planning revenge against the Democrats, and apparently newly-minted Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the one leading the way.
246 539
10 days 4:24
Josh Hawley's Own Donors Turn On Him After He Tries To Overturn Election
Republican Senator Josh Hawley thought that he was going to make a name for himself by challenging the 2020 Presidential election results, and technically he wasn't wrong about that.
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