HOW TO PLAY my song "Sheep": ukulele tutorial!

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Dance Monkey (a quarantine cover)
Published on 24 May 2020, 12:55
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 **NOTE: this song is NOT for beginners. If you are just starting out on ukulele, I recommend you practice more and come back to this song later.

Lyrics, chords, & strumming pattern:

(capo 3)

Intro & verses: F, Dm, D7, Bbm variation

(Intro plucky part)

D C U C U U C U U C (U) / D C U C U U C U U C

We're all sheep
in a herd, on a farm,
but nobody knows where the shepherd has gone.

We're free,
but are we?
'cause none of us have noticed a thing.

Chorus: F, Dm, Bb, C7

D C U C U U C U U C (U) / D C U C U U C U U C
'Cause we're doing the same things
posting the same things
having the same flings
with people like us who are
being the same things
making the same things
following, following,
and playing it safe.

So you found your soulmate
20 miles from where you live
isn't that amazing?
7 billion people on the planet,
and you didn't stray
And you found love
(Or some version of it you're trying to convince us of)


Bridge: A, F, F minor variation??, F, G7, (C7)
Our field is green, yes,
but it's more or less
the same shade of green
Can't you see?


The End :)

~ ~ ~
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