17 days 6:10
Young Voters Wants A Revolution, Older Voters Want Normalcy
There is a massive age gap in American politics today, with younger voters favoring Bernie Sanders and his revolutionary ideas while older Democratic voters are flocking to Joe Biden and his return | 1 Feb 2020, 18:00
27 038
1 day 3:50
Republicans Try To Boost Bernie Because They Think Trump Will Beat Him
Republicans have been attempted to boost Bernie Sanders ahead of his Democratic rivals because they believe that he will be easier for Donald Trump to beat. 17 Feb 2020, 19:00
26 970
7 days 4:41
Bernie Sanders Is Officially The Democratic Frontrunner
The latest polling data shows that Bernie Sanders has firmly displaced Joe Biden as the Democratic frontrunner, and a strong showing in New Hampshire today could drive those numbers even higher. 11 Feb 2020, 23:00
26 478
23 days 3:13
Trump’s White House Has Been 3 Years Of Pure Chaos
According to the authors of a new book, Donald Trump’s entire tenure as president can be summed up in a single word: Chaos. 26 Jan 2020, 22:00
26 371
3 days 4:40
Democrats Demand Answers From EPA On Why They Are Silencing Scientists
Democrats on the House Science Committee are demanding answers from the EPA as to why they are proposing to limit the amount of influence that actual scientists have in their agency and in | 15 Feb 2020, 18:00
26 071
29 days 3:42
Judge Says Trump’s Refugee Ban Is Not Legal
Last week, a federal judge put a temporary halt to Donald Trump’s order allowing cities and states to refuse to resettle refugees in their areas. 20 Jan 2020, 22:00
25 688
23 days 4:46
Trump Admits He’ll Cut Social Security & Medicare In Second Term
Donald Trump admitted this week in an interview that, if he gets reelected, he will be cutting Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. 26 Jan 2020, 18:00
24 646
19 days 5:24
Republicans Want To End The Impeachment Trial Tomorrow
Republicans in the Senate are hoping that they can bring the entire impeachment of Donald Trump to a close on Friday, ending this chapter of the Presidency and moving forward. 30 Jan 2020, 23:00
24 508
16 days 4:22
Republicans In Congress Made MILLIONS From Their Tax Cut Bill
Republicans in the House and Senate made a killing off of their 2017 tax cut bill, pulling in millions of dollars a year as a result of the cuts they put in place. 2 Feb 2020, 19:00
24 250
25 days 4:34
Republicans Block New Impeachment Evidence Then Whine About Being Bored
Senate Republicans have prevented the Democrats from introducing any new impeachment evidence during Trump’s trial, but they still have the audacity to whine to the press about not hearing anything | 24 Jan 2020, 18:00
23 920
22 days 4:18
Evil Trump Admin Will Let California BURN
According to recently obtained emails, the Trump administration manipulated scientific data to claim that California’s wildfires were caused by having too many trees, instead of being attributable | 27 Jan 2020, 22:00
23 547
14 days 5:10
Bankers And Billionaires Start To Freak Out Over Bernie Sanders’ Surge
The folks on Wall Street are starting to freak out over the fact that Bernie Sanders keeps rising in the polls, and they want to do whatever they can to stop him. 4 Feb 2020, 22:00
23 077
14 days 4:46
Washington Post Offers Some HORRIBLE Advice On How To Beat Trump
Donald Trump isn’t the smartest person to ever hold the Oval Office, and most voters are keenly aware of this fact. 4 Feb 2020, 21:00
22 466
26 days 3:57
Tucker Carlson Bizarrely Claims Adam Schiff Had No Friends In High School
Tucker Carlson has decided that the only way to fight back against impeachment is to start acting like a child, and on his Wednesday night program he made the claim that Representative Adam Schiff | 23 Jan 2020, 22:00
21 887
18 days 4:57
Wilbur Ross Says Coronavirus Will Be GREAT For US Economy
