Yussi - Greene Sleeves (Lounge Remix) - Velvet Rebel - X DOT 25 Music

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Lion's Share - Chain Child
Published on 24 Nov 2020, 17:02
Greene Sleeves (Lounge Remix) is a song from Velvet Rebel, an ethereal journey into a world of music, mystery and magic. Jazzy-Brazilian, Mediterranean guitars and exotic rhythms carry you through old Europe, mysterious rainforests and the adventurous far east.

Yussi plays an exotic and energetic style of acoustic guitar instrumental music that is spiced with fiery improvisation in the tradition of Eastern European Gypsy, Spanish flamenco and American jazz players. His exciting, virtuosic playing is captured on this CD, accompanied by some of Los Angeles' finest young musicians utilizing fluid ensemble lines and intelligent harmonies to showcase their amazing technical abilities.

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After the successful release of "Bandidos De Amor" by Yussi & Django, his solo album El Pirata, and his earlier collaboration with "Axiom of Choice" on their debut album "Beyond Denial", Yussi releases Velvet Rebel as his second solo album. His original compositions blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with powerful Latin and Persian rhythms. His music has sweetness, soul, precision, and youthful energy.

His solo records include Bandidos de Amor, El Pirata, Velvet Rebel, Atomik Inferno, Exotic Wizard, Galactic Vampire and Phantom Radio. All released on the X DOT 25 Music label. He also released two album with his Latin band Bandidos de Amor. Yussi plays an array of exotic string instruments such as the Sitar, Bouzouki, Cuatro, Tres, Requinto, Mandolin.