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Published on 18 Apr 2021, 13:30
Music by Berend Salverda
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Artwork by AJ RAMOS
Animation/VFX by Pandora Journey

00:00​​ League of Shadow, Pt.1: "Night Claw"
02:03​​ League of Shadow, Pt.2: "Return to Life"
05:25​​ League of Shadow, Pt.3: "Judgmental Day"
07:19​​ League of Shadow, Pt.4: "Penumbral Lament"
10:22​​ League of Shadow, Pt.5: "The Pack"
13:18​​ League of Shadow, Pt.6: "Flash from the Past"
15:21​​ League of Shadow, Pt.7: "Wreckoning"
17:06​​ League of Shadow, Pt.8: "Shrouds"
18:51​​ League of Shadow, Pt.9: "Reviviscence"
21:34​​ League of Shadow, Pt.10: "Shades"
26:42​​ League of Shadow, Pt.11: "Ascendence"
30:56​​ League of Shadow, Pt.12: "Transcendence"

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