"WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO END THIS FIGHT" by Dwayne Ford (Ft. Clara Sorace) • Emotional Vocal Orchestral

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Published on 30 Dec 2019, 15:13
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🎧 Video Details:

Title 1: Loss
Title 2: I Remember You
Composer: Dwayne Ford
Vocals: Clara Sorace
Album: American Epic

Lyrics: "Loss":
Somewhere a man has lost his son
He can’t begin to understand
He takes a knee and says a prayer
For what is one without the other

And in the cold and pouring rain
He calls aloud a single name
And in his heart he feels the pain
For what is one without the other

Somewhere someone has lost a love
They can’t begin to understand
Why every thing they see reminds them of
Why they are one without the other

Somewhere a son must say goodbye
He can’t begin to reason why
While everyone around him cries
He’ll be one without the other

Lyrics "I Remember You":
So many years have come and gone
So much is lost in time
But I still remember you

Standing upon the place where you and I had stood
So long ago - I remember you

I can recall the wind that blew your hair across my face
Like it was part of me
And though that world is lost to me now
Ten thousand miles across the sea
Now I remember you

And I remember those days of glory
The wonder - how we stayed so strong
Oh I remember -

And I remember - I remember you

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