1 day 8:13
A Week Of Law Enforcement Headlines Leaves Americans Looking For New Solutions | Rachel Maddow
Phillip Atiba Goff, co-founder and CEO of the Center for Policing Equity, talks about new ideas in how to restructure the response to the types of situations that police deal with in ways that are
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1 day 6:06
Comity In Congress After 1/6 Impeded By GOP Boosters Of Trump's Big Lie | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rep. Dan Kildee talks about healing from the trauma of the raid on the U.S.
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1 day 6:47
Minoritarian Trick Eyed By Michigan GOP To Skirt Veto Of New Voting Restrictions | Rachel Maddow
Jocelyn Benson, Michigan secretary of state, talks about the broad public support for measures that make voting easier in Michigan, and the ploy state Republicans are planning to undermine that
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1 day 6:53
Pro-Trump Lawmakers Forming "America First Caucus" | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Far-right Republican lawmakers are forming the “America First Caucus” to protect "Anglo-Saxon political traditions." We discuss with Bill Kristol. Aired on 04/17/2021. » Subscribe to MSNBC: on.
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1 day 5:35
Biden Faced With New Mass Shooting As He Attempts To Carry Out Agenda | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Biden calls gun violence a “national embarrassment” after eight people were killed in shooting at an Indiana FedEx facility. Demonstrations continue over fatal police shootings.
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1 day 4:15
Kirschner: Oath Keeper Pleading Guilty ‘Will Start The Dominos Falling’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor, joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss how prosecutors "will bring every drop of criminal information out of" the member of the Trump mob who pleaded guilty
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1 day 5:56
Florida State Rep. Says With Anti-Trans Bill, GOP Put ‘Partisanship Over People’ | The Last Word
This week the Florida House passed a bill with unanimous Republican support that would ban transgender athletes from playing on girls' or women's sports teams. Florida State Rep.
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1 day 5:05
St. Louis Police Lt.: ‘I’m In A Union That Holds Bad Cops Accountable’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
St. Louis Metro Police Lt. Cheryl Orange is a member of the Ethical Society of Police, a police union founded by Black officers to fight racism and hold police accountable for misconduct.
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1 day 3:52
Nurse Practitioner Rushes To Vaccinate Those Homebound Before Doses Expire | The Last Word | MSNBC
Family Nurse Practitioner Tarik Khan tells Jonathan Capehart that he has been racing across Philadelphia with doses that are about to expire to vaccinate people who are homebound. Aired on 04/17/2021.
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1 day 2:47
Trump’s Legal Storm: Judge Warns Citizen Trump He Could Be In Trouble | The Beat With Ari Melber
Citizen Donald Trump taps a new lawyer and a new defense to counter the New York DA investigating his finances.
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1 day 6:32
Hard-Right Republicans Form Caucus To Protect ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’ | All In | MSNBC
According to reports, a group of House Republicans including Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Green and Arizona's Paul Gosar are forming an "America First Caucus" to protect "Anglo-Saxon political
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1 day 4:21
Chris Hayes On America’s ‘Exceptional’ Problem With Violence | All In | MSNBC
"America is a country born of violence," says Chris Hayes. "We live with that set of institutions and traditions.
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1 day 9:06
‘It Cannot Happen Again’: Lt. Gen. Honoré On His Capitol Riot Security Review | All In | MSNBC
“It cannot happen again, will not happen again,” says Lt. General Russel Honoré on what needs to change to avoid another riot such as the one on January 6th. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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1 day 6:07
Trump Collusion Exposed In 2021: Mueller Vet On Revealed Kremlin Link | The Beat With Ari Melber
Mueller probe veteran and Manafort prosecutor Andrew Weissman explains why the new collusion “bombshell” is important, and breaks news revealing the Mueller team did not have this information from
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1 day 11:17
Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: GOP's Gaetz Leaves Money Trail As Trump Goes Silent
The sex trafficking probe involving Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is dividing House Republicans and putting pressure on Gaetz’s once-tight relationship with Trump.
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1 day 2:18
'Self-Sabotage': GOP Flails Post-Trump While Biden’s Popularity Soars | The Beat With Ari Melber
America has shifted from an unusually unpopular and polarizing president to one who is supported and even uniting voters from both parties on key plans, posing a challenge for the Republican party.
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1 day 4:14
Joy Reid On Mass Shootings: ‘We As A Nation Have To Take A Hard Look At Who We Are’ | The ReidOut
In the past month, we’ve seen 53 mass shootings in this country alone. Joy says, “The country is at a breaking point, folks.
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1 day 8:45
The First Guilty Plea Has Been Entered In Jan. 6 Riot Cases. What That Could Mean For The Rest
100 days post insurrection, Punchbowl News founder Jake Sherman and NBC News correspondent Pete Williams join Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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1 day 6:37
Riggleman Says Number Of GOP Who Believe The Election Was Stolen Is Being Undercounted | Deadline
Denver Riggleman, former Republican Congressman from Virginia, speaks to what his party has turned into now that “Trump is the new establishment” and how he has been battling a war against
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1 day 8:32
Martin Sheen’s New Film Judas & Black Messiah Is ‘Reflective Of So Much Of What Is Going On Today’
Actor Martin Sheen, star of the Oscar-nominated film “Judas and the Black Messiah,” draws the parallel between the struggles of the Black Panthers in the 1960’s to today’s reckoning on racial justice.
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1 day 8:40
Matt Viser: ‘The Question Now Is How They Build From These Numbers’ | Deadline | MSNBC
White House reporter for the Washington Post Matt Viser, former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, and President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton discuss how President
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1 day 1:34
Democratic Lawmaker Reacts To America First Caucus Recruiting On ‘Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions’
Some House Republicans are reportedly creating an “America First Caucus” based on “Anglo-Saxon political traditions. Rep.
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1 day 3:47
Rep. Swalwell Says That On Gun Legislation ‘Senate Needs To Reflect Where The American People Are’
Following yet another mass shooting, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) expresses urgency in passing gun legislation and explains why he is optimistic something will get done. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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1 day 4:07
Mother Reunites With 6-Year-Old Son After He Spent Weeks In Government Custody | Ayman Mohyeldin
NBC News reporter Dasha Burns speaks with a migrant mother about her mission to reunite with her young son after he spent weeks in government custody. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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1 day 2:27
Biden: Mass Shootings In U.S. Are A ‘National Embarrassment’ | MSNBC
During a press conference with the prime minster of Japan, President Biden responded to the latest in a recent string of mass shootings in the U.S., calling them a “national embarrassment” and
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1 day 4:17
Capitol Hill Correspondents Share Reflections 100 Days Since Jan. 6 Riot | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Kasie Hunt and Garrett Haake, two NBC News congressional correspondents, reflect on the 100 days since rioters attacked the Capitol.
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1 day 4:13
Jeremy Bash: Newly Announced Sanctions Are A 'Deterrence Against Russia' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Jeremy Bash joins Kasie Hunt to discuss the newly announced U.S. sanctions against Russia.
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1 day 2:58
Police Identify Suspect In Deadly Shooting At Indianapolis Fedex Facility | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC
Law enforcement sources have said that the suspected gunman involved in the deadly shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis is 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole. NBC's Antonia Hylton has details.
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1 day 3:39
The First Priority Is To Gather Information At The Scene In Investigation | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Katherine Schweit, former executive in charge of the FBI's active shooter program, joins Kasie Hunt to discuss the shooting that killed eight people at an Indianapolis Fedex facility yesterday.
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