13 days 4:49
Trump Loses In Court Again And May Have To Testify Now
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** Donald Trump has had absolutely no luck at all in any of the court cases he's involved
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2 days 3:12
Arizona Republicans Spent $150,000 To Prove Trump Still Lost The Election
The total cost of the ridiculous ballot audit taking place in Arizona is now over $150,000 - money that could have been better spent doing literally anything else in Arizona.
595 484
10 days 4:03
Republicans Start To Realize The Public Isn't Buying Their Lies Anymore
Republicans have spent decades preaching, but never actually practicing, "Fiscal conservatism" where they constantly whine about government spending and debts and say that these things must be
593 820
9 days 3:17
Deranged Trump Attorney Says He Found Trump Still Living In White House
Former Trump attorney Lin Wood posted a series of updates on his social media this past week where he claims that not only was he wandering around the White House looking for "Joey" Biden, but that
590 712
21 day 3:18
Supreme Court Hands Another Major Legal Blow To Donald Trump
The Supreme Court on Monday dealt another major blow to both Donald Trump and Republicans by refusing to take up a legal challenge to Pennsylvania's voting laws.
587 757
11 days 3:27
Mitch McConnell Finally Takes A Shot At Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been attacking Mitch McConnell again this week, and apparently the Senate Minority Leader was tired of sitting idly by as Trump insulted him, so McConnell made a very clever jab
559 199
27 days 4:04
Desperate Trump Tries Again To Block Congress From Getting His Financial Records
Donald Trump is still desperate to prevent Congress from getting their hands on his financial documents, including his tax returns, and he has sent his lawyers to do everything in their power to
500 308
4 days 5:27
Capitol Rioter Goes Completely Berserk During Court Hearing
During a virtual court hearing this week, a Capitol rioter named Landon Copeland became irate and belligerent at anyone and everyone, repeatedly having to be either put on mute or into a separate
485 232
24 days 3:32
Republicans Start To Realize That Trump Doesn't Actually Have Any Power
Some members of the Republican Party are beginning to understand that Donald Trump doesn't actually have any real power over the Party.
483 981
13 days 4:09
Amy Coney Barrett Proves She's As Corrupt As We All Feared She'd Be
Justice Amy Coney Barrett has decided that she doesn't need to recuse herself from a case involving the Koch-funded group Americans For Prosperity, even though the group spent big money to run
478 935
23 days 4:03
Matt Gaetz's Former Schoolmates Admit He's Always Been A Scumbag
Business Insider spoke to nearly two dozen former classmates of Matt Gaetz from his old high school, and they painted a very clear picture of who Gaetz really is.
476 607
22 days 5:20
Trump's Legal Troubles Are About To Get Much Worse
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** Donald Trump could easily be in more legal trouble soon, after E.
464 943
7 days 4:33
Staffers Are Begging Fox Executives To Fire Tucker Carlson
A new report by The Daily Beast reveals that staffers at Fox News have been pleading with the network to fire Tucker Carlson for quite some time, but their cries have fallen upon deaf ears.
438 736
13 days 4:23
Fox News Tries To Wiggle Out Of Lawsuit By Throwing Trump Lawyers Under The Bus
Lawyers for Fox News this week tried to wriggle out of responsibility for spreading ridiculous election lies by telling a judge that they shouldn't have needed to fact check Donald Trump's lawyers.
422 257
24 days 3:39
Trump Has Already Doomed His Chances Of Being President Again
Donald Trump is still publicly toying with the idea of another Presidential run, but the truth is that he has already proven that he can't win again.
410 175
8 days 3:31
Jared Kushner Gets Smacked Down By Judge Over Numerous Legal Violations
Jared Kushner is once again facing serious legal trouble, this time for apartment complex's that his company owns a share of in Maryland.
408 823
8 days 4:15
Trump Gives The Saddest Speech Ever To Bored Hotel Guests
Typically when they leave office, there is such high demand for former presidents to speak at meetings or other functions that they are able to charge upwards of half a million dollars for just an
406 263
20 days 2:34
Ted Nugent Said COVID Was A Hoax, Now He Says It Almost Killed Him
Right wing musician Ted Nugent has spent the past year trying to downplay the pandemic, and now he says that contracting the disease almost killed him.
393 687
11 days 3:51
Republicans Start To Worry As Trump Obsesses Over Bogus Arizona Recount
Donald Trump is reportedly obsessed with the ridiculous ballot recount taking place in Arizona, and he is asking aides all throughout the day to give him updates about what is happening.
386 935
10 days 4:27
MAGA Rioters Were SHOCKED That They Got Arrested For Their Insurrection
Many of the rioters that took part in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol were absolutely shocked that they were taken away for their involvement.
358 517
14 days 4:58
MAGA Rioter Grovels Before Judge For Mocking Mask Order
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343 236
27 days 8:44
Matt Gaetz's Political Career Is Going Down In Flames & Betsy DeVos Dismantled Sexual Assault Laws
Via America’s Lawyer: Sex trafficking and prostitution allegations have turned Matt Gaetz into a political pariah, as more details of his impropriety emerge by the day.
341 903
1 day 5:14
Republicans Hid Trump's Pathetic Poll Numbers From Party
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341 811
22 days 3:45
Matt Gaetz's Ex Girlfriend Is TERRIFIED That The Feds Recorded Her Calls
An ex-girlfriend of Matt Gaetz is now terrified that her phone calls with the women involved in the scandal may have been taped, and that she could end up being charged with obstruction of justice
334 638
2 days 3:39
Residents Demand Trump's Name Be Removed From Florida Building
A condo complex in South Florida has decided to remove Trump's name from the building after all the residents agreed that it was bad for the condos.
311 709
27 days 5:05
Lawsuit Says Fox News Hosts Colluded With Trump's Lawyers
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** Voting software company Smartmatic has filed a motion in their defamation lawsuit
308 620
12 days 5:48
Rudy Giuliani's Legal Problems Are Worse Than You Think
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296 763
26 days 5:02
New Study Blows Up The Biggest Myth Of Trump's Rise To Power
A new report from The Washington Post appears to blow up the biggest myth about Donald Trump's rise to power, and that is that he didn't actually increase the Republican Party's share of "white
292 390
20 days 4:48
Bill Barr Was ENRAGED At Matt Gaetz For Interfering In DOJ Investigation
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** A new report says that then-Attorney General Bill Barr flew into a fit of rage after it
290 328
11 days 6:07
Matt Gaetz's Buddy Flips And Accuses Gaetz Of Serious Crime
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