10 days 0:34
Russians Form Human Chain to Save Drowning Woman’s Life | The Moscow Times
Around 30 Russians formed a human chain to save a woman's life in the city of Perm last week. Onlookers who saw the woman drowning in the river held hands and managed to pull her from the water.
17 days 0:53
Massive Anti-Kremlin Protests in Russia’s Far East | The Moscow Times
Ten of thousands of protesters took to the streets over the weekend in the eastern Russian city of Khabarovsk to protest the arrest of the region's popular governor Sergei Furgal.
23 days 0:57
Belarus Protests Turn Violent as Opposition Candidates Barred from Elections | The Moscow Times
Protests in Belarus turned violent Tuesday, with over 100 people detained by police.
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31 day 0:34
Russian Space Chief Adviser and Ex-Journalist Arrested | The Moscow Times
On July 7, FSB agents arrested Russian space chief advisor and former journalist Ivan Safronov on suspicion of state treason.
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32 days 0:37
Hundreds of Jet Skis Race Through St. Petersburg | The Moscow Times
On July 4, over 100 jet skis raced through the canals of St. Petersburg in a parade celebrating the beginning of jet ski season. St.
43 days 3:03
Russian Artists Call for Justice in "Theater Trial" | The Moscow Times
A verdict will be reached on June 26 in the so-called "theater trial." Four people, including director Kirill Serebrennikov, have been accused of embezzlement.
44 days 1:28
Russia Holds 75th Victory Day Parade | The Moscow Times
Read more here: bit.ly/2NoKe0D Russia held its famous Victory Day parade on Moscow's Red Square on June 24.
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49 days 1:00
Hundreds of Protesters Form Solidarity Ring in Belarus | The Moscow Times
On June 18, hundreds of Belarussians formed a 'solidarity chain' in Minsk to protest the detentions of several opposition candidates in the country's presidential election.
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56 days 1:26
Russia Day 2020 | The Moscow Times
On June 12 1990 Russia became an independent nation with the declaration of state sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.
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64 days 1:12
Fuel Spill in Russia’s Most Polluted City Sparks Ecological Disaster | The Moscow Times
More than 20,000 tons of diesel fuel spilled into a Siberian river near the industrial city of Norilsk on May 29.
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66 days 1:12
Russian Political Ad Bashes Gay Marriage | The Moscow Times
Pro-Kremlin media groups have released a political ad that bashes gay marriage and paints same-sex adoption in a negative light.
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67 days 1:13
Elon Musk’s Deepfake Soviet Song Takes Over the Russian Internet | The Moscow Times
Tech billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk successfully sent astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon spaceship to the International Space Station in the first-ever private manned mission into space.
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74 days 0:38
Russian Anti-Coronavirus Party | The Moscow Times
An anti-coronavirus party took place in Russia's third-largest city of Novosibirsk on Saturday.
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74 days 0:41
Funeral Home Shootout in Moscow | The Moscow Times
A shootout went down in Moscow on May 24, as nine men took fire on each other on the street. The violent run-in turned out to be a financial dispute over a funeral home.
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80 days 1:27
Wild Animals Roam Russian Cities During Quarantine | The Moscow Times
With the coronavirus pandemic leaving Russia's cities quiet and deserted, its wild animals have decided to check things out.
88 days 1:07
Even Russian Politicians Get Bored in Quarantine | The Moscow Times
Russian politicians: They're just like us. With much of Russia under coronavirus lockdown, its leaders have been working and holding meetings through video conferencing for the past several weeks.
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90 days 3:43
Russia’s Victory Day Parade Through the Decades | The Moscow Times
Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi forces in World War II.
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94 days 4:17
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95 days 0:46
Military Planes Fly Over Moscow in Victory Day Rehearsal | The Moscow Times
Look up! Seventy-four Russian military airplanes and helicopters flew over Moscow today to rehearse for Russia's Victory Day celebration.
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101 day 2:01
Russian Nurse Describes Poor Conditions at Coronavirus Hospital | The Moscow Times
This former nurse at Russia's main coronavirus clinic, the Kommunarka hospital in Moscow, describes the poor work conditions that caused her to quit.
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102 days 0:48
Russian Polar Bear ‘Plays’ Volleyball | The Moscow Times
Khaarchaana (or "Snowflake") the polar bear misses socializing just like the rest of us, according to her handlers at the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg.
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105 days 1:18
Russia’s Armed Forces Megachurch Nears Completion | The Moscow Times
Russia is nearing completion of a mega-church built for its Armed Forces.
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106 days 0:41
Sick Russian Nurses in Storage Room Spark Outrage | The Moscow Times
This video of sick nurses hooked up to IV drips in the storage room of a hospital in the republic of Dagestan sparked outrage on Russian social media.
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112 days 0:38
Driver Encounters Endangered Tiger in Siberia | The Moscow Times
Who will you find on the roads of Russia's Far East? One driver had a rare run-in with an Amur tiger, the largest and northernmost subspecies of tiger.
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113 days 0:57
Russia Releases Footage of Fatal 2019 Plane Crash | The Moscow Times
New footage has been released of the tragic 2019 Aeroflot plane crash at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.
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114 days 0:48
Moscow's Digital Pass System Causes Massive Lines and Crowds | The Moscow Times
As Moscow launched its mandatory digital pass system for all public and private transport on Wednesday, long lines formed outside metro stations across the city during rush hour as police checked
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115 days 0:47
Fires Rage Through Chernobyl Exclusion Zone | The Moscow Times
A forest fire raging in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has prompted concern over radiation potentially spreading into densely populated areas.
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119 days 0:47
Quarantined Russians Stage Concerts From the Balcony | The Moscow Times
The hills are alive with the sound...of quarantine! Russians all over the country are providing entertainment to their neighbors by singing popular songs from their balconies.
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121 day 1:09
Russia’s Tatarstan Enforces Quarantine Through Texting | The Moscow Times
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian republic of Tatarstan has enacted a regionwide self-isolation order.
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