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Published on 17 Mar 2016, 19:12
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I've been pacing around my room
thinking about how I like the color blue
it reminds me of you

I saw a bug on the window pain
I saw a drop followed by the rain
it reminds me of you

and you got me thinking about
all of your freckles and the corners of your mouth
do you think that I'm weird?
I like your kisses and I wish that you were here
all the time I got you on my mind all I do
reminds me of you

I met a bird and he sang a song
he took the melody while I sang along
but I could have been wrong

he told a story about a girl
I'm pretty sure that I understood the words
but I don't speak much bird


(I have tuned my ukulele up a full step and capped on 2. Alternatively you could learn how to play the ukulele in any key besides C. If you want to play this on guitar it's capo 4)

C C F C x2

F G7 C Am
F G7 C Am
F G7 E7 Am
F Fm C

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