Paul Cheneour - Reaching the Pillars

81 day – 532:41
Ipiman - Ink Blues
Published on 6 May 2021, 10:00
Paul Cheneour: Flutes: trained at the Guildhall School of Music London under the late Professor Rainer Schuelein. He has 57 CDs published by Northstar music UK, 5 major films: including EMMA award winning ‘6th Happiness’ and ‘Hideous Kinky’. Best Foreign film winner in 2007 for ‘In The Place of the Dead’. Founder member of: Zen Bicycle Band,

This collection of five solo alto flute pieces were played, recorded and filmed in a small closed studio space using one camera and minimal lighting. The idea was to focus on the spontaneous creation of the music with the performer’s image and ego although necessary to be seen, relegated to a more supportive role giving only a reference to where the music originates and therefore more powerfully transmitting the underlying meditative intention of each piece to the audience. Each video also has a writing by Paul embedded that reveals itself slowly while the music unfolds as a further inspiration to the viewer.
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