17 days 10:35
The State Of The Democratic Race, One Month From Iowa
The Democratic presidential primary will officially kick off with the Iowa caucuses on February 3. The crowded field continues to show fluctuations, with Sen. 7 Jan 2020, 23:31
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7 days 4:57
Massive Layoffs At iHeart Media
When iHeart Media acquired several Boston radio stations in 2017, it was known that the company would need to make massive cuts at some point to deal with its multi-billion dollar debt. 17 Jan 2020, 23:27
16 days 12:08
After Iran Strikes Back, President Trump Indicates A De-Escalation
After Iran struck two U.S. 8 Jan 2020, 23:28
7 days 5:49
Did CNN Ask Loaded Questions At The Democratic Debate?
CNN debate moderators were panned this week for their framing of questions at the Democratic presidential debate — particularly one inquiry that accepted Senator Elizabeth Warren’s version of events | 17 Jan 2020, 23:35
8 days 9:18
Local Chefs Join Forces To Support Australia In Its Fight Against Wildfires
Historic wildfires in Australia have killed at least 28 people and as many as a billion animals since September, with the flames expected to continue through at least March. 17 Jan 2020, 0:01
14 days 6:35
A Fissure At Fox Over The Soleimani Strike
Following the U.S. 10 Jan 2020, 23:26
18 days 14:16
Tensions Build In Iran As Fallout Continues From Killing Of Soleimani
Days after President Trump ordered the killing of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike while he was in Iraq, fallout continues with vows of revenge, words of caution from other world powers | 6 Jan 2020, 23:37
14 days 6:07
Rants & Raves: 01/10/20
The panel reviews this week in media. 10 Jan 2020, 23:36
22 days 11:18
Julian Castro Drops Out of the 2020 Race
With just a month to go until the Iowa Caucuses, yet another Democrat dropped out of the 2020 race: Julian Castro. 2 Jan 2020, 23:19
21 day 6:54
NYT Columnist Sparks Criticism
A controversial Bret Stephens column sparks criticism at the New York Times. 3 Jan 2020, 22:08
21 day 5:41
Rants & Raves: January 3, 2020
The panel reviews the week in media. 3 Jan 2020, 22:12
10 days 13:47
Michael Kirk On ‘America’s Great Divide’
A new Quinnipiac poll shows the stark division in Americans’ views of Trump, with 87 percent of Democrats saying they think the President should be removed from office following his recent | 14 Jan 2020, 23:37
22 days 8:34
“McCarthy: Power Feeds on Fear,” Chronicles the Rise and Fall of Sen. Joseph McCarthy
At the height of the Cold War, Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to power by stoking fears, declaring his opponents "enemies of the state,” and overwhelming the press and the public with one lie after | 2 Jan 2020, 23:18
28 days 2:16
7 days 4:50
Rants & Raves: 01/17/20
The panel reviews this week in media. 17 Jan 2020, 23:48
21 day 5:26
2020 Media Predictions: Social Media
The panelists share their 2020 predictions with respect to social media. 3 Jan 2020, 22:05
21 day 32:43
2020 Presidential Candidate Deval Patrick
Former Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick appears on Boston Public Radio to take questions about his candidacy for president. 3 Jan 2020, 16:45
7 days 6:46
Why Did The MLB Scandal Catch The Media Off-Guard?
The sign-stealing scandal that embroiled the Red Sox this week appeared to explode out of nowhere with the departure of manager Alex Cora, but there were hints that something was brewing as far back | 17 Jan 2020, 23:20
11 days 3:17
IMHO: Trump’s Latest Bow To Climate Change Deniers
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on President Trump’s slashing of the National Environmental Policy Act. 13 Jan 2020, 23:08
21 day 4:41
2020 Media Predictions: Network & Cable
The panelists share their 2020 predictions with respect to network and cable news. 3 Jan 2020, 22:08
14 days 7:28
A Focus On ‘Firsts’
The election of Boston’s most diverse city council ever was historic by all accounts, but at what point does diversity become the norm — and how should local press properly cover such stories? 10 Jan 2020, 23:31
2 days 7:49
Calls for MIT President To Resign Intensify Following Report On Epstein Money
It’s been more than five months since Jeffrey Epstein died in a New York jail cell, where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, but several major institutions are still grappling today | 22 Jan 2020, 23:55
7 days 4:42
Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig Sues NYT, Claiming Defamation
Lessig claims the paper used a headline that did not accurately reflect his position on MIT accepting donations from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 17 Jan 2020, 23:40
10 days 4:46
Treating Gaming Addiction
In the United States, 97 percent of teenage boys play video games, and with competitive e-sports on the rise, gaming will only become more popular and available. 14 Jan 2020, 23:16
23 days 27:06
Michael Bloomberg on Growing Up in Massachusetts
Back in the summer of 1997, Michael Bloomberg sat down with WGBH's Emily Rooney to talk about his then new memoir, his local roots, and his future ambitions. 2 Jan 2020, 5:00
22 days 3:19
IMHO: A Boeing CEO’S Golden Parachute
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on ex-Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg getting a $39 million golden parachute, after two deadly plane crashes. 2 Jan 2020, 23:17
21 day 4:28
2020 Media Predictions: Local News
The panelists share their 2020 predictions with respect to local news. 3 Jan 2020, 22:06
14 days 6:50
How Should The Press Describe Soleimani’s Death?
After the United States killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike, American journalists debated whether to label it an ‘assassination’ or a ‘targeted killing.’ On this week’s edition | 10 Jan 2020, 23:21
8 days 10:26
Can A Woman Get Elected In 2020?
Although Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are each standing by their stories about their 2018 conversation regarding gender in the presidential election, the question is now out in the | 16 Jan 2020, 23:45
9 days 2:58
IMHO: Don Jr.’s Sad ‘Triggering’ Routine
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on Donald Trump Jr. posting a photo with far-right symbolism, all while coyly claiming ‘humorless liberals’ are overreacting. 15 Jan 2020, 23:34
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