Tessa Violet & Misterwives - Bored (Official Audio)

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Count down to Bored with MISTERWIVES!
Published on 26 Jun 2020, 4:01
the official audio for Tessa Violet's single "Bored" featuring MisterWives from the album Bad Ideas! Check out the videos for my other singles Crush, I Like (the idea of) You, Bad Ideas, and Games on my channel :)

huge thank you to MisterWives - if you haven't pre-saved their upcoming album Superbloom go do that now!

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"Bored" Lyrics:

it’s 4am again
you think that could I sense a trend
I’m staying up too late just so I can stay awake

wish I weren’t so self obsessed
wish that I could be the best
excited with my words
but nervous and I’m BORED

I’m so bored of waking up, I’m so BORED
bored of what’s inside my cup, I’m so BORED
I’m exhausted by my heart
I’d feel good if only I could finish what I start

I’m so BORED
I’m never tired in my bed, I’m so BORED
of these thoughts inside my head, I’m so BORED
bored of being all alone, just hoping I find purpose in these pictures on my phone

my new habit of the week is saying sorry when I speak
I know that it’s no good, there’s no reason why I should

but it’s stuck inside my head, and I can’t get out of bed
I don’t wanna be ignored, but I’m nervous and I’m BORED
easier to throw up the flag, well I don’t know
beat me up for being a drag, well I been dining on crazy I’m filling up on these lies
well I just, wish you would love me but I keep it all inside
you look too hard then you see it’s a joke
and yeah you think you’re trapped but it’s nothing but smoke
you want it better but you, you only choke: is this all there is
Is this all there is

Chords are capo 2 C Am F G the whole way through! or on piano D Bm G A

lyrics & music by Tessa Violet
produced by Seth Earnest

animation credit to Rachel Reizin