Laura Branigan - In Concert (1984)

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Published on 13 Jun 2021, 17:01
Laura Branigan Live In Concert at Caesars Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It was the last show of the two she did in this venue closing her "Self Control Tour 1984" on Saturday night, September 22, 1984.
An almost one-hour of music and performances full of energy and emotion with Laura and her brilliant repertoire at her height of her popularity. It also includes unmissable scenes of Laura in the backstage. This video is certainly a very valuable piece of her legacy because is the only of her live concerts of the 80's that was officially videotaped and released. Feel and enjoy the Live Branigan Experience!

"Laura Branigan has emerged as one of the most successful female singers of the '80s. With several gold albums and singles to her credit, she is known for live performances that equal the total excitement and energy of her hit songs.
Now you can see and hear Laura Branigan's concert magic, and experience the emotions that mesmerize her live audience. Branigan is, indeed, a rare and dazzling artist whose glorious voice and incredible presence are documented on this video."

1. The Lucky One - 0:43
2. All Night With Me - 5:34
3. Satisfaction - 9:21
4. Ti Amo - 14:02
5. I Wish We Could Be Alone - 18:08
6. Solitaire - 21:24
7. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - 25:33
8. Self Control (Official Music Video. Not performance. Not included here **)
9. Gloria - 30:54 | Laura presents her band members 35:25 | Gloria (Encore) - 38:19 | Other mentions and thanks - 38:48 | Gloria (Encore) - 40:20 | Backstage with her team - 41:39
10. Don't Show Your Love - 44:09 | Farewell and final backstage scene - 50:29

** For some reason, in the released version of the video concert, the ''Self Control'' live performance was replaced by the official music video of the song. It is not here because we decided to cut it ahead of a foreseeable claim for copyright by YouTube's automatically detecting the images of that video. We apologize for this. You can see the official music video of ''Self Control'' here

*** Very Special Thanks to Big LB Fan, Mattie Finkle for the video, processing and enhancements. You are really AMAZING!! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ’— ***

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