Laura Branigan - Last Performance - Italia Unita Festival in Boston (2004)

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Published on 19 Jan 2020, 23:59
Friday night, July 16, 2004. Laura Branigan performed her last show at the 10th Annual Festival 'Italia Unita' held on the Central Square in East Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Presented by the radio Star 93.7's 'The Rhythm of Boston', Laura headlined the start of the performances of this traditional three-day festival. Her appearance on stage was scheduled for 8:30 pm. In this mini concert, Laura sang live her hit "Solitaire", then "I Know You By Heart" (one of her last recordings), her hits "Self Control", "Gloria" and finally the classic closing with "Forever Young". Sadly we have no the complete video because it was not allowed to film. We only have complete and filmed "Solitaire" 01:11 and "I Know You By Heart" 05:52. Then just a part of "Gloria" 10:34, her thanks to the audience 11:07 and moments of "Forever Young" 11:28.
Another very interesting detail I knew thanks to the valuable testimony of fans is that when she was to sing "Self Control", there was an issue with the audio and meanwhile Laura sang a capella "The Parting Glass", a popular Irish parting song that they usually sing to bid farewell their loved ones. Laura knew many Irish songs but ironically she chose it to sing in which would be her last show maybe as a foreshadowing of what was to happen her or simply for those things of capricious fate...
Anyway it was really special occassion for her because it marked the day that Laura showed her fans that she was finally able to find love again, you can see here she arrived onto stage with her boyfriend, the actor and drummer Tommy Bayiokos in a limo. Tommy said how exciting and fun it was to get out of the limo right on stage. They flew from New York to Boston. They were picked up at the airport in a limo. The audience was clapping, Laura got out and then Tommy got out. Up until then, only her friends and neighbors knew they were a couple. That way it shows that she was really coming back into the light. Esp for her, since she relied on her heart to reach the souls of others, who then reach hers. She had finally made it back to this "I love to perform. The audience is the other half for me. It's like making love. It's an incredible feeling, to reach out and grab their souls and then they grab yours." To do that, she had to open her heart and find the love in there, for her to be complete with us. Today as always our thoughts and prayers are with her and her living memory.
We would be wonderful to find more people who witnessed her performance to tell us more details and share the experience with everyone. THANK YOU ALL!!

* Special thanks to Lisa and everyone else at Italia Unita!

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