Our music plan for quarantine

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Published on 26 Mar 2020, 16:30
Hey friends! As you know, a lot of musicians have taken a huge hit recently. We wanted to let you know our "music plan for quarantine." We will continue collaborating remotely with artists to release a song and video every week. The three main points of this video are:

#1 ALL OF OUR PATREON INCOME for the next three months will be paid to musicians, videographers and other creative people we collaborate with.

#2 We're sending a "Best of 2019" album to all of our patrons (as an extra incentive to sign up).

#3 You get to vote what songs go on the album (as extra EXTRA incentive). We completely understand that a lot of you can't give right now - please don't feel any pressure to sign up. All of our music and videos are for free on Spotify and Youtube. This is just our way of continuing to collaborate and pay artists despite the quarantine. THANK YOU for everything you do to support independent music!

Sign up by April 4th to get the album: patreon.com/pomplamoose
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