23 days 4:02
Trump-Loving Congresswoman Left ‘Visibly Shaken’ After Trump Attacks Her At Dinner
Pro-Trump Representative Nicole Malliotakis was left "visibly shaken" after she was attacked by Donald Trump at a dinner the two attended earlier this week.
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14 days 4:28
Trump Goes Ballistic After Former Aide Says Trump Once Admitted He Lost 2020 Election
Donald Trump went absolutely ballistic this week after former aide Alyssa Farah told the media that Trump admitted he had lost the 2020 election in the immediate aftermath of the election (before he
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16 days 5:24
Trump Threatens Mitch McConnell In The Stupidest Way Possible
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22 days 6:04
Tucker Carlson Gets Absolutely Destroyed By Republican Congressman
Republican Congressman Mike Turner absolutely ruined Tucker Carlson's night this week when he tore into the Fox News host for not understanding why the United States was allies with Ukraine instead
252 402
11 days 4:50
Mary Trump Says Threats Of Criminal Charges Could Cause Her Uncle To Run For President Again
Mary Trump, the niece of former president Donald Trump, said recently that if Trump believes he has no chance of losing, he will not hesitate to run for President again.
237 247
26 days 4:33
MyPillow CEO Vows To Release Election Fraud Evidence When No One Is Looking
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is planning a massive streaming event the week of Thanksgiving, that will begin on Wednesday before the holiday and go all the way through Black Friday.
197 269
3 days 3:23
Trump Releases INSANE Statement Begging People To Debate Him About Election Results
Donald Trump has officially become a "debate me" bro after issuing a truly bonkers statement saying that no one is willing to go up against him to challenge his lies about the 2020 election.
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28 days 4:13
Trump's Social Media Company Forced To Plan For Possibility Of Trump Going To Prison
Truth Social, the conservative social media site that is being launched by Donald Trump, has been forced to include clauses in their contracts that deal with what would happen if Trump runs for
194 906
15 days 4:51
MyPillow CEO Unveils Insane Plan To Overturn Election At Supreme Court
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his grand plan to undo the 2020 election via the Supreme Court this week, and he says that the lawsuit he has filed will give them the option to either overturn
193 612
18 days 4:10
Trump Has A Meltdown Over Reports McConnell Wanted To ‘Disinvite’ Him From Biden's Inauguration
Donald Trump threw a toddler-level tantrum on Monday after reports surfaced saying that Mitch McConnell drafted a letter to "un-invite" him from Biden's inauguration.
192 168
19 days 4:42
Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Wants Nothing To Do With Politics
In yet another bizarre appearance on the now-indicted Steve Bannon's podcast, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene made the hypocritical claim that she wants nothing to do with politics.
181 952
11 days 3:55
Mitch McConnell Begs Democrats Not To Touch The Supreme Court
Mitch McConnell recently wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post where he whined about Democrats attacking the "independence" of the judiciary, specifically with regard to the Supreme Court.
177 937
17 days 4:49
Sidney Powell Gets Smacked Down By Federal Judge Over Ridiculous Lawsuit
and take your free 30-second quiz! Thank you #noom for sponsoring today’s video! A federal judge has shot down a lawsuit brought by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.
174 179
13 days 3:43
Trump's Anger Could Cost Republicans Control Of Georgia
Donald Trump's lingering anger at Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has a lot of Republicans worried that the former president could fracture the GOP in the state ahead of next year's
173 271
17 days 3:51
Donald Trump's Lawyers Offer The Dumbest Argument Yet To Conceal His January 6th Records
Donald Trump and his legal team are clearly getting desperate, and their latest filing shows it.
169 144
29 days 4:16
Tucker Carlson Is FURIOUS That Trump Isn't Sending Money To Capitol Rioters
Tucker Carlson did the unimaginable this week and actually called out Donald Trump. But it wasn't over his election lies or the nonstop corruption and incompetence we saw while he was in office.
168 629
27 days 3:23
Trump Uses Absurd Legal Argument To Beg Judge To Slow Down January 6th Investigation
Donald Trump, by way of his lawyers, tried to argue that the judge overseeing his lawsuit against the National Archives needed to slow down the case so that they could look over every individual
166 200
3 days 6:25
Trump's Lawyer Crashes And Burns
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22 days 4:30
Donald Trump Appears To Be Running His Own Shadow Government
Donald Trump announced this week that he has been using his former ambassador/National Intelligence Director Richard Grenell as an "Envoy Ambassador" to Kosovo and Serbia.
164 556
16 days 3:47
Agency Trump Picked To Handle Pandemic Spent ZERO Dollars Fighting Pandemic
Following the passage of the first stimulus package during the Trump administration, Trump gave the U.S.
159 539
23 days 3:57
Geraldo Calls Out Vaccinated Hypocrites At Fox News
Geraldo Rivera called out the vaccinated hypocrites at Fox News for peddling lies about vaccines and making people believe that vaccine mandates are evil.
155 499
18 days 5:07
Bannon Threatens Biden After Surrendering To Authorities
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12 days 3:21
More Coup Memos Have Emerged From Trump's Other Lawyers
Apparently John Eastman wasn't the only lawyer who wanted to find a way to overturn the 2020 election - Jenna Ellis also, allegedly, drafted her own version of a coup memo to help convince Mike
147 752
26 days 5:26
MAGA Republicans Vow To Make Colleagues Pay For Voting For Infrastructure Package
13 Republican members of the House voted to pass the long-awaited infrastructure package on Friday, and it immediately caused a meltdown among the MAGA-loving Republicans in the Chamber.
146 488
22 days 6:39
Trump Orders Republicans To Boycott All Non Conservative Companies
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4 days 5:32
Photos Reveal Trump's Golf Courses Are Violating Federal Law
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9 days 3:56
Warmonger John Bolton Makes A Bold Prediction About Trump's 2024 Plans
Former Trump advisor and noted warmonger John Bolton came out with a bold prediction about Trump's 2024 plans this week.
136 507
15 days 4:32
Republicans Are FURIOUS That FBI Will Now Monitor Their Threats Against School Board Members
The FBI has now setup their system to track threats against school board members across the country, and Republicans are furious about this.
134 630
1 day 2:33
Another Trump Supporter Has Been Arrested For Voter Fraud
A Trump supporter in Florida has been arrested after allegedly committing voter fraud, likely to the benefit of Donald Trump in last year's election.
133 491
14 days 4:30
Trump Was Named In 1,200 Threat Reports Prior To 2020 Election
The Department of Homeland Security analyzes millions of threats every year, but in the lead-up to the 2020 election, they received roughly 1,200 threat reports that mentioned the name "Trump." In
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