Reach (Official Video)

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14.06.19 – 706 1243:06
Wings For Dreamers
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Be Kind To Your Donkey
Published on 26 Apr 2019, 2:00
A remix of voices from awesome movies.
Video by OneSimpleGamer:

Reach started out as an idea when I was driving home from gym one day. I could hear the chord stabs playing in my head. I made the track in FLStudio using Diva, TAL-U-NO-LX and voices from movies. I used Presswerk, Satin and Pro-Q 2 to get the fat sound I wanted. I used Invisible Limiter to control the final mix, and Sonarworks Reference 4 to help me master the track.

Thank you guys so much for listening to my music! It's such a privilege to connect with you. :)

Also big thanks to Atlas Geneticist and CamJ for helping OneSimpleGamer to make this video. These are seriously talented people!