Now, Now - three songs at The Current (2017)

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Now, Now - Prehistoric
Published on 9 Apr 2021, 2:00
We're continuing to spotlight Minnesota musicians during Minnesota Music Month, and today, we're featuring this full session, recorded in The Current studio in 2017, with Now, Now.

Now, Now formed in Blaine, Minn., around 2003; initially called "Now, Now Every Children," the band shortened the name in 2010. Back in 2012, Now, Now released their second album, "Threads," and its success blew the band away. "We were expecting for it to do the same thing as any of our other EPs," KC Dalager told Andrea Swensson on The Local Show. But along with band members Brad Hale and Jess Abbott, Dalager got written up in national publications; toured with fun., whose song "We Are Young" was just about to explode; and grew a fanbase few local bands can boast. However, Now, Now learned about overexertion the hard way. As they continued to say "yes" to every opportunity, they got more and more burned out.

Five years later, Abbott parted ways with Now, Now to work on her project Tancred, but Hale and Dalager returned with new music: "SGL," a punchy pop/rock single. Watch Now, Now's 2017 performance of that song, plus two songs from their 2012 release, "Threads."

0:00 "SGL"
3:24 "Lucie, Too"
7:10 "Prehistoric"

KC Dalager – vocals, keys, guitar
Brad Hale – drums, beats
Danny O'Brien – guitar
Jef Sundquist – bass

Video & Photo: Nate Ryan
Audio: Michael DeMark; Eric Romani
Production: Andrea Swensson

2012 studio session:
2017 studio session:
2018 MPR booth at the State Fair session:

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