1 hour 4:46
Polls Show Candidates Are Neck-and-Neck for Virginia Gov's Race
Jonathan Capehart has a one-on-one discussion with Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe about his recent win in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.
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1 hour 9:37
U.S. Associate AG Vanita Gupta On The Right To Protect Voting Rights
U.S. Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, explains the ongoing fight of the Department of Justice to protect the rights of voters in her first TV interview since taking the No.
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1 hour 5:06
Chris Matthews, Former Host of Hardball, Joins Jonathan Capehart
Long-time MSNBC host, Chris Matthews, provides an in-depth perspective of what it was like reporting on the most monumental moments that occurred in U.S history.
1 hour 3:51
Israel's Parliament Approves New Coalition Govt. Ending Netanyahu's 12-Year Tenure
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced out of his 12 years in power after the country’s parliament approved a new coalition government.
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4 hours 4:04
Assault Weapons 'Unintended' By Founding Fathers
Rev. Al Sharpton slams the recent ruling by a federal judge to overturn California's assault weapons ban.
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5 hours 4:17
President Biden Became 13th U.S. President To Meet Queen Elizabeth
British historian Andrew Roberts joins Chris Jansing on MSNBC Reports to talk about President Biden's meeting with Queen Elizabeth on Sunday.
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6 hours 7:24
VP Harris Puts Spotlight On Economic Investment in Central America
During Vice President Kamala Harris’s first trip abroad, she highlighted ways the U.S.
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6 hours 3:30
Rep. Raul Ruiz on Harris’ Central American Trip
On the heels of Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Central America, Alicia Menendez sits down with Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair, Rep. Raul Ruiz.
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20 hours 8:32
Growth in Black Business: 'Small Investments Can Boost Small Business'
Black businesses see growth in startup creation amid pandemic stresses - was it the stimulus? Scott Stern and Jennifer Jones Austin join Rev.
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21 hour 3:47
Four States To End Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits Early
Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, and Mississippi all plan to cut off federal Covid-19 unemployment benefits 3 months early.
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23 hours 3:23
Rep. Val Demings Announces Her Run For A U.S. Senate Seat
In ‘Who Got Next?’ Dr. Jason Johnson and his panel of experts breaks down how Senator Marco Rubio will create a challenge for Rep.
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23 hours 8:43
Who Really Benefits From The Gig Economy?
Studies have shown 69% percent of Lyft drivers identify as a member of racial minority and/or ethnic group.
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1 day 2:33
Pride Mini-Street Festival In NYC Includes A Vaccine Site
The Brooklyn Pride mini-street festival will include a Covid vaccine pop-up site this year to help bring New York back to a sense of normalcy.
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1 day 4:31
Poor People’s Campaign Taking A Stance On The "For the People Act"
Bishop William Barber, Co-Chairman of The Poor People’s Campaign, will attend the ‘Moral Monday March on Manchin’ to address West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s position on the filibuster and the
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1 day 8:52
Queer Representation In Pop Culture
As more LGBTQ+ representation appears on mainstream media, Dr.
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1 day 3:18
Velshi: Marsha P. Johnson Was A LGBTQ+ Trailblazer. Her Work Is Not Finished
"Pay it no mind". It was a phrase that became popular in the '60s and '70s among members of the LGBTQ community. But in 1969, the abuse against the gay community in America could no longer be ignored.
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1 day 2:25
‘We’re On The Same Page’: Biden Holds Meeting With President Macron
On the third day of Biden’s foreign trip to the G-7 Summit, he held a bilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron who mentions facing a lot of challenges such as climate change and the
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1 day 4:34
The FDA Has Approved The First Alzheimer’s Drug In Almost 20 Years
The FDA went against an external advisory board and approved Biogen’s Aduhelm drug, the first treatment for Alzheimer’s in almost 20 years.
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1 day 4:03
Remembering The Victims Of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting
As we celebrate Pride month and on the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson traveled to Orlando, Florida to speak to a survivor and the owner of the club about
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1 day 7:28
How Prosecuting Trump Could Protect The Future Of American Democracy
A new piece by The Boston Globe editorial board argues the Biden Justice Department must act now to hold Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power while in office.
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1 day 3:01
Pulitzers Honor Darnella Frazier Who Recorded George Floyd Murder
MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details of Danella Frazier, the young woman who recorded the video of George Floyd's death that altered history, being awarded a 2021 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.
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1 day 5:17
Tyranny Expert: Maintaining Democracy Is A Constant Challenge
With alarms bells ringing about the health of American democracy, how worried should people be? Yale professor, author, and tyranny expert Timothy Snyder joins us to discuss.
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1 day 8:47
Democrats Demand Answers About Trump-Era DOJ Data Seizures
Democrats are demanding answers from the Justice Department and testimony from former Trump officials after a New York Times report revealed Trump's DOJ seized data on House Intelligence Cmte.
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1 day 3:55
Advice For Sen. Joe Manchin From Someone Who’s Been There
Former Virginia Representative Tom Perriello understands the tightrope that Senator Joe Manchin walks, as a Democrat representing conservative constituents.
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1 day 5:33
Biden's DOJ Has A Plan To Protect Voting Rights. Is It Enough?
With voting rights legislation going nowhere fast on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Justice Dept.
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1 day 9:18
Maddow To DOJ Officials: Wake Up! You Have To Fix This
Rachel Maddow reports on the strong condemnations and calls for investigations of Trump-era abuses of the Department of Justice, but points out that some of the people involved in the politicization
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1 day 10:09
Election Workers Terrorized In Trump Republicans' Attack On 2020 Results
Rachel Maddow shares details from a new Reuters report about the threats and intimidation faced by even the most local election workers from people inspired by Donald Trump's lying about foul play
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