The Gamer's Guide To Surviving Christmas

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Published on 22 Dec 2018, 6:00
It's Christmas time and there's no need to be afraid... Here are the games to help! Radio 1's Julia Hardy and Steffan Powell present the best ways to survive the holidays.

The Christmas period presents its own unique set of problems for the average gamer. On the December edition of The Gaming Show Julia, Steffan and a panel of gaming experts help you through with The Gamer's Guide to the festive season.

The first obstacle for many this Christmas will be getting home. Traffic, trains...there's a hundred different things between you and that family get together. While once upon a time this was slow torture, Steffan looks at the best games on the Switch to wile away the time.

When you finally do make it home, what better way to get everyone together to play some of the best co-operative releases from the year on your chosen console? Of course, there's always the worry that too much time with the family is going to... let's say become a little much sometimes. So Steffan runs through the best games of 2018 you can play on your mobile for when you need a little alone time.

Once everyone's had too much sherry and gone to bed, and you are the last one up with the telly all to yourself. It's time for the biggest question of all: What big game to dive into? And to round off, Julia also delves in to the most anticipated games of the year ahead.