flor: slow motion [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Published on 27 Mar 2019, 15:02
flor's official video for our new track 'slow motion' - available now!

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easy to see it wasted
deep in the summertime
when the world’s on fire
i feel and taste it
sticks to the roof of my mouth
lasts through the night

it’s coming in a little bit hot see
loving what i feel but it gets to me
and i know
it’s all in my head
and it still
makes the world feel
a little like it ain’t real

i swear you move slow motion
watching you looks like bending time
catch me in your illusion
helping me lose my mind

douse it in the water
cool when you feel it
hot but it’s turning down
it hurts to leave it
but it’s much too much to
handle now