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appeared on Fox News this week to talk about how awesome the coronavirus is going to be for the U.S. economy. 31 Jan 2020, 19:00
21 866
1 day 4:13
Trump Plans To Spend BILLIONS On New Nukes
Donald Trump is planning on ramping up the U.S. nuclear arsenal by spending billions of dollars on new plutonium cores to build new nuclear weapons. 17 Feb 2020, 23:00
21 633
8 days 3:58
Trump Is Overcharging The Secret Service To Stay At His Hotels
According to a new analysis from The Washington Post, the U.S. Secret Service has been clearly overcharged by Donald Trump’s hotels, and that is cost that is being paid by taxpayers. 10 Feb 2020, 23:00
20 299
28 days 6:22
Majority Of Americans Want Senate To Remove Trump From Office
📰 Download Newsvoice for free at newsvoice.com/ring Bad news for both Donald Trump and the Republican Party, as the latest polling shows that a slim majority of American citizens want the | 21 Jan 2020, 22:00
20 031
4 days 5:47
Democrats And Republicans Team Up To Limit Trump’s War Powers
The Senate voted on Thursday to limit Donald Trump’s ability to carry out military strikes against other countries, particularly Iran. 14 Feb 2020, 22:00
19 272
6 days 5:11
Andrew Yang Drops Out – Will His Supporters Switch To Bernie?
Andrew Yang announced Tuesday evening that he was suspending his presidential campaign, which means that it is over for the Yang Gang. 12 Feb 2020, 21:00
19 267
9 days 6:39
Maryland Officer Faces Murder Charges After Execution Of Handcuffed Detainee
Via America’s Lawyer: Former DC metro police officer Ronald Hampton joins Mike Papantonio to talk about the murder of William Green WHILE he was handcuffed and detained in the front of Corporal | 9 Feb 2020, 20:00
18 414
2 days 5:41
The World Just Hit Dangerous Climate Change Milestone And No One Cared
Earlier this month, the planet hit a dangerous milestone of 416ppm of carbon dioxide. 16 Feb 2020, 18:00
18 199
11 days 6:39
Bitter Hillary Clinton Emerges Again To Smear Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton just can’t stop herself from trashing Bernie Sanders, the man who is currently the frontrunner in the Democratic race for the nomination. 7 Feb 2020, 23:00
18 087
28 days 6:40
Hillary Clinton Trashes Bernie In Disgusting New Interview
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18 045
26 days 5:24
Consistent Polling Shows Bernie Beats Trump Every Time
The latest round of polling shows, once again, that Bernie Sanders is the best suited to beat Donald Trump, holding a nine-point lead over him nationally. 23 Jan 2020, 18:00
17 976
11 hours 5:49
Kellyanne Conway Says Bloomberg’s Sexism Is Bad, But Not Trump’s
**Support independent, corporate-free media by subscribing to Newsvoice - newsvoice.com/kicker ** Appearing on Fox News this weekend, Kellyanne Conway railed against Mike Bloomberg’s | 18 Feb 2020, 18:00
17 501
11 days 4:26
Establishment In Full Blown Panic After Biden’s Weak Iowa Performance
Joe Biden wasn’t expected to win the Iowa caucus, but he WAS expected to do better than he did. Much better. 7 Feb 2020, 19:00
17 480
10 hours 3:01
Ted Cruz Accidentally Becomes Pro-Choice Activist With Brilliant Self-Own
Ted Cruz is sick to his stomach over a bill in Alabama that would force men to have vasectomies after the age of 50 or if they already have 3 children. 18 Feb 2020, 19:00
16 575
15 days 6:04
Scammed Students Demand Harsher Punishment For Betsy DeVos
A federal judge has been asked to increase a $100,000 contempt fine which was ordered against the U.S. 4 Feb 2020, 0:00
16 300
19 days 3:59
Trump’s Lawyers Argue That A Little Foreign Meddling Is OK
Donald Trump’s lawyers have launched a new defense of the President’s actions, claiming that a little foreign meddling in our electoral process is ok. 30 Jan 2020, 18:00
15 734
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