Yussi - Suenos En Morado - El Pirata - X DOT 25 Music

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Published on 20 Nov 2020, 17:08
Suenos En Morado is a song from El Pirata. After the successful release of "Bandidos De Amor" by Yussi & Django, and his earlier collaboration with "Axiom of Choice" on their debut album "Beyond Denial", Yussi releases El Pirata as his first solo album.

In this release, Yussi plays an exotic and energetic style of instrumental guitar music that is spiced with fiery improvisations in the tradition of Eastern European Gypsy, Spanish flamenco and American jazz players. His original compositions blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with powerful Latin and Persian rhythms. His music has sweetness, soul, precision, and youthful energy. Man's soul,

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Yussi: Flamenco and Steel String Guitar, Buffalo Drum
Larry G. Goldman: Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitar
Martin Flores: Shaker, Bell Tree
Iraj Lashkari: Doumbek, Moroccan Bongos
Frank: Marocco Accordion
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Studio Le Boudiour by Gil Morales

His solo records include Bandidos de Amor, El Pirata, Velvet Rebel, Atomik Inferno, Exotic Wizard, Galactic Vampire and Phantom Radio. All released on the X DOT 25 Music label. He also released two album with his Latin band Bandidos de Amor.

Yussi plays an array of exotic string instruments such as the Sitar, Bouzouki, Cuatro, Tres, Requinto, Mandolin.