Listen to Looch: the untold story of Parliament Funkadelic

Published on 10 Mar 2021, 20:45
Mary Lucia talks about "Tear the Roof Off: the untold story of Parliament Funkadelic." You know when you're watching a doc and it's got "untold" or "the real story," it's going to be told probably by people that weren't the main players. But this documentary is amazing because Parliament were the kind of band the likes of which there may never be another.

A number of members of Parliament Funkadelic are interviewed, including Billy Bass Nelson, who coined the name Funkadelic. George Clinton was undisputedly a genius, but the way he may have treated his bandmates does get called into question.

"Tear the Roof Off: the untold story of Parliament Funkadelic" is streaming now on Amazon Prime, YouTube and other platforms.

